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  1. Uh oh "Full-time at the Gate... City 0 Forest 6"
  2. It'll be the normal trying to walk the ball in to the net, tippy tappy on the edge of the box. 0-4 would be my guess, Tammy opening goal.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll class your input as news, rather than good news. Definitely not bad news though..
  4. I watched City Ladies vs. Sunderland last Sunday and was suitably impressed by the referee. Commanded respect, rightfully so, and also got key decisions right.
  5. Oh, Mr Disagreeable :laugh:! I'll certainly be intrigued to see how they get on and I'm sure they'll do just fine.
  6. Very much so (with the exception of Aussie Rules, of course).
  7. Like I said, it isn't bad news, but neither is it good news. It's news, that's all.
  8. Just what I was thinking too. Not suggesting it's bad news, but how it's construed as good news, I have no idea!
  9. Hi there! Please can you check your inbox, Thanks
  10. Thank you for the information, very kind of you. I've taken her to a couple of men's matches in Weston, also an England v Spain women's International and thought the chance to introduce her to Bristol City in a slightly less daunting surrounding than Ashton Gate (that will come in time though!). I'm looking forward to it and will give the thread you've mentioned a visit. Will also down the podcast and listen on the journey up/back on Sunday (presuming it's child-friendly?!). Thanks once again, Craig
  11. If any spare codes are available, I'd be grateful for one (or two!!) Thanks guys
  12. Taking my daughter to see Bristol City women v Sunderland next Sunday, has anyone been there yet who can advise whether there is cover over the seating area please? Weather looks dubious and wondered whether we're in for a potential soaking! Cheers guys
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