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  1. Thank god. We don't need any more regular pandemics, thank you.
  2. Going to England v USA women in October, wanting to drive to somewhere away from London t9 the get underground or tube in to London, eventually Wembley. Anyone have recommendations for suitable areas please? Thanks in advance for any help. COYR
  3. Do the vendors accept both cash and card for purchases? Thanks
  4. "That chance would have been converted by the Harry Kanes of this world".... Calling all Harry Kanes, lets see who can score goals like the Tottenham and England forward!
  5. Come on, that isn't likely to happen, is it? We'd need to be leading going in to injury time for that to occur...
  6. Hey guys, would any season ticket holder have a spare code for Robins TV this afternoon to watch this, please? Thanks in advance
  7. What a header!!
  8. Coventry City vs. Bristol City
  9. Terry Morton is a bit kn*b!
  10. Surely you've heard the expression, "If he's old enough, he's OLD enough!"
  11. I heard it was Jason Houmus, ex-Tranmere!
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