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    I think Taylor is the closest we've got to what we had with Bobby in terms of being busy and link up play, maybe trying Taylor with Paterson might get the best out of them both? Weimann and Fam can be a nuisance when brought on late in games with a tired defence. We need new ideas as we don't look like scoring at all currently.
  3. I expect Dasilva to start, Smith to come back in perhaps for Paterson and Brownhill to push up. Apart from that the same team.
  4. This isn't going to affect Lloyd's progress at all, all good clubs have at least 2 competent players who can play in each position, which is what Da Silva will give us at LB. How is this so hard to understand? We cannot sell Joe Bryan and replace him with no one.
  5. As is the way of the modern game at a high level, goalkeeper's distribution is a huge factor when it comes to keeping possession / starting attacks / counter attacking.
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