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  1. So compare him to Brereton Diaz who managed 10 in his first 90 appearances it’s not so different. Some young players just need time and patience.
  2. Surprisingly in his post match comments Nigel didn’t mention that the likes of Benarous, Towler, Pring, Vyner and even Semenyo are not up to Championship standard despite various OTIB experts clearly stating that to be the case of late. Can it be that he realises with young players there is more inconsistency to be expected and negotiated. As has also happened with Scott, Tanner, Bakinson and Atkinson there will be days when one or another needs to be subbed early because of their lack of experience rather than any harshly judged lack of ability. He has been consistent in doing that when necessary but clearly does not let it put him off selecting them again nor let it affect their confidence. We have some mighty fine talent emerging this season so perhaps us keyboard warriors need to avoid being too judgmental and instead encourage their development and be proud of the enthusiasm and passion that they bring to our team.
  3. Well clutching at straws I guess we are due a good second half performance. COYR !
  4. So as long as our checks can match German efficiency then there should be no problems. What could possibly go wrong ?
  5. The biggest problem we have at the moment is the lack of experience in all parts of the field. Having now lost Baker, James, King and Williams we only really have Kalas and the front 2 to add any real Championship experience. I don’t count Bentley for the most part as he is too isolated being in goal, Callum who doesn’t seem to have the wherewithal to dictate play or Jay who is out of sorts. Therefore I think taking out either of the front two would weaken us even further. Weimann could move into Scott’s position and then bring in Wells or Semenyo but options are limited.
  6. At last with Ayman, Scott, Williams and Baker in particular we had players showing the attitude that we have lacked as a team for so long. Other players seemed to pick up on it and as fans we can accept mistakes if our team show they are prepared to not only take it but hand it out. That is a starting point for change and winning back the fans. Now we have to show that it wasn’t just a one-off.
  7. According to the report in the Mail today, Reading have agreed a 6 point deduction with another 6 suspended.
  8. Sorry wasn’t that what I just said.That their departure might have been planned because they weren’t up to it and Nige may not have wanted a scenario where they could be in charge. Hence Fleming is promoted and they are sent packing.
  9. How daft or how planned was the decision to get rid of the other two coaches ? It’s now becoming clear that Nigel has been struggling for some time (well before Simpson and Dowling departed) and as things stood previously they not Fleming would have been expected to stand in for Pearson. Maybe Nigel felt that was not a scenario that he wanted to pin his future on if he had to take time off and wanted to give Fleming unchallenged authority in his absence.
  10. I guess that it’s possible that Nige has offered to resign (sparking the rumours) but it has not been accepted and Gould has now had to front up whilst the Lansdowns decide on temporary measures.
  11. How long can we continue as a rudderless ship is the worrying question. Presumably it could be weeks or even months and this isn’t going to reassure supporters. Hopefully Nige recovers soon but if not then do we have a plan B or are we just going to make do with Fleming.
  12. When the team is doing badly too many seek to say the club is a mess but is it ? We have a great ground, we have a new training ground, we have an academy producing very good young players with a new director. We also have a new CEO, a new assistant coach and compared to most teams are financially stable. However the team is a mess and we have made plenty of mistakes in recent years on and off the field.We are where many of us expected to be this season but results like yesterday are unacceptable. With the players currently available I don’t think there are many managers who would feel confident in this league. Relegation would be a disaster and now the acid test for Nigel, the CEO and the owners is to buy the time by staying in this league to see the plan progress. The question now is whether Nigel is physically and mentally up for the challenge and if he is then Richard Gould and recruitment need to prove their worth in January and pull some rabbits out of the hat. Personally I think Nige needs to move upstairs (We need a football man in there as DOF) and bring in a new head coach.
  13. I don’t think it’s as much as lack of heart as lack of confidence that’s now probably spreading to the young players who have never played in a confident championship side and are over exposed now because of injuries.
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