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  1. They are massive compared to us they won a European trophy we've won nothing of note
  2. They are in the prem, winning the play off alone is worth 120 million to the club, then add on prize money and TV money it's probably close to 200 million just for 1 season up there
  3. Monkeh

    Sending off

    Red card all day long, no complaints about that, However freeman should of seen Red for violent conduct, Less said about the pen the better, I'm starting to think the only way we will ever get a pen is if our player is shot, and then it will only be awarded after VAR intervention
  4. I dontnknow if there are any rules against a player owning a team, I know you can't own 2 clubs in the same league, but to own one and play for another? Perhaps that's a loop hole that those in power need to close,
  5. Yea, but we in the industry are quite risk adverse at the moment, I've never really agreed with the total ban on crossing installation, as the vast majority of accidents around this piece of infrastructure is around crossing misuse
  6. I can find the stopping distance if you like, i know its a kile and a quarter for a train going at 125mph, I would imagine at the crossing if one were there the limited would be 20mph, I think the current line speed is only 40mph but it won't reverse nwr or orr policy,
  7. You can survive being hit by a car, you can't being hit by a train
  8. Thats against Spanish law however that's why they are stuck
  9. Blaming unofficial industrial action also known as staff not willing to work overtime, The company have brought this on themselves and the public suffer,
  10. It's only interesting once you get to the quarter finals
  11. From what I read, the council are no longer able to subsidise routes that don't make a profit under dft instruction, if true we will start to see many more rural routes quickly disappear in the coming months
  12. It's because they can't get across the netting or throw shit from there
  13. Atmosphere will happen at ag if the team perform on the pitch we've proven that countless times in the past, Sadly that's the only way it will happen,
  14. We have an end behind the goal, or do I imagine the South Stand, All putting the signers next to the away fans I the atyeo did was drown out the singers
  15. We had the whole Atyeo for years from 1994,
  16. They are talking about the atyeo, when it was the home end, people complained that they can never make an atmosphere there because the acoustics were poor now all of a sudden its better then anyother part of the ground, City fans just aren't that great at creating an atmosphere unless they are winning or giving 110% its been that way since the mid 90"s
  17. Someone punished for breaking the law shocker
  18. God sake sack Pearson this isn't good enough, I wanted to win the meltdown timing thread........
  19. We haven't really sold many under gold yet and the market has crashed in terms of selling outside the prem, so I disagree
  20. The bus hasn't cost 5 quid for a return for 10 years and a return from nailsea to Bristol is 5.20
  21. They will at some point, as a viable alternate route if the Dawlish sea defense fails again
  22. No it will run from the gwr depot next to temple meads, They can send an empty unit down to possit early doors, ready to leave portishead in the morning I would of thought the first train off of portishead would be half 6 or 7 or something, But timetable planning is a while off yet Oh, on that front yes, it has been great
  23. Single line, so 1 train in the section at a time, no further passing spots, I think there is a loop at pill, I think the initial frequency was 1 train an hour
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