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  1. @Fordy62 Surely that’s gross misconduct or a weird initiation.
  2. Seems like a sensible appointment. A far cry from the narcissistic trouser liner who’s off to run Ipswich into the ground.
  3. Agree the appointment was ridiculous but I believe SL chose Holden against the advice of those around him, which may explain Ashton bolting to Ipswich & JL looking about as disinterested as I can ever recall.
  4. It’s not ideal, but we start the new season with a blank slate & what should be a new team & culture. We always struggle to attract higher end champ players or anyway so I don’t think it alters the external perception but to us fans we rightly see this season as huge step backward. The only people who think we’re a Prem club in waiting is our board & marketing dept. I believe most players & fans out there still see us more as a Champ/L1 club so not much really changes after this seasons collapse. Players will see us as a good stepping stone in their journey & that will be the only reason they sign for us.
  5. Red Alert


    There’s no way Baker earns another contract with us. Be interesting to see where he ends up though - what level etc.
  6. The likelihood of Bentley leaving is very high, he’s had a good season personally but City have been a disaster. Why on earth would he stay? Max O Leary isn’t ready to be no 1 keeper, if that’s the case we might as well write off next season too. We should be looking at signing the next Bentley with Max as a competent no 2.
  7. LJ was good at keeping the ship afloat but the nasty Pirate Ashton sold off all the gold & filled the ship with mutinous sailers who made him walk the plank.
  8. Kalas is quality when played with other quality players, evident from Webster partnership. This season he’s played with Vyner & Moore neither can be described as experienced championship CB’s + Baker who has never completed a full season injury/suspension free. Add to that Mawson loan great player but also known for extensive injuries & drafting in Marriappa as an unregistered player Terrible recruitment & planning right there.
  9. I’m not completely sold on NP but we are such a basket case of a club I’d rather give this a shot with Pearson as he’s at least got a decent track record, a network of contacts & an idea of how to build a team. Just don’t trust the Lansdowns right now to make good decisions re BCFC they are seem to be distracted, so NP is our best shot. We had our moment of peak appeal after the Cup run to replace LJ but didn’t, then beginning of this season we had the chance to appoint an experienced head but didn’t. So right now I’m prepared to get behind Pearson & interested to see what experienced pair of hands could do with the set up & resources bestowed on LJ & DH.
  10. The assistant coaches will also need to be replaced, the players are obvious ones to move but Simpson & Downing should also carry the can for this season. The England youth link doesn’t seem to bear any fruit so beyond that what are they bringing? Day to day the coaching team are a huge influence over the playing squad.
  11. Really hope he’s follows through with the threat to bomb out all players that haven’t shown the commitment. I still can’t fathom how bad this team have become, the defensive players in the starting line up are all experienced at this level & must cost in region of 60-85k per week total. Happy to see all players leave with exception of the promising youngsters. I’d happily cash in on Bentley (while in form) & Senenyo (won’t miss his goals) too if that meant additional funds for rebuilding. Players that have had long injury spells can’t be relied upon either so we’ll need improvements/competition for places. More importantly I’d really like to see what NP’s team looks like, recruitment, coaching etc.
  12. The only person putting SL between a rock and a hard plaice is himself. By far the easiest option is to appoint NP as the majority of fans are behind it and if it failed the backlash would be minimal as responsibility is in everyone’s shoulders.
  13. Without getting too nostalgic, what exactly is it you're a fan of right now or the past few years? At the moment we seem to have more of the the plastic superficial bobbins but with less of the heart & spirit of the club. I don't know maybe its a covid no fans thing but finding it hard to get excited to shell out £1.5k on season tickets, might be more fun to pick & choose the games and do other things on the weekends.
  14. The game is full of sharks & chancers - any appointment is a risky one.
  15. I believe he honestly thought he had a safe pair of hands in MA who had the football connections. We can’t genuinely expect to rely on a retired billionaire tax exile with multiple interests to run 2nd/3rd tier football club? Now SL holds the responsibility & ability to appoint below him. But as I say I think he thought he had found his man to run it. Back to the drawing board.
  16. He took his eye off the CEO - I believe SL had full trust in MA running the show and has been let down.
  17. The performances are a reflection of the current culture throughout the club. Created by the CEO & board now manifesting onto the public side. SL has his work cut out to turn this around and he should be furious with MA bailing at this stage. I wouldn’t be surprised is MA had exit route planned since SL appointed Holden over his head. It maybe NP is the closest person to help work out what’s needed and I wouldn’t be against it as he has more pedigree than any city manager in recent years but he’s been a bit underwhelming so far. Big changes required or its back to L1 that is for sure.
  18. They may well get a reality check soon then as there just isn’t the cash around post covid at this level & especially below.
  19. No miracles but at least something more than Holden achieved. I was genuinely pleased we got NP but the way we’re playing doesn’t fill me with confidence for the future even with a few new faces joining. Hear what you’re saying & agree the club seems a mess but tell me you’re not in anyway disappointed with the impact NP has had?
  20. OOC players should be motivated to earn their next contract even if that is not here. Transfer market could be brutal for them.
  21. Somebody quoted earlier roughly the phrase “destroy & exit” regards MA’s tenure, a perfectly concise assessment.
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