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  1. Was also behind the goal. Laughing my head off.
  2. He's right. Another one I don't like is when a freekick is hit into the top corner and it's location is described as 'postage stamp'... even in the top left corner, where postage stamps don't go.
  3. "Who is Anthony Rougier?" "Why don't they have any 3rd choice 'keeper socks?"
  4. Great and all but this tournament was an outlier of using so many subs in one game. We're used to seeing only three subs and over the course of 120 minutes should expect three to be used in that time. Also, most competition won't have a bench of 37 substitutes so having two goalkeepers on a seven-man bench would be moronic.
  5. I've seen nothing to get too excited about yet. Awaiting another season of the same old, same old at the moment. No getting hopes up.
  6. Good idea. Everyone else already seems to have done. Didn't know it existed. Bye.
  7. It's the exact opposite of what we need. Just wait for the "as soon as we left the EU..." type shit to pop up.
  8. Promotion. Bristol City take precedence over any other football team's potential successes.
  9. Perhaps we should have a thread for every team in existence just in case it may or may not be of interest to others? Perhaps the lack of replies maybe indicate it's worth giving up? To keep pointing out the fact nobody comments so maybe give it up.
  10. Dogs are overrated.
  11. Why do you keep giving these updates? Do you enjoy talking to yourself?
  12. When's he off to Chelsea?
  13. You don't compete with other couples for newborn babies. There's only one place they're possibly going. A tournament with a trophy at the end of it isn't quite comparable as it has no set destination at the beginning of it.
  14. I never mentioned Cantona because obviously there are odd cases but if you want to be pedantic then Eto'o for Everton and Baros for Liverpool wore #5 so that's as much a striker number in the Premier League than #7 is from your examples so far. My point is, to see #7 empty and think "ooooh striker incoming", is wrong.
  15. For something to "come home" it has to have lived there in the first place. The original song was written about the tournament taking place in England but has since been repurposed to mean winning a trophy by fans but this only makes sense in the context of the World Cup. Therefore is definitely not coming home as it's not possible. ... yes, I voted 'no'.
  16. Ronaldo went to United as a winger and Beckham replacement. Owen took 7 as it's what was left. Berbatov was 9 and Rooney, 10. Martin took 7 as it's what was left and changed it at the first chance he's gotten.
  17. 7 isn't a striker number. It's almost like it's not the 1970s anymore.
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