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  1. I get the idea of it, another part of my belief is that on pitch it’s better for academy players work out what’s going wrong, if you have a senior player giving instructions for 90 minutes you could miss out on player thought development/problem solving in game as well
  2. Point being they were doing it on a consistent basis long before they were doing this so it’s not like this has made them successful at doing it when they were anyway. What happens to the young player who plays in that position? If you’re a second year scholar (18) would you sign a pro deal at Southampton knowing there’s one less spot in your position for getting game time at 23‘s level
  3. Southampton brought through talented youngsters before they did this
  4. Don't agree with the idea of signing an overage player to play academy football personally if you have a 1-11 of good enough developing players in each position, all you do is stop a young player getting game time.
  5. Lrrr

    Jason Euell

    I suspect its because it pisses all over Wilson's achievements that he doesn't like him
  6. Was 14 watching the ashes on channel 4 at lunch times at school, I was already playing cricket but still
  7. 18 year old so not massively surprising if its the first (or perhaps second) time he's experienced the SDS test, especially in that heat
  8. The emergence of Conway and Bell in the way they did spelt the end for him really
  9. Fighting talk very much gives away who he supports
  10. I mean to me that’s just Mark Ashton ‘look what MY department has come up with’
  11. The role of an analyst is more to supplement the knowledge of the manager/coaches to aid their decision making rather than making decisions for coaches. They still make the calls its just a case in the game now there's just too much going on to cover everything between a manager and assistant so they need the noise filtered out to get to the core messages that they want to implement. A good work relationship between a manager/coaches and analyst helps that filtering process so much because the analysts will know what the coach will be thinking for in a way and working from their direction. As alluded to earlier I imagine Nigel is good at this.
  12. Genuine question, amount of 10 wicket hauls by Moeen or Rashid at home? Given the clamour for them to come back
  13. 4D chess from Crawley, Lees can't get much of a better average if Crawley just gets him run out
  14. I mean its very obviously an exaggeration that they were 3' deep, but its very easy for reports to be minimum of 20-30 pages or more dependant on how much information is on each page, could be a different set-piece routine is on each page etc
  15. In terms of personalities, yeah its a massive part of recruitment including getting references from people the player has played with or a coach they've worked with to make sure they're a good fit. I'm not a fan of packing, it can't do anything to help plan/predict for the next match its 100% a reflective tool based on previous performance, essentially Hegeler and the guy he did it with felt they didn't get enough credit for what they did in games so developed a metric that they felt highlighted what they did and put them in a better light. But because it can't be used pre-match was a reason why City and a lot of clubs won't bother with it. Essentially it tells you breaking lines with passes is helpful with winning games.... wow shocker, but will fail to incorporate and recognise so many tactical elements. City will have almost every tool available at their disposal, its just a matter of how many the coaching staff at a club embrace it and how good the analysts/coaching staff (whoever's using it) are at taking the relevant information from it to present to the group as it can be a flood of information and a lot of it just noise. City will be no different to most clubs with the amount of data providers they use as most clubs in the division will be signed up to one or two major providers.
  16. When Cotts departed we were one of the relegation favourites, upon Johnson’s departure we were a mid table team, on Holden’s we were facing relation and under Pearson we’re probably at the top of the bottom third. So it’s interesting how you say ‘since’ cotts we’ve fallen away when 2 of 3 managers since have had city higher when they left or at present
  17. Did Carragher apologise? Honestly can’t remember. Tiss seems largely unapologetic about his views
  18. Lrrr

    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Pretty good I'd say overall, I'm just so glad Vader was done justice and then some, I get the idea of leaving the character is mystery as such but when he's written well there are few better characters on screen. Hayden Christensen apparently wants to do a Vader series and frankly I'd be keen for it.
  19. Lrrr

    Alex Scott

    I'd expect him to perhaps just be used a bit lightly through our pre-season and built back up first few games of the season
  20. Great 4 middle balls from Siddle but a loose one down leg and I have no idea what the plan off that last ball was, field just seemed generally spread, would have thought given they needed a boundary something like just outside off yorker where you've packed the offside would have been the way to go
  21. Fair play to him, backs himself to go elsewhere and succeed, if he plays well enough he’ll get a move
  22. Kadji, Bell and Conway appeared to be at the front of the running testing, academy lads leading the way
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