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  1. Unless anything has changed from 2019-20 then phone is fine. I don't have a printer either.
  2. This is what my mum and nan do with Facebook when it logs them out. They think they're just logging back in but they're creating a new account. Nightmares, both of 'em.
  3. Of course Defenders and Midfielders made up the majority. Most teams play with one goalkeeper and one striker so that leaves nine other players. The odds are always going to side that way. You took my comment a bit seriously though Petal. I'm just saying, you've made the point that a defender can "see the game" from the back... well, when the ball is down that end of the pitch, a striker is looking back in that direction himself so I'm pretty sure he can see the game from his position too. I'm talking about when the player in question isn't in direct possession of the ball so they'll be watching the game no matter where they are on the pitch. It's nice that you decide the "daftest comment" award though, I'll be sure to reach out to your evident superiority in future, oh great football Deity.
  4. Do you think forwards stay facing forwards when the ball is back in the other direction?
  5. Out of curiosity where were we ranked on one of these during our promotion season, assuming there was a computer doing this back then and the records are still around.
  6. Seems like a ******* hassle.
  7. You're all making me feel young again.
  8. Same thought I had. Intriguing. Shut up. This isn't America.
  9. Was also behind the goal. Laughing my head off.
  10. He's right. Another one I don't like is when a freekick is hit into the top corner and it's location is described as 'postage stamp'... even in the top left corner, where postage stamps don't go.
  11. "Who is Anthony Rougier?" "Why don't they have any 3rd choice 'keeper socks?"
  12. Great and all but this tournament was an outlier of using so many subs in one game. We're used to seeing only three subs and over the course of 120 minutes should expect three to be used in that time. Also, most competition won't have a bench of 37 substitutes so having two goalkeepers on a seven-man bench would be moronic.
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