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  1. Bloke is scum of the highest order, The fact rovers even hired that thug just shows them to be what we already knew, scum
  2. He isnt good enough for the championship and we need to move him on, Vyner is a better defender and decent 4th choice but Moore just hasn't developed, As you say he keeps making costly mistakes and they seem to be the same mistakes as well,
  3. I'm generally unsure to be honest
  4. When did he sign for Swansea, was it after our preseason, Which means it's our conditioning staff, which were shit
  5. What you mean winning the champions league and a few England caps, that lack of progress?
  6. It's no secret his injury was made worse by the previous medical team, hence them leaving the club He's still regaining full fitness because of our previous medicals teams poor care
  7. So we needed to sell to buy under johnson then, And we've had funds we've spent 2 million quid on a defender and some good signing fees for James and King All the clubs out side those in the prem or those just relegated are in the same boat Dont be surprised if you see at least 8 clubs across all leagues go into administration as well as one clubs go to the wall completely
  8. He did get plenty of chances and each time got injured, In fact it was the second time johnson signed Watkins having signed him for barnsley I think
  9. It's really strange even for our media team
  10. There was no such thing as administration in football back then, the reason alot of the rules surrounding insolvent football clubs are in place is because of 82 as the situation was unprecedented at the time
  11. And we beat celtic to the signing that makes it a bit sweeter
  12. Barton doesn't seem very clever, has anyone told him you can only field 11 players
  13. Tony would 9f cost us 12 million dack 4 million Watkins 3 million(I think) That's hardly buying cheap and developing
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