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  1. About 3 people will take part, as the are too stupid to do anything As for wanting your team to lose to get the manager the sack, I hate that I've seen it on many a forum including this one, a stance I don't get, I've disliked many a manger but never actively wanted us to lose
  2. Funds, rovers never had funds and never will, what money is made on player sales ends up in the pockets of people in box 1 always has always will But the blue few are too thick to do anything about it
  3. I think it's close to 30 since they've been in the championship
  4. Yea its a shame he supports that shower of shit but he is pretty good at the editing side of things
  5. That's a good wage for league Two, I think the average down there is 900 quid a week
  6. Where that falls down is if lansdown really wanted to hurt them, he could just buy that shithole and fold them
  7. So it's almost a year since we last won at home, Now this is a big chip on the shoulder and today was no different, This run is frustrating as hell but I wanted to say and point out, if the effort is there like today and has been this season, then let's stay behind the team, The support this side had today made me proud, let's keep it up and we will achieve our goal of midtable this season Sorry for the happy clapping thread, I know it's not like me
  8. Then your club deserves absolutely everything you get, You could of sold those and not enter administration But then reading your post and clutching at straws I doubt you have the brain power to understand this
  9. Because Bolton, Portsmouth and countless others were as cocky as you are
  10. No, but about 5% of people will spoil it for everyone else, But that shouldn't stop the rest from having fun, with the way cctv is these days those bad actors can be better dealt with So why not....
  11. It's good to have a MANAGER who thinks this way, While I'm expecting a draw or a loss tomorrow, its great to see us moving in the right direction
  12. Because it still isn't demonised in society, in fact it's celebrated,
  13. You will be punished further next season,.expect to do a Portsmouth and bolton
  14. I honestly couldn't care, But the efl need to follow suit and stop taking sponsors from sky bet
  15. That's third party ownership, Derby didn't pay his wages a 3rd party did through creative accounting
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