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  1. glynriley


    It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  2. It happens unfortunately. Every team has an off day. When it happens against a decent side it looks worse. A poor performance coupled with injuries in game is a recipe for disaster. I think we have a management team that will take that in their stride though, rather than tearing things up and starting again.
  3. Massively disappointing that he can't stay / get fit. Looks like a lovely player and one that nige could get a tune from. If our previous physio team have curtailed his career it's a crying shame.
  4. One thing to bear in mind with that Bradford game is, we were away to Preston (who were second) on the Saturday before that Tuesday night game. I'm sure plenty would have prioritised that game over the Bradford game.
  5. I agree. Scored 5 in 5 when played central at the beginning of the 18/19 season. Would have liked to see him stay there. Oh well.
  6. You may mock, but I'm never leaving the house without a weapon in my pocket again...
  7. Well,allegedly, all the pieces are in place... https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/18661/wael
  8. Ironically, Osman had that base, had he had the spuds to pick Jacki more often. Guess those rumours were true after all..!!
  9. Rest easy brother. Joey Bag offered to walk, but Wally Bazoom said no, no, no. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joey-barton-reveals-details-debrief-6004584
  10. The last 30 seconds of that top video is pure gold. Blaming Garner after Norman Stanley Barton brought in 17 players!!! Fighting like (pie)rats in a sack. Love it.
  11. Thought we had a lot of balls about us today. Their keeper pulled off a worldly from Wells side foot as well. We're getting there. 5 unbeaten and good to see the likes of Williams putting in a shift when he came on. Also Bentley at his best. Not the finished article yet, but trust in Nige. We'll get there.
  12. A few more of these and we might make the play offs...
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