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  1. Wouldn't be a bard bit of business, that!
  2. I found it! by trawling the Observer archives, so thank you @Final 3 Starfor pointing me in the right direction
  3. Great photos! Sadly, not the one but thanks for the post.
  4. Not the one, but thanks for taking the time to look
  5. Evening guys, A friend of mine is seeking an old photograph of John Shaw, circa 1982. This is his post on social media. I wondered if anyone on here could help? "I've been searching for the amazing picture that was taken of a bald John Shaw holding the match ball as he was about to kick it. It would have been early 80's when city were near the bottom of the 4th division i think it was in a broadsheet paper at the time and won an award....so it must be in some fans memory...does anyone have a copy of the picture they could post please" Cheers guys!
  6. As is a comma on yours.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CLpnvjLFgdE/?igshid=1k304iu6mw99t Fammy seems happy about it!
  8. Fair shout, man! We all assume the worst sometimes, but I assure you my tongue was firmly lodged within my cheek when I posted!
  9. Exactly. Yet you assumed the worst.
  10. Thats the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me, thank you. My mistake for not quoting OP or putting an emoji indicating it was tongue in cheek, but as someone DID get the 'joke', maybe the base intelligence jibe could be recycled in your direction.
  11. At least @Major Isewater got my tongue in cheek comment. You behave!
  12. Only a gashead drama queen would start yet another thread like this up...
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