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  1. Not unsportmanlike to be honest, it was in his contract so he met the contract conditions
  2. Wouldn't work because rovers would sue
  3. Nice to not have a bigger opinion, Thanks for the honest post
  4. No, watch thay video, trust me, that's not his feeling on it
  5. It's the job of the previous generation to teach the current generation, if the current generation is the problem then its the previous generations fault
  6. I'm not saying it's the sole factor it's a number of factors involved, Simon sinik does some good stuff on this you can find it on YouTube, it ties into psychology and emotional intelligence, Really interesting stuff if you want to do some research into it, I'd recommend it
  7. Because if it were legal, it would be taxed, that tax then could be used for treatment and proper rehab and programmes (like with gambling and alcohol) You also wouldn't get drug running County lines gangs a reduction in gangland murder and attacks thus free up police resources, also with that tax money you would also be able to better invest into the NHS (they have to treat it now without that extra cash)
  8. Smacking didn't do me any harm, but it also shouldn't be used, A lack of values and respect is the problem, a good whack wouldn't fix that,.. There are numerous factors in this probably too many to mention, although the main issue is lack of social life these days, people are brought up on TV and computers and the majority of their life is through social media, They aren't learning the real life social skills and interaction or respect we all learnt as children, That's society as a whole fault imo,
  9. It was just as bad then, it jusy wasn't reported as no one had camera phones and social media
  10. It's been proven before thay sacking a manager mid-season only ever has a short term gain, Obviously not all all cases but mire likely then not
  11. I'm pretty anti drug, and I agree with this, If it were legal it could be managed correctly and the criminal element would disappear almost over night,
  12. Entering the field of play is illegal and punishable by football banning orders or prison
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