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  1. It might make Semenyo think twice about going up there . Then again if he does go he would be an absolute star compared to the majority of other forwards north of the border.
  2. I did say I feel sorry for the genuine fans, you seemed to have missed seeing that part of my comment. As per usual, it’s the minority who spoil it for the majority PLUS in this case the ‘authorities’ seemed to apply a very heavy hand to discredit genuine fans to hide their own incompetence.
  3. There is a third factor to be considered here as well… Classic Scouse tactics to turn up at the turnstiles very very late without tickets, forged or otherwise, push the kids to the front, let them get squashed and distressed then demand the gates are open to avoid someone being seriously injured and get in for free, pushing genuine ticket holders out of their seats. I do feel sorry the genuine fans who spent shed loads of money to watch their team and be treated like this but the scallys need to take some ownership and responsibility of the issue and maybe the club won’t keep getting stereotyped by people like me.
  4. A strange woman came running up to me in the street to tell me she doesn’t eat meat.. I’d never met herbivore.
  5. Clubs foot the bill? Where do you think that cost will ultimately end up? Yep, all of us will have to pay for the idiots who act like sheep and copy the latest law breaking they see going on elsewhere.
  6. It would be good if someone ‘cheered’ and filmed these blokes on when smashing up public transport - and then put the video on here for them to be identified….?
  7. ‘Follow the model..’ if it was simple as that why doesn’t everyone do it and get automatic promotion? Apart from parachute payments there are far too many variables (including length of grass..) that can be added to a ‘model’ which is why it’s so elusive for most teams to get into the top 6.
  8. No matter how bad Carlsberg tasted it never tasted as bad as Colt 45 .
  9. The Welsh commentators (subtitled) think the Welsh are World beaters - don’t seem to have taken the opposition into account .
  10. If anyone is watching on S4C and isn’t fluent in Welsh….if you select sub-titles you can choose English - and then turn Welsh commentary off
  11. Years ago I worked for a long time at The Smyth Arms, every Sunday we put chunks of cheese and crisps in bowls along the bar. Good for business to get people in early before the free food was gone and the salted crisps made them drink more . As an alternative to cheeses and crisps I also recall having chitterlings on offer for free at The Queens Arms (?) in Chew Magnawl), loverly jubbly . Don’t know of any pubs who offer these freebies these days.
  12. If the need for houses wasn’t there - growing population, divorced couples needing separate homes etc etc then there wouldn’t be such a high demand to build more homes (and create jobs whilst doing so..). If SL done nothing with the land he get grief for owning it and not spending his hard earners wealth on providing homes people desperately need!
  13. Indeed - but you missed the time and date of 22.22.22 (just after twenty past 10pm) on the 2.2.22
  14. Thanks for another great Match Day Thread. Clarrie Bourton was involved the City draw back in the 60’s coming around ‘agents’ homes to collect the CASH….. Often a number of first team players, Dickie Rooks, Gordon Parr etc would also come and collect the cash, all good stuff in keeping the fans engaged with the players. Lot lore professional these days with the club involved in so many good schemes via the Community Trust etc. 3-1 to City
  15. Oh good, looks like I’ll cancel my Lear Jet which usually takes me to Paris so I can watch it…
  16. Is their defence Wafer thin? Are the management team Ginger Nuts? Do the players look Custard Creamed (crackered)? Maybe as a team they're just too Nice? Anyway time for new start with Paul Ince (), maybe they will now move up the league and give 2 Chocolate Fingers to the rest of us?
  17. Treacle was ok but condensed milk was / is so much better .
  18. Bit like when they had the daily Covid briefings and the journalists were desperate to ask a question - just any question, regardless of the fact the answer was already in the public domain or worse, asked by the previous journalist! Apart from the standard questions any of us amateurs could ask, the ‘professional’ sports journalist really should be capable of asking something unique that has happened to the team or players that week. I’m glad Nige gives them short shrift, I wouldn’t even have the patience he has to perform in the media circus every week.
  19. Red DNA

    Coach 1

    Don’t burn him!
  20. I think we should sell Massengo but keep HNM! In all seriousness the points you’ve raised are valid, it’s bit of of heart or head decision whilst playing poker with the EFL. So much of the outcome rests on what HNM wants to do himself and that’s the one thing none of us know. I want to go with the heart decision but feel the head will rule this time as SL is a money person and tries to stay within the guidelines where possible.
  21. Gerry Gow was definitely a Robin, should have cloned him when we had the chance .
  22. Just arrived at my Swiss euthanasia clinic. Guess what they gave me for breakfast? Cheerios
  23. You’re lucky to have found your way out of that labyrinth - there’s rumoured to be people who were still lost in there when it was demolished and never even knew the war was over! The lifts were also strange as I recall, some sort of dumb waiter type lift for humans?
  24. Footballers usually have a very high belief in themselves and their abilities so some will always have a huge ego and simply don’t like being told what to do, some (allegedly) don’t adhere to the managers tactics either when told….
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