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  1. Mate, I wouldn’t hold your breathe. I got double charged for the audio pass last season. They just couldn’t work out I had paid twice (bank statement provided) and said it wasn’t possible and closed the ticket down. Never did get a refund
  2. Brilliant. Getting the players we want and also in early.
  3. I like the black one personally. I think it looks nice.
  4. I don’t like it which is a shame. Let’s hope the home kit is better than that.
  5. Glad we gave him a new contract before the loan!
  6. I did call for a boycott last week but not against Steve, against Mark and maybe even Jon for being easily influenced and weak. He is the chairman and it was blatant from his interview that he wasn’t sure about all of this. Steve has done nothing but good for this Football club. He got sold something and bought it, when your son listens to Mark, he then listened. It’s understandable. He trusts Jon but he is being misadvised. It’s Mark that needs to go!! That said, several players said things yesterday that made me think a little differently, not that Hughton wasn’t the right choice but that maybe Lee had lost them a bit. They all seemed upbeat about the change. I know that is normal but if you watch the vids released, it seemed legit.
  7. I posted a thread on the Facebook group, it proved that the fans don’t actually really care. One lad offered to kick me in the face which was constructive. My problem is the fans will allow this to happen unchecked. If you go to McDonalds and get a crap burger, you stop going to McDonalds until they change the person making the burgers. You vote with you wallet as that is all you can do to make your feelings know. We need to do the same, it’s not anti club, it’s about being anti establishment. They claim to want premier league football but they have lied. You don’t move forward by moving backwards. There are dozens of better options across Europe and MA said that was the scope of our candidates. Who knows what the future holds but it is absolutely one without AJ going to games. I simply cannot continue to fund them whilst they treat us with such little regard. I love my club enough to not go.
  8. LJ says possibly one still to come in later on tonight! Come on MA, get it done.
  9. Turning point? Tomlin preventing Tammy from getting a hat-trick. He lets Tammy take the penalty, it's game over. The defence came under pressure as the fans turned. At 3-1 and with them down to 10 men, it wouldn't have happened the way it did.
  10. Now that Tommy has been freed, do we know if we are actually in for this fella?
  11. You don't, I have it on good authority they temporarily repurposed Santa's grotto.
  12. Where did Dopey get that tracksuit from! The 80's? It is as bad as the football was.
  13. Just sets us up for a bigger club in round 3 at home. We can then show them what a ground and crowd looks like as well as how to play football.
  14. The one good thing about watching this game is it's made me confident of 6 points out of Cardiff this season.
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