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  1. If Hughton and Holden are waiting for a phone call then possibly they are 2nd and 3rd choice and MA is waiting by his phone for a call from preferred choice who is a surprise or not previously mentioned candidate
  2. Absolutely it’s no good burying our heads in the sand. LJ got us close to the play offs but not over the line so tweaking what we have rather than changing everything by bringing in a Coach with a different philosophy and throwing away 5 years of progress makes sense. Appointing Holden would be a brave decision. Time will tell if it’s a stupid decision or not.
  3. If true we are going to see a number of our young players given opportunities in the coming season, something many of us have wanted to see for a long time. What those young players will need is for everyone to get behind the club and not wait for failure. It must be galling to have waited so long for LJ’s demise only for his assistant to replace him but people will need to get over their disappointment. It’s not like we’re not used to disappointment as City fans. Dean might just surprise us.
  4. So going by the last 24 hours the bookies don’t have a clue Who it will be but are happily sweeping up the cash as the BetFest continues. We certainly seem to have plugged the ITK leaks at Ashton Gate of late.
  5. Sometimes we have to temper ambition somewhat. Plenty of ambitious clubs have gone to the wall and with what looks like a financial tsunami about to hit football then it may be more about surviving the storm so as to come out of it stronger. Steve L has made his fortune from financial planning and may have to make major changes to his plans for the future. The world has changed in 6 months and whatever statements he made previously about his ambitions may be irrelevant now. My ambition 6 months ago was for us to be in the play offs and get into the Premier League. My ambition now is to si
  6. Assuming the interviews were finished sometime last week then maybe the decision is made but the new boss is not available yet. Cook and Neil and any other person in employment until the end of the season would probably need to squeeze a holiday in before players start back next week so may well be away this week. After a year long season it’s not unreasonable for them to have a week off before another long season. Its not an ideal situation but may be unavoidable.
  7. Wigan are known to have a huge wage bill, part of their problem. It’s fair to assume that Cook would have been on a nice wedge so the administrators struggling to pay the wages will probably be glad to have him off that. They probably thought that they could collect some compo initially but letting him leave now suggests that there is nothing imminent for him in alternative employment
  8. Whoever is appointed will probably not have a noticeable effect on crowds next season. We may well go an entire season or more with reduced capacity so it will be hard to tell. Granted Holden being appointed will not lift spirits amongst fans too much if at all unless results improve. Maybe it won’t be such a bad thing to reduce expectation for once as it’s hard to see how we will be in any sort of position to challenge next season whoever comes in. This season was probably our best opportunity. It’s looking like we will lose key players and replace largely with emerging youngsters wh
  9. No we will not all be doing one. Having supported City for well over 50 years I have never been consulted by the board/owners in the selection of a manager because I am just a customer. I have often disagreed with the choice of manager but I have continued to support the club regardless.I don’t support the club because of who the manager is and I am 100% not going to walk away from my club that the owners have transformed over recent years. If Dean Holden gets appointed then I will back him as I’m sure will most fans whether they approve or not. There has been plenty of times over the
  10. When I say Joe Jordan, I mean for a position now. Plenty of experience of Management or Coaching. Could be a DoF or an assistant.
  11. Reports have all along said that we would look for a young modern coach and if Holden is on a shortlist with Cook and Hughton then he is the only one that ticks those boxes. LJ with Holden improved us year on year (except this season) and got us close to the play-offs but ultimately failed. Maybe the powers that be feel that Holden could make that difference and understands the club structure and would provide a more seamless transition. He also knows the players coming through whereas a new man might jettison some of our best prospects in favour of new signings. It is possible that the b
  12. I can’t help thinking with Talk Sport and their constant betting updates and advertising that they have an understanding with betting organisations to stimulate betting through the likes of Jim White and Co. They talk about Hughton to us as a done deal and then a few days later it’s Watford and more bets go on. They can make up anything they like just as long as it makes the bookies happy.
  13. Quite possible that a player would divulge info like that which is why the club having kept everything under wraps is hardly likely to tell the players before they are ready to announce it themselves. More likely that Sammy got the info off Talk Sport etc
  14. I would imagine that even in Covid times he will get a decent signing on fee from Portsmouth or whoever, which with a decent wage would be a better bet for him financially. At his age probably the last opportunity and having seen all his ex-team mates get likewise he probably feels it’s his time anyway.
  15. John Terry could be added to the list as probably the closest to a ‘Gerrard type’ signing
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