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  1. The real financial effects from the pandemic for clubs are only just showing. Player values have massively decreased meaning clubs like us who were doing reasonably well with regular sales are likely to hit a brick wall. Admittedly that wall will have been well dented by a few less financially stable clubs before we hit it but next summer will I think be once again about trimming the fat rather than investing in players. Any remaining high value assets will be hard to keep unless FFP rules are moderated post pandemic. There must be a real threat of more clubs entering administration and even liquidation so one would think that the League will be looking at stopping the trickle of clubs going into admin becoming a flood and the gap between the parachute clubs and the rest becoming an even wider chasm. I can’t see us buying players unless we sell for the next season or two.
  2. There is something immensely reassuring about Tinman becoming director of the academy having been so important in its development and that of so many young players development over the years.
  3. Part of the ongoing transition under Pearson. Fleming is his choice as his assistant rather than Simpson and Downing who he inherited. Wouldn’t be surprised to see either of those take up positions elsewhere before too long.
  4. I thought Taylor improved as the game went on. Kadji looked suspect in the first half but improved second half. It maybe harsh to judge Britton on part of a game but he really looked lacking. Maybe the extra fitness work left him jaded but would be amazed if he got anywhere near the first team on that showing. The standard of crosses was on a par with the first team and Pearson and Bell probably need games on loan soon.
  5. Despite the scoreline we should really have got something out of this game with the number of second half chances but this is Ashton Gate I suppose
  6. Janneh again. He could have had 4 this half. He has had a good game but seems to go for power rather than accuracy. Britton looks totally ineffective since he came on which will probably mean that he scores in a minute
  7. 2-1 Benarous scores after a good press. Looking better this half. Nige made a brief appearance by the dug out during half time. Benarous. Quick reply by Boro 3-1
  8. Janneh looking good and Benarous looks a player otherwise not impressed so far. Soady having a tough time as are the Centre backs who look indecisive. A yellow for Palmer but Boro are fairly comfortable and sharper all round. On this evidence Bell and Pearson not pushing for first team but Janneh could be.
  9. 2-0. Centre backs missed chances to clear it there. Feeling like a normal home game already
  10. Boro looking more dangerous. Could have 3 by now
  11. 1-0 Boro. Poor clearance by Taylor from a cross
  12. For once I don’t think 10-12 games will be as good a time to evaluate. Personally I think the stretched resources and post covid financial effects will take longer to really bite. The promoted teams are already starting to struggle but others may well do okay until November/December before the unrelenting schedule really bites. I see us as one of the teams who could be stronger in the second half of the season whereas a good few will emulate our recent seasons by really falling away in the New Year.
  13. Like him or loathe him Holloway has done what no City manager has done for many decades in getting a team promoted to the Premier League. Whatever we think of him that makes him a rarity as a Bristolian and therefore understandable that the local press turn to him for comments and opinion. That he is also outspoken and controversial and divides opinion only makes him more attractive to a publication that survives on click bait. I imagine that judging by the response on here Bristol Live have achieved exactly what they wanted to. If you don’t like Ian Holloway don’t read it because in doing so and responding you are guaranteeing that he will get plenty more offers from Bristol Live.
  14. I think the ‘not being on his wavelength’ is a key point. Many of our players were not adaptable and had not played at a higher level. I think many that under-rated him did so because he did not have the right players around him. Now he has King, James and Martin around him that bring out the best of him. Martin with extra fitness is also benefiting likewise as are the young ones. This is the ‘Pearson effect’ beginning to emerge.
  15. For me the disappointing thing is his positioning, well inside which means that diagonal ball is easy to play over him to their wide man hugging the touch line who had time to bring the ball down and control it before Jay got to him. In effect the same tactic employed by us (and exploited by opposition teams) frequently over the last few seasons to our detriment.
  16. That’s Bell, Pearson, Towler and Conway all recently from the 1st team squad. I wonder if the game is being used as a loan shop-window for them and 1 or 2 others. It could be that it’s just to get them some game time and some will return to the 1st team squad in the coming weeks or maybe NP has made decisions on short term futures elsewhere for some now.
  17. I would imagine that the whole point of NP addressing the spine of the team first is to avoid just that scenario. Consolidation maybe but relegation is not a way to progress.
  18. 3-0 down to the worst team in the league. Warnock out !
  19. It’s only available to users outside the UK now as it was before the pandemic. Some mid week games (if not on Sky) will be shown.
  20. To be honest it’s hard to say. I would say maybe in a few months if everything continues to improve but my son will be there for Blackpool as I don’t want my choice to affect him. I am late 60’s so naturally cautious but am considering the possibility of not returning at all but then my not being there will impact his enjoyment. It’s also missing the whole social experience of meeting up with friends and family from pre match onwards. Difficult choices.
  21. Undoubtedly like myself there will be plenty of Season ticket holders who will choose to stay away for now. There will be POTD of course but after 18 months many people have got out of the routine of going to football and will not necessarily rush to return. 15k actually in the ground would be a result.
  22. I may be in a very tiny minority but I will be out enjoying some fresh air well away from any football matches. Maybe it’s an old-age thing but I’ve lost all interest in International football over recent years and prefer to wait until August for my football-fix and enjoy a football free summer until then.
  23. According to today’s Bristol Live we are reluctant to pay the £1.6m asking price for Atkinson. A few on here could well be disappointed at our Summer spend. Some were saying that we should loan out Cundy as part of the deal. Cundy may however save us the money if he steps up pre-season. I think it’s going to be very much a consolidation season ahead as it’s not a viable time to gamble.
  24. My boy is a regular on Coach 1 and gets well looked after by the other passengers , a good bunch indeed. Many of the regular Coach 1’ers are able to rebook each match generally without problems as Peter Carol know them well. However all about to change possibly as Peter Carol no longer contracted for next season so it’s a case of wait and see how it works now.
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