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  1. Somebody's tired Imagine coming on another's clubs forum to moan about a 3rd club Are you sure your not that gas poster who went on man city's forum to try and tell them how bad out club was only to be laughed off the forum
  2. Forest are like us when ashton was here Any manager is going to struggle because they have no say over the players they bring in
  3. Us most likely as well as about 13 other championship clubs who stuck to the rules You're getting what you deserve for cheating
  4. Yep things can be sorted by a judge that is correct, unfortunately the judge wasn't available prior to the start of the new season What should the efl done? Delay the season
  5. There would of been extra money due to Norwich and Watford winning promotion as their parachute payments get divided up between the rest of the championship clubs
  6. Reading through BBC article administration would not be the end of derby's punishment 9 with 3 suspended we know about 12 for administration we know about But in the article on the BBC there is talk of another 15 points being deducted and it may not even end there.
  7. To be fair to the efl, they wanted too but Derby took them to court What else could they do?
  8. Rovers fans problem is they want to be better then us, where as we want to be the best, There sole ambition is to finish above city Where as we want to be in the top flight
  9. Completely disagree It reads like an honest assesment from someone sick of dealing with a dictatorship, Remember this is the same owner who didn't want to spend money on the ground unless the supporters who owned shares stumped up half, As I said when they tried to lord it over us when wael came in He is a fake and its a property deal gone disastrously wrong They have to be close to going under
  10. I dont really care, All it does is show how irrelevant the gas have become
  11. Its we include all our academy/youth we'll be around the 40 player mark
  12. Because ffp works over 3 accounting periods They may well of been skint last year but it was also the last year of their massive fine from the efl as well as alot of highly paid players leaving
  13. This is why we aren't spending money, or modest amounts And why it's so frustrating when people ignore this to have ago at the owner
  14. Except for semenyo who is high energy and Wells who can be a presence or play off the shoulder of the last man Or Conway or Bell or Pearson or Brotton Plenty of options at the club
  15. Again you are wrong, the efl forced it on Southampton as they tried to put their parent company (the one who owned the ground) into administration in order to avoid a points deduction, Derby is still going through the processes expect a points deduction once the accounts have been reviewed
  16. We did the same for Tony dinning
  17. Ex player who didn't do well here = hate
  18. So that's why they took Derby to court and continue to pursue them...... or docked Leeds 25 points or forced Southampton into administration when the whole parent company thing came to light You are wrong They have rules that they stick by nothing more Nothing less
  19. Because he is on half a season loan and Chelsea are paying 90% of his wages
  20. The fact that players available in our price range wouldn't improve us Signing someone for the sake of it is pointless and a waste of money We have Martin wienman semenyo Wells We also have back up in bell Pearson britton and Conway We are pretty stacked upfront especially if we are going with one up top
  21. I mean he has a point to be fair, If you aren't fit then the physio should be informing the manager that the player isn't fit
  22. We have had a 20 goal a season striker a few times and each time we only just avoided relegation
  23. None of johnsons signing turned a profit, johnson didn't make them ashton did If anything it proves what a good job johnson actually did under that snake oil sales man
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