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  1. Is it available on a stream anywhere?
  2. Bonfire ‘fortnight’ was a while ago now, just selfish indulgent behaviour which will get the club fined again. Hopefully the children who let them off get identified, get a banning order and then get to stay home to let as many flares off in their garage as they like - just as well set firs to £10 notes.
  3. If you're into 'ales' you won't go far wrong with the Bristol Beer Factory (tap room) in North St, opposite Ashton Gate primary school, less than 10 minutes from the ground depending on how much you enjoy their beers! https://www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk/ Plenty of other bars and pubs along North St to choose from, shouldn't be any trouble whatsoever along there. Don't forget to buy your Clarks pie from the van outside the ground to enjoy the whole Bristol gastro pub food experience on one day!
  4. Jesus saves - and St John scores the rebound! Alleged graffiti on a Church poster in Liverpool saying Jesus saves - those Scousers are such wags...
  5. Good to see you expanding the range of trinkets you sell. Would you consider making lanyards (for work ID badges ) available as I think they’d be popular to show our allegience to the cause whilst at work?
  6. Apparently purple poppies are for animals (horses / dogs) which suffered in the war. Probably something instigated at the Mem by Dopey....?
  7. Things do need to change but we need a viable and affordable alternative before this is considered yet another tax raising tactic. Electric cars are a solution but no secondhand market exists yet and the thought of everyone who lives in flats having extension leads going way down to the parking area to recharge their car is another reality check the tree huggers of this world haven’t considered. I usually ride my bike 5 miles to the ground but a time will come when that’s not an option for me and public transport is currently useless. Many years ago (30?) I wrote into the EP letters page to suggest the government made all public transport free to minimise private car use but it obviously got ignored.
  8. Great news and what’s more he seems to be really enjoying himself here
  9. Aha, that looks very much like the Avon Gorge Hotel to me. Probably a clandestine meeting with Curbishley and Coppell to find a way forward out of this mess?
  10. I was also in the Open End that night, probably sheltering by the Hospital Broadcast box if it was still there at the time.
  11. Red DNA

    How much?

    Exactly this. If his posts were by anyone else it would be accepted and almost ignored but once the R name is up there they seem to think they have a right to attack the poster - not the post. It’s the same with certain players who get picked on - like Pato, some posters continuously looking for every minor mistake but ignoring other players who also may have had a bad game. Once the person who has been chosen as the latest incumbent to be selected for persecution leaves the club they’ll just pick on the next ‘weakest’ player to vent their spleen and so it goes on. People pay their money and have a right to criticise but being so negative to the point of bullying via the keyboard achieves nothing except adding a negative feel to the club. And no I’m not a happy clapper!
  12. Is it true that Towcester (in Northamptonshire) is twinned with Breville in France?
  13. Spoilt for choice but you could do worse than start off at Wapping Wharf where the Wild Beer brewery has a nice bar and there are lots of great eating places in the same area - not sure what time they stop serving food?, best to Google ‘’Wapping Wharf Bristol’ for detailed info. They do have a ‘silent disco’ on an evening which is really funny to watch from the sidelines! From there you could make your way across the bridge into Prince St and onto the endless bars in King St of which I think the Beer Emporium is the best choice of beers. Great atmosphere just down the road by the Old Duke (previously mentioned) where everyone just sits outside enjoying the vibe.
  14. Word on the street here close to Reading is that Mark Hughes is being lined up for the job....
  15. Has he got a brother called Rodney?
  16. Correct, I understand little but I have seen it close up with s family member and it’s scary as to what you can do to help. My main point is the suffering experienced by genuine people is diluted by others who feign the symptoms - and for lots of non professional onlookers it’s hard to believe them at times which makes it worse for the genuine ones. I’ve obviously not made my point clear enough so apologies if it came across uncaring, no mocking or denial intended.
  17. I’m not mocking I’m just saying why does every single worry has to be talked about? People worry about going to a place of work they don’t like but they still go without opening up. How on earth have we all coped so far and what has caused the increase in suicides, talking about it doesn’t seem to have reduced it much, even though every bit helps. It’s all about pressure and showing how much you’ve got - nice motor, all the gadgets and holidays - right now, if not you’re a failure. That’s where society needs to change, get fulfilment from a sense of achievement, be it saving for something nice or paying a bill off. Even helping out others on a voluntary basis can give great sense of pride and shows you’re contributing to making it a better society. Talking about it is just a small part of it.
  18. Good to hear the guy is getting treatment in hospital to help him recover, hope you makes a speedy recovery. As an aside to this issue, will the proposed new Flyers Arena development have an area set aside for air or VIP ambulance use - or will it have to use the pitch like the Leicester City incident?
  19. This seems to be the way the World has evolved. Example 1 - Years ago your granny would die quite often which got you a few days off work and some empathy from others, and was used by skivers on a regular basis. Example 2 - The old bad back routine, non visible injury but extremely painful (I’ve had the real deal so I do know this is true) excellent for weeks off work if you can get your BAFTA level act of injury past your doctor 3 weeks paid leave is guaranteed. Example 3 - Stress, lots of people suddenly realised they were stressed. Much more concerning than just worried this can be on a new level and be used frequently - and your ‘stress’ level increased if someone dares to suggest you’re pulling a fast one. This is the predecessor of proper mental health scam. Example 4 - Mental Health, the real deal and very much on trend this has become so much more common now we’re allowed to talk about our feelings. I’m not convinced talking about minor worries helps if it causes you to stress, worrying is part of human nature and is designed to help you learn and evaluate risks in life. All of the the above are sadly true but will annoy the genuine ones who have had these issues for real. So whilst I apologise to them I do hope they realise it’s the scammers and cheats who are the ones really discrediting their genuine illnesses and making them look like skivers when they’re not - which makes it very hard for those of us lucky enough not to have these issues very difficult to differentiate between them and the cheats. Just for the record, someone very close in my family has had - and still has to a lower degree, serious mental health issues losing his job (and all the financial implications of that) and going to the point of ending it all before he got the help he needed to stabilise his life. As for NB, as previously suggested I think he’s set himself that 100% fitness level and if at any time - however inconvenient a time it might be, he just feels if he’s not good enough to contribute he has to stand aside for a 100% fit player??
  20. Also reported in the Evil Post (I won’t paste a link to it to save your eyes from hurting too much)
  21. Maybe when the EFL /Prem managers have a get together they should agree to implement in all new contracts that any players assessed as unfit by an independant physio is not allowed to be released for internationals. If they all agreed that strategy and stuck by it if the players don’t like it would have no choice other than to move to play in a new country - and probably end up earning less.
  22. Not quite right, they plan on remaining clueless
  23. I think there’s also something going on at Bitton train station today, that’ll hit them hard.
  24. My daughter came up to me the other day and started drawing on my upper arm with some wax type pencils. I think she was looking for a shoulder to crayon.
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