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  1. You've been watching too much rugby, Dave! Personally think stripes should be gotten rid of too in favour of an obviously dominant colour. Pinstripes fine but regular stripes are ugly and always make numbers difficult to identify... and cause away teams more issues in picking out a kit that doesn't clash as per this game and being forced to not wear white.
  2. OTIB should give you a redirect link for that link with how useful it can all be. Wouldn't even take up any hosting space. otib.co.uk/bcdb would be nice and simple. Admins, where you at?!
  3. You should store all your sheets online somewhere so we can just all go look for shit whenever we're lost - The BCDb.
  4. Sure, I mean if you think we can keep hold of unhappy players and they're magically going to just play at their best and sign new deals...
  5. This is what I wanted to write but I don't have the energy and you've been more eloquent than I would've been too.
  6. TBW


    I've given up on being angry anymore...
  7. You can't even spell sales. Bugger off.
  8. Probably the same data their agents use in contract negotiations. Want it both ways.
  9. I feel old. Believe I joined OTIB the first time when I was about 16... Everyone you've listed is younger than me.
  10. TBW

    Joint 2nd

    (I'm sorry, I can't resist) Didn't stop her though apparently.
  11. Good luck to you all, I used to have a BMI of around 35 a number of years back but down to 23 these days. Team sports were a big thing in helping me along too, it's so much more motivational to have scorelines and things to keep you interested.
  12. TBW

    Andi Weimann

    Noticed that too. Wonder if there is a shot of it similar to the classic Murray photo.
  13. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/213544-alex-scott/
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