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  1. You’re assuming football clubs report things like this in a timely manner
  2. Worked well for Sammie didn't it
  3. Wonder if the FA would have objected had it been a premier league club
  4. Just to note its the front of shirts isn't it? So back, shorts and sleeves still okay just less prominent
  5. How shit is that umpire? Gives it out and then changes to leg byes but the ball has pitched dead in line and looks to have barely hit the guy half way up
  6. I usually drive so don’t drink at all, if I don’t then I’d only have one pre game. As others have said the idea that when we score pints would get chucked in the air like at fan zones isn’t a great prospect either, how many people think kids getting drenched in alcohol is a great idea?
  7. If you can’t go 2x 45 mins without a drink…
  8. Interesting, can almost bet they’ll go cat 4 if that’s the case and go B team route, would leave younger players with only one academy for u18’s as well for us
  9. There’s the ‘youth alliance league’ for cat 3
  10. No one doubted he’s a very good keeper, just you can’t rely on him to stay fit for 10 games in a row
  11. Think Harmer is probably one of their most regular opening bowlers
  12. No swear filter if you just put *'s
  13. Expect it will be a case of Simpson and Downing being let go when contracts run out rather than paying them off to leave sooner and between now and then Pearson will reshape the coaching side as he wants to, Pearson may well be 'happy' to work with them as they're here and they knew players where he didn't but now he's up to speed when he gets the chance to bring in people he wants to I expect he will.
  14. ******* state of this The 23's won their group last season with an average age just over 18, they lost a lot of their better players through loans and first team call ups, 50 points from 25 games ie the equivalent of a 92 point season for championship. 9 league debuts last season (the entire point of an academy to produce players for the first team) and someone wets their pants when a on the whole young (bar Palmer) XI who've lost players through loans, players being kept at 1st team level and injury lose to a side that had 3 first team players involved and very dangerous u23's players. Just ignore the fact they'd scored 15 in their first 4 games and had won each one, even if you discount the Hull game it was still a strong start. **** me
  15. Lrrr

    U23 v Posh

    That’s not Peterborough’s one and Taylor is a second year pro so 19 or 20
  16. Lrrr

    U23 v Posh

    We had 2 u18’s, Kadji and Knight-Lebel, Gyamfi is 19 as well
  17. Lrrr

    U23 v Posh

    U23's have a minimum number of games that have to be played the stadium (5 I believe) usually split start and end of the season
  18. Yep was rule wasn’t interpreted properly, as annoyed as I would be as an opposing fan I think it’s harsh to lay too much blame on the umpires as they’d have been searching for the rule book and making a quick decision. Wonder if umpires may get an ‘obscure rules’ quiz soon
  19. Biggest surprise being Anthony Mackie was in 8 mile
  20. Should never have been taken off Abell, but common theory was Gregory wanted out didn't he and captaincy helped convince him to stay?
  21. Manning is completely at fault, Lansbury is looking upfield for players and then looks at the ball/floor, by the time Manning has nudged the ball away Manning doesn't have time to stop as momentum has started. No red.
  22. Reading @TomF's semi final posts was a rollercoaster
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