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  1. To be honest it’s hard to say. I would say maybe in a few months if everything continues to improve but my son will be there for Blackpool as I don’t want my choice to affect him. I am late 60’s so naturally cautious but am considering the possibility of not returning at all but then my not being there will impact his enjoyment. It’s also missing the whole social experience of meeting up with friends and family from pre match onwards. Difficult choices.
  2. Undoubtedly like myself there will be plenty of Season ticket holders who will choose to stay away for now. There will be POTD of course but after 18 months many people have got out of the routine of going to football and will not necessarily rush to return. 15k actually in the ground would be a result.
  3. I may be in a very tiny minority but I will be out enjoying some fresh air well away from any football matches. Maybe it’s an old-age thing but I’ve lost all interest in International football over recent years and prefer to wait until August for my football-fix and enjoy a football free summer until then.
  4. According to today’s Bristol Live we are reluctant to pay the £1.6m asking price for Atkinson. A few on here could well be disappointed at our Summer spend. Some were saying that we should loan out Cundy as part of the deal. Cundy may however save us the money if he steps up pre-season. I think it’s going to be very much a consolidation season ahead as it’s not a viable time to gamble.
  5. My boy is a regular on Coach 1 and gets well looked after by the other passengers , a good bunch indeed. Many of the regular Coach 1’ers are able to rebook each match generally without problems as Peter Carol know them well. However all about to change possibly as Peter Carol no longer contracted for next season so it’s a case of wait and see how it works now.
  6. Not necessarily a disaster as Steve ‘cashed in’ first £160m of shares and then £103m of shares in 2020 which could account for that ‘dip’. The Sunday Times Rich List relies largely on share and asset values and not cash in the bank. With share prices tumbling (Steve cashed in when stocks were high) so money in the bank may be safer during turbulent times. Mrs L has probably had a rise in her housekeeping money and Jon may have had a few extra ‘bags’ on his recent Caribbean trip.
  7. Thanks Exiled I can cope with being pushed aside but seriously I feel so fortunate not to have suffered myself. Having worked with so many young people with mental health problems I know how important it is to share articles like this on so many levels. When a role model like Joe is able to talk so candidly about coping with the problem it can help so many people who feel trapped and isolated with their fears. One young man that I currently work with has lost his two best friends to suicide. All too often it is people that seem to be okay that are not. With this article we can see that Joe is a warrior on and off the pitch every day. Respect to the man !
  8. A brilliant article about Joe Bryan and his struggles with anxiety. Many good points including the effect on players of social media comments after games. https://www.espn.com/soccer/fulham/story/4379421/premier-leagues-joe-bryan-opens-up-on-anxietyfear-and-football-he-wants-to-help
  9. Let’s face it that for £3m we wouldn’t be able to get Szmodics from Peterborough. In fact they probably wouldn’t sell a striker for less than £5m now even to a Championship club so it’s a no from me. Unfortunately his performances and appearances seemed to drop off at the end of the season and I wondered if we had moved to a head-turned scenario with Antoine. It will all come down to how much we need to fund incomings and whether other than Kalas, Bents and Han there are any other marketable players. It also depends on Nigels view of him and his value going forward but as NP has already made clear players have to decide if they want to come on the journey or not and maybe Antoine doesn’t either have or want a place on our bus.
  10. Bristol City catchphrase maybe but Bristol Bears are part of Bristol Sport and they certainly have an attacking threat.
  11. He was upset and emotional in that interview a few months back indicating that the pressure might have been getting to him. We see him as an alpha male type warrior and therefore are less inclined to see him being sensitive to criticism. Gregors questioning clearly riled him recently and the social media criticism from fans has been fairly intense lately. It may be that be something has happened behind the scenes as a result or maybe not but if it had then I would expect NP to protect him as a duty of care if he saw it as a health related issue. It may be nothing but it’s easy to forget the pressure that footballers can face these days.
  12. His contribution stood out in for what I feel was the last team that were as poor as our current one. That team were relegated whereas the current one should have been.
  13. Are Millwall the worst team that Coventry have played all season, Instant Karma !
  14. Along with Bentley and maybe Massengo probably our best chance of getting decent money in the window to fund incoming. I feel like Kalas would want a club with a better chance of success next season and Antoine seems to have been benched more of late so maybe a deal elsewhere in the works
  15. Professional footballers who don’t care should never wear the shirt again. I certainly hope that NP will have told anyone OOC that fits that profile to pack their bags and if anyone not OOC fits the profile then they should be moved on. There is no excuse in my book. Play a team with heart and fight this weekend a team that whatever the result we can be proud of. Losing is never good but going down without a fight brings shame on the club.
  16. In the old East End the singing was led by the fans at the back so maybe have standing along the back of the South Stand. Last season for one or two games we had a group behind us towards the back (maybe Dutch lads ?) which was more effective than the singing section for many of us away from the singing section corner.
  17. ‘Lack of fitness’ is probably the most damning indictment of this whole debacle of a season. For that to happen on anyone’s watch is inexcusable. It is not a problem that can have appeared overnight. We were told that Dean was the players choice and we see now what happens when players get their way. The blame clearly goes way beyond just Dean though. It is in the culture that exists within the club where a smooth talking salesman has had too much control. Simpson and Downing didn’t want the gig when Holden went, Kalas was broken in that emotional interview, and the man really at the helm (MA) jumped ship when he realised that there was no way to avoid the massive iceberg we were about to hit. How we has ever avoided relegation is probably down to luck more than judgement but that is the only saving grace. Had that happened we would probably have been many years in the wastelands of League One and beyond. As it is we have a chance to rebuild and cut off the waste with so many out of contract. Again that’s down to luck. I have confidence that NP will now have the opportunity to make sure that it will be football people rather than BS spouting salesmen who run things again and whoever comes in to help him with that will be as telling as the players arriving and departing in the next few months.
  18. They will need to get as much positive PR out as possible to boost season ticket sales now.
  19. Now we have everyone based at the High Performance Centre I wouldn’t be surprised to see Downing or Simpson more involved in coaching our Under 23 group with their relevant experience. That could feasibly make space for a new assistant. Pearson will be looking at restructuring and being on one site opens up new possibilities and opportunities.
  20. Ashton Gate is certainly not a ruin, quite the opposite and arguably MA was a good part of that. Therein lies the problem though because football-wise we are a ruin and MA also has to bear a good responsibility for that in terms of player recruitment at least. My feeling is that MA had too wide a brief and should have stuck with or have been given responsibly for the business side but not the football side. i hope that lesson has been learned but I won’t hold my breath.
  21. I think you’re right about this week and the length of contract will depend on how SL views Nigel, whether as a firefighter or as a long term builder, possibly a future director of football. The other reason I agree it must be this week is season ticket sales. Unless I’ve missed an update there hasn’t been the usual PR about sales as I suspect many like myself are waiting to see about the appointment. Next week is the ‘keep your seat’ deadline. The club have messed up here because appointing NP 2 weeks ago would have given sales a massive spike whereas now that spike would I think be impacted by the last few awful results. I suspect sales targets will have to be reduced until the transfer window opens at least. A decision now is more urgent.
  22. Maybe he’s there for a job interview!
  23. Derby need Forest to beat Wednesday. Could be interesting
  24. The club will I am sure make an announcement when the deal with Pearson or an alternative choice is done. What can be said in the meantime. Do people want to know what terms we are offering or what NP is demanding ? Please remind me which club does that. Perhaps a statement saying that we are yet to agree terms so as to alert other potential suitors of Nigel. Confidential discussions are confidential for a reason. Putting a press release out about them would not end well. Patience people !
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