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  1. He's gone. He's really gone. Who's popping the champagne?
  2. TBW

    Job for….

    Nice. Was out in the centre with a group a few weeks ago and he was there with us too. Had a brief chat but I don't remember much of it.
  3. Grandad (Dad's side): Whoever was playing at home out of City/Rovers Grandad (Mum's side): Bristol Rovers Dad: Bristol City Mum: Didn't care Uncles/Aunts (Dad's side): Bristol Rovers Uncles/Aunts (Mum’s side): Bristol Rovers Local: Bristol Rovers Me: Bristol City Kids: n/a ... Thank f%£# for my Dad, eh?
  4. Think it's time for a The Club Shop Sucks sub-forum...
  5. He came to a Bristol Flyers game a few weeks back along with Massengo, O'Leary, Dasilva, Semenyo, Wells and Vyner if that changes anything for you?
  6. The demographic who genuinely think FIFA ratings and awards matter more than real ones, yeah, sure.
  7. People who aren't legally old enough to drink, maybe... Who won't get used as he wouldn't link to many other usable options.
  8. And that's on them. Why should the club spend time and money on programmes for a select few who refuse to use internet?
  9. FIFA 22's EFL team of the season* So... meaningless.
  10. TBW

    60-minute games

    The game wouldn't be that much shorter in real terms, if at all. NBA basketball games are 48 minutes long but take over 2 hours to play out. (and it's LOSE, not loose.)
  11. Found them pointless once internet and social media became prominent. Not bothered by them being gone.
  12. I bet these two find Mrs Brown's Boys hilarious.
  14. Give it to the guy whose shed burned down with all his memorabilia inside.
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