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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. A permanent replacement of manager and Nige to poss come back as DoF when he's ready.
  2. My take on it is that Nige has been ill for longer than admitted, and may have taken on too much by taking job on. Its now coming to a head as Nige cannot do what he was employed to do. Nige (proud man) doesn't want to walk and bcfc doesn't want him to go. However, both are thinking about what is best for Nige and the club and, it's obvious, the guys health comes first and we cannot dither about with the team in free fall. I'm sure both will come to the same conclusion if not already done so. It's just a matter of when and how.
  3. In real life I am.. A corner kick!!
  4. Stick a robins badge on that and it'll look gert lush!!
  5. To me it seems simple and im not sure if anyone else has mentioned. Its taking a bit of time to make an announcement as NP does not want to manage a L1 side (as hes prob got interest from other champ clubs) and SL doesn't want to pay NP champ managers wages if were in L1. So, nothing doing till were mathematically safe. Of course, the players have their own agenda so its being drawn out!! For all those saying NP hasn't done anything, i understand his brief as "temp manager" was to keep us up, a difficult task given the circumstances and he's almost done it. If/once he's given a longer contract, you just watch things change!!
  6. How about banksy knock up a few murals, say one in london for chelsea and one in cornwall for man u? Then the clubs or owners would want to buy the sides of the houses they are on for billions, and we can then pump that money into BCFC. I think that'll work.
  7. yeah, I'd go with Veronica Blume!
  8. I'd say he may be on garden leave till the end of May?
  9. I'd hope they were better than just county standard of playing for city!!
  10. 1 - 1 tonight with the players trying their best to impress. A comfortable loss against Swansea on the weekend but with better football being played, as the players will be trying to adjust to the new Managers way of playing. With an impressive win in the game after. But what do i know?
  11. So, what are the omens? As Barnsley are from Yorkshire, I've consulted the tea leaves on this one. In fairness the leaves are evenly spread on this one, no real direction, nothing very exciting at all!! It suggests we may just scrape a draw but its likely we will have a bitter taste in our mouths after the match. I think we need some sweeteners from SL to fix this!
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