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  1. I get where you're coming from but at 2-0 up, how did the game end?
  2. IFs and FINE LINES This club is all IFs and FINE LINES
  3. Just saying, let's not get carried away on one game.
  4. Saikou Janneh scored twice in the first round last season too...
  5. I won't, because you're wrong. Been sucking on too much Barcelona to realise the truth. Instead trying to bring down your supposed "first" team to their immoral levels.
  6. Hell of a reach there. Danny Simpson came in as a free agent late in a season. Unrelated to other shit. Baker had suffered multiple setbacks and was it an ACL Weimann did? Both were MASSIVE liabilities and so the club hedged the risk. Barcelona have spent hundreds of MILLIONS on new players on big salaries despite deferring wages of players for months and then threatening to take those player to court because they don't want to pay the rest of the agreed deal. City never stopped paying their players, nor have they attempted to cut their pay mid-way through. You're a clown. Just like Barcelona.
  7. TBW


    On-pitch captain is overrated in football. Everyone should be commanding shit and communicating anyway so it's a bit irrelevant. Once you're playong the game you don't think "oh he's my captain so I'll listen to his shouts more seriously". You're busy playing to think that. During stoppages, pre-game, half-time is when the captain might do something and at those points what does it matter where the guy plays on the pitch?
  8. You mean when their contracts came up for expiry and both had suffered injury problems, so balancing the future risk? Not midway through a long contract and threatening legal action. Yes, definitely comparable...
  9. Rather leave him out entirely at this point. He was exposed repeatedly by Simms on Saturday and I'm not sure the back line would feel better with him in front of them instead.
  10. He said this about a year ago...
  11. Intent to reduce salaries by pressuring those with existing contacts to take heavy pay cuts whilst they keep signing more players. Don't compare them to City.
  12. You make it seem like Pearson had the final say on everything... 1. He wouldn't get the final say on selling-up, and 2 He wouldn't get the final say on how much he gets to reinvest. Real life isn't FIFA, mate. If his job is THAT at risk, they would give him £0 to use anyway.
  13. I'm finding it hilarious and really hoping they don't find a way to wriggle out of it. Hope every player they're being to take a wage cut says no and they get stuck. A harsh lesson seems to be needed.
  14. I don't know if Lansdown selling up is the right or wrong thing, depends on who to I guess... but it is refreshing to see a topic where people are respectfully talking about it and not just battering the guy and shouting "Lansdown out" and other shite. The guy has been great here and has earned all the respect possible from us all whether he stays or goes.
  15. TBW


    Not impressed with him so far. - Gave away a penalty last week. - Gave away the first goal. - Got beaten for the third goal. - Lucky to not have given away a penalty in the second half. Looked stonewall to me. Don't think his best spot is in the middle, with his crossing ability I'd much rather he was the left-sided CB. That said, Vyner is worse. Playing them together doesn't look like it'll be fun to watch.
  16. https://www.sportbible.com/football/ajax-ban-fans-signs-shirt-players-20220802 Ajax Ban Supporters From Bringing Signs To Matches Asking Players For Their Shirts ... And I for one hope every team follow suit.
  17. For realism work check out @tattysoph on Instagram.
  18. It's easy to sell to sheep.
  19. I'm just confused as to what happened in the lead up? Why would the Leipzig player purposely give the ball away in the first place?
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