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  1. He's one of our own! La la la la!!
  2. Id be disappointed if the next manager was purely motivated by the money when he's already said he wasn't interested. Add to that, id be pretty insulted if i were that number 2 option if we then go to him.
  3. Bentley Benkovic, Williams, Baker Eliasson, Henriksen, Smith, Nagy, Dasilva Diedhiou, Wells Sorry bout spelling.
  4. It would mean a lot more i think if the fans gave him a standing ovation when he plays his first game back. And continued to get behind him and the team. Make him feel that City cares.
  5. That's the only place I've seen it. I'm not saying that it is £10m, just what I've seen. But it'd be nice though.
  6. So are there any out of favour strikers at any of these clubs who could do a good job for us?
  7. Is that similar to Jerk Chicken?
  8. I thought the 3rd choice was going to be "Crack"!
  9. Some people say it's the "Space Cowboy"
  10. Marty


    To the Tune of "She loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah)" by the Beatles: Mass-en-go, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Mass-en-go, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. With hair like that, you know he cant be bad, With hair like that, you know he cant be bad.
  11. Bentley Hunt, Kalas, Moore, Rowe. Elliason, Massengo, Nagy, Odowda semenyo, Afobe
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