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  1. Built 1969-70. A season ticket cost £7.50. One Tuesday night at home to Oxford a strong wind blew and ripped off the transparent panels on the sides. Cue the East End chanting "We've got the Rubble End"!
  2. Back in the 70's Managers deplored their brawling fans. Now the boot's on the other foot.
  3. In Peter Godsiff's history of City, he wrote that Warmley and St George were deadly rivals. If they had merged it would have saved them, but their rivalry killed the pair.
  4. https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/the-robins-h.125948/page-2 " but overall we were the better team but 2 points lost sadly.
  5. 71-72 season Peter Spiring scored in five consecutive games. Come on Andi; you can do it.
  6. If you have a player sent off, you can appeal it and if successful, escape a ban. Can we lodge an appeal against decisions NOT given?
  7. When City signed JET, my relatives in Ipswich assured me; "Some days he's a match winner, other times he just doesn't look interested".
  8. Cuz we're better than them and theirs only started today; https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/the-robins-h.125948/ For once I’m gonna say those who sit in the West tomorrow are the lucky ones. Predicted to be about 32c at kickoff so the East is gonna be somewhat unpleasant to sit in. As for the game then the weather will play a factor and I suspect full use of the five substitutions will play a big part. Difficult one to predict. On paper one of the ‘easier’ home games we’ll probably face this season and they are on the back of a couple of narrow league defeats. Not sure form counts for much after two matches however. First goal may prove decisive. One nil win, but to whom in not sure. They're poor at the back on set pieces. I'll go 2.0 Latics McClean and Lang.
  9. OOPs! A mixture of 24 hr clock and am / pm clocks. My line 22.14 High Wycombe- Marylebone arriving 10.45, then Paddington 11.32 arriving Bristol TM 01.15. should read 22.14, 22.45, 23.32 & 01.15.
  10. 22A

    European clubs

    Linfield (N I Champions) are out having lost to Alkmaar. In the Europa conference, Dundee U are getting thumped in their game. 5-1 on aggregate at present.
  11. All joking aside, the train may NOT be an option. Coming back there's a 22.14 High Wycombe- Marylebone arriving 10.45, then Paddington 11.32 arriving Bristol TM 01.15. After that; HW 23.33 - Maryb 00.19, then Paddington 05.23 - Temple Meads 06.57
  12. https://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/prize-fund Extra preliminary round winners (208) £1,125 Extra preliminary round losers (208) £375 Preliminary round winners (136) £1,444 Preliminary round losers (136) £481 It's only the qualifying rounds where losers receive a payment; when League clubs enter; no win - no payment. First round proper winners (40) £41,000 Second round proper winners (20) £67,000 Third round proper winners (32) £105,000
  13. 22A

    European clubs

    Well done Rangers; you proved me wrong. You did turn round that 2-0 deficit. All the best for the next round and good luck also to Shamrock Rovers who have progressed to the next round.
  14. Godden? Is he related to the Godden we used to verbally abuse when he played for WBA?
  15. Oi! That sort of thought is (seemingly) not permitted on here.
  16. A fourth goal would be the 220th goal City have scored the League Cup
  17. From their forum "Think if it was Tuesday we might have seen more of the big guns. Being Wednesday leaves very little recovery before Saturday. Also going to be sweltering on Saturday so need the starting 11 to be at 100%"
  18. Correct and if in the lower two divisions, it's compulsory to play in the Papa John (or whatever) trophy. Low attendances and flood lights on; it must cost the home team to stage matches in the early rounds.
  19. Neither; for some reason I thought Flackwell Heath was a Glos village. Still, Slimbridge ain't that far from Bristol.
  20. From the Coventry forum; What happens if you are the 401st car in the car park queue? CAR PARKING: There will be FREE car parking available at the Pirelli Stadium on the night - this is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The capacity is 400. Access to the site is from the Derby Road Island, first exit – it is sign posted on match days. Postcode for Sat-Navs: DE13 0AR
  21. The other local clubs have produced these results so far; Ashton & B Utd 0 - Aylesbury 2, Bideford 1 - Bridgewater 0, Bitton 1 - Cinderford 3, Clevedon 2 - Chalfont 1, Flackwell Heath 4 - Keynsham 0, Roman Glass 3 - Tring 1, Street 1 - Helston 2, Thornbury 1 - Chipping Sodbury 3, Saturday 20th for the next round; Aylesbury v BMF, Buckland v Frome, Cinderford v Chipping Sodbury, Flackwell Heath v Slimbridge, Paulton v Bideford, Shepton Mallet v Brixham,
  22. Meanwhile at Anfield in 72/73...90 seconds in and they played on that.
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