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  1. Edwards/Janneh more so for second half the season when he was back. Conway/Bell was more paired upfront with 2 up top
  2. They’re true to the extent he’d go in and play 23’s allowing a better prospect to go out on loan. If the gamble paid off and some EFL club then wanted to pay a fee for him then great.
  3. The rest must have been locked…. Erm… in?
  4. Well he’s played England u18 and u19’s
  5. Cundy won a lot in the air when he was out on loan so probably would help us in that. Question may be the quality of opposition with the ball on the floor
  6. They might make the same flight as Malan now
  7. Can understand Malan's head not being in the game, his wife gave birth 6 weeks early overnight
  8. Personally think he’s been weak and too easily loses runners in behind
  9. We've progressed and regressed, quite natural for clubs over a 6 year period
  10. Had a shocker or made a shit load of money for someone, doesn’t help he’s been accused (and cleared) of corruption before
  11. Sometimes it’s worth the fine to have the comments in public
  12. Wait and see what Norwood at Ipswich does if he plays against Cook again then As for LJ the video above doesn’t really show anything, assume there must have been something else
  13. Britton wins and scores penalty 0-3
  14. Well you’re allowed 3 over age outfield players…
  15. Cundy scores from Pearson cross
  16. Nathaniel I’d assume
  17. Wanted 6 figure compo for him and blocked him leaving to sack him 6 weeks later
  18. He scored but it was appalling from Brentford at the set piece, how he was given that much space was ridiculously bad. Yes he did well in general play for that short spell but he’s also competing with young strikers who probably have more to their all round game. No Conway and Bell and he probably gets more squad appearances at least.
  19. Conway is more clinical then Britton, Britton scores the amount he does at U23's level because of how many more shots he takes then other players
  20. Also factor he’s been out injured for quite a while and had no 23’s games to get sharp so would have just been training or behind closed door games
  21. Just to add I think it’s a short one because of how many injuries they have
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