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  1. I’ve used the SB line a lot recently to get to areas I wish to cycle from. There are so many bikes that try to get on the train it’s carnage! The majority of passengers get off at Clifton Down station - as it’s such a short journey from BTM (even if you do the entire route to SB it’s only 39 mins) they should introduce at least one carriage in the same style as a Tube train. It won’t hurt to stand up for the short time the journey takes - and so much more space would be available for cycles .
  2. As much as we like to slag off the Council for traffic congestion I think this was more to do with the tide times than them. Even taking that into account there must be a reasonable window of opportunity for craft to get through the lock gates in enough time to let the crowd / traffic disperse for 30mins after the game? The harbour master (who’s already had some grief this week from a visiting skipper) must also be answerable for not being aware of a big crowd in the immediate vicinity of the harbour area and try to avoid the conflict, or maybe he’s a Gashead!
  3. I’d spend a third, save a third and give a third away -those getting money from me would have to give a third of that money away (good causes or family etc) I’d also arrange for free Clark’s pies for all home supporters for the entire season !
  4. For an international venue it’s a bit poor, they don’t seem to be able to afford a few tents let alone stands….
  5. The Rising Sun at Pensford does great food, their menu is different from so the all too predictable ones found in many pubs these days. I’ve not tried the Sunday lunch yet (book 3 weeks in advance) but I’ve heard it’s very good indeed. As an added bonus they have a very good, and well kept range of beers. The pub garden is huge - much bigger than the tiny, nightmare for space car park, it looks over the river and across to the viaduct (why can’t you walk over it??)
  6. The Victoria in Chock Lane, Westbury in Trym, was always a good boozer for a couple of pints most lunchtimes whilst ‘working’ at BAe on the F1-11’s during the 80’s. Good to see it’s still open, I think I might just pop over there one day soon to check it out
  7. It is indeed still there - and flourishing. Lots of extra outside seating (Covid +) and planting around to green it up in what is a concrete jungle. Many a Friday night back in the 90’s myself and two cycling friends were the only ones in there, like to think we got it through its darkest days .
  8. Pie mounds aren’t forever - not with him around
  9. The two places in Bath are still there , the blue cheese burger is to die for, especially after a few pints at the weird Star Inn almost opposite before the long cycle ride back along the B2B track to home.
  10. 002 is a reference to Concorde
  11. If you want to try a real quirky pub - unfortunately it’s not in Bristol - try The Rose and Crown (known as Eli’s) at Huish Episcopi, near Langport. There is no bar in this pub! Really strange when I first went in there, someone just wandered up and asked what we’d like to drink, then returned with the drinks and asked for money. This pub, which has been in the same family for over 100 years, is apparently what all pubs used to be like back in the day, and particularly before WW1? Bars in pubs were only put in to stop drinkers helping themselves to free drinks, somehow this one survived and may be is now unique in that sense. Well worth a visit for good beer and ciders.
  12. Yes it is pricey - and it’s 2/3 of a pint as well! They do usually have a good selection of beers but I just don’t know how they can justify the price of a pint on a 2/3rds drink. Best of luck to them if they can get punters to pay those prices but I’ll give it a miss and choose one of the multitude of other pubs in town to drink in.
  13. Too late to edit- My mistake - I meant the Friendship not the Fellowship (that’s over by the Swamp , I would have needed to be p ****d before I start to ever drink over there
  14. Despite living a few streets away from the Venture Inn in Knowle West I rarely frequented there, safer in the Fellowship on Axbridge Rd (top of Redcatch), then to the ultra cool House That Jack Built in St John’s Lane which was my second home for years.. The Blue Flame at Chelvey Batch is a one off…..dropped in there on the annual June cycle ride from Bristol - they seemed amazed at their good fortune to have all these thirsty cyclists turning up on their doorstep, couldn’t sell the beer / cheese & onion rolls fast enough . I don’t think there’s a pub anywhere in Knowle West now? The Venture, Fighting Cocks, Inns Court, Friendship Inn all gone, only a community association bar or two available to drink in now? Blame it all on cheap drink from supermarkets I guess but so much social interaction (skittles / darts / football /crib) has been lost it’s no wonder young lads have lost their connection and respect to older generations. We were so lucky to have so many great options to socialise in we could have a girlfriend in every pub ..
  15. If you like us that much the least you could do is change your name to Red Fox
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