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  1. To be fair, I thought you were advocating to take the option too. Thought the "Definitely not" was disagreement with the quoted post and then you were saying to take up the option.
  2. When you've got Vyner and Pring at CB to support Kalas up against Mitrovic. You're bound to get ******.
  3. Get him out. Always thought he was crap. Can't get my head around how he's been given so many chances. Hasn't improved since the day he got here.
  4. Vyner got done for three of the six today. Good choice, Nige.
  5. Let's spell his name right though, yeah?
  6. Did you know that Gianluigi Buffon had played at Ashton Gate? Was looking back at some old memories and remenber attending this game when I was still in single digits for age and surprised to see that I've seen Buffon play. Anyone else remember this a bit better than me? Not many of the England squad made it big. https://www.11v11.com/matches/england-v-italy-12-february-1997-259140/
  7. If we're going to hoof it up the pitch we should do it like they do in rugby and hoof it our for a throw by their corner flag, then just mark every player up in the corner to win possession from the throw. Why not eh?
  8. TBW


    They then went and interrupted the Tunisia post-game press conference to try bring them back out to play three more minutes a while later! ... Tunisia told them to bugger off.
  9. Two goalkeepers on the bench?... Could we not have chucked one of the kids we've barely ever heard of before on there?
  10. Where the hell has £40m come from? No chance.
  11. I'll have what you've been sniffing
  12. If they were in separate games, sure. Should know better when you've already been booked though.
  13. Again. vs. Blackpool equalise in 90'+3 minute (1-1) vs. Forest Green equalise in 90'+6 minute (2-2) vs. Luton equalise in 90'+1 minute (1-1) vs. Bournemouth second in 45'+1 minute (0-2) vs. Notts Forest equalise in 90'+1 minute (1-1) vs. Notts Forest winner in 90'+2 minute (1-2) vs. Coventry winner in 90'+2 minute (2-3) vs. QPR equalise in 45'+3 minute (1-1) vs. QPR winner in 90'+3 minute (1-2) Why can't we hold out when it gets into injury time other than the fact we're just shit? The above goals alone have cost us 11 points and knocked us out of a cup.
  14. TBW

    Junior Reds

    Only time I ever played at Right Back was for the Junior Reds. Think we won 2-0 but I did not enjoy myself back there.
  15. Do love the argument that older means more character and is ultimately better... The Memorial Stadium is SO good they've been begging for ways to leave for years.
  16. I'm so fed up of this argument. "If we hadn't sold we'd be in the Premier League"... Shut up. If we hadn't sold we'd be even further in the ******* red. These players had aspirations to be where we were not. If you think we can survive by never selling our players as just another Championship side (that's what we are!) then you're a damned moron.
  17. Underrated response. Think too many have missed the "This. Is. Sparta!" reference
  18. TBW

    Club shop

    Doesn't seem like they'll be involved in creating lines though. Need someone with some fashion and marketing experience really. This just looks very adminny. Not holding out much hope.
  19. Can't imagine the stewards checking 16,000+ people. Will end up spot-checking I should imagine.
  20. Something I've noticed on social media over the last year or so is people celebrating pitch invaders more and more so you can expect to see them more too. It's usually people at the end of games running on the pitch to try get a players shirt but the amount of people condoning it as them being "real fans" is unreal.
  21. TBW

    Club shop

    I don't buy much anymore as I'm in my 30s and like things that are a bit more subtley designed and find club merchandise is often emblazoned with a huge logo or too many colours so they're missing out there too. Only things I've bought recently are the club suitcase for £40 and cap for £22 as they're simple designs. https://shop.bristol-sport.co.uk/bcfc/tokyotimecity/tokyotimecity/tokyo-time-x-city/1558_city-tokyo-time-grey-flat-peak-cap.html https://shop.bristol-sport.co.uk/bcfc/souvenirs/bcfc-gifts/bcfcluggagebags/1223_bcfc-trg-kit-case-edition-1.html If you look at the Leisurewear part of the site, everything is just a bit... loud. I'd like a plain black t-shirt with a robin logo on a breast pocket and that's it. Could even do a shirt with a big robin on the back too... I dunno, just that bright red on everything limits it's everyday wear options. Everything there is basically only something you'd wear at home or on a gameday. Nothing for the everyday or that could pass a casual night out even slightly. And the Souvenirs as you mention... £12 set of pencils, £12 notepad, £12 lunchbox. The only things that are subtley designed are the hip flask and suitcase. Not sure who designs the stuff at the club or who produces the souvenirs but they're doing a pretty balls job of it.
  22. Used to get it as a kid in the 90s. Back when checking teletext for scores was the done thing. How am I this old?
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