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  1. 1 hour ago, LondonBristolian said:

    I conflated medical and fitness earlier in my previous reply but essentially, as I understand, it is both.

    Theoretically we should have a specialist medical and fitness team or who are involved in the design of the fitness aspects training and ensure it is done in a way that builds fitness and reduces the risks of injury. I don't know exactly how our coaching is set up but I think that, whilst Holden and the first team coaches would oversee it, they should be getting input from the fitness coaches who should be designing and organising appropriate fitness training and ensuring that the other training that is planned is not likely to cause avoidable injuries.

    The number of injuries suggests to me that either:

    a) Holden, Downing and Simpson are not communicating their plans to the fitness team.

    b) Holden, Downing and Simpson are ignoring feedback from the fitness and medical team as to the risks of injury. 

    c) The fitness and medical team are not giving the right feedback on the risk of injury from our non-fitness training

    d) The fitness and medical team are designing our fitness training in a way that inadvertently aggravates rather than prevents injuries.

    The fact that this feels like a continue on from problems in previous seasons despite a substantial overhaul in first team staff makes me think it's not likely to be a) or b). It could be that Holden is the factor but that feels incongruous with the interviews he gives and the fact that staff and players suggest he communicates well makes me think it is less liekly.

    So I feel it might be c) or d)

    But in any case something is obviously going wrong in the structure. 

    Great review of the current situation but surely - at least according to @Bassomylord, you should have identified how we can implicate Mr Ashton (a non medical / training person) into any of the reasons as to why we have such a big list of similar injuries. 

  2. Although their training camp trip to Dubai (!) was within the guidelines at the time it was hardly within the spirit of the guidelines.

    I understand they did have an aircraft chartered just for them and separate hotel space etc  but I’m not convinced they really needed to go to Dubai to train - Arbroath at this time of year can be nice....😬

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  3. I don’t think it’s why Holden was appointed it’s more about why the board didn’t want to appoint anyone else - if that makes sense. 

    Houghton was a clear favourite with all all the credentials but he wanted £4M salary plus he wanted to bring in his entire back room staff. Getting rid of the existing backroom staff would have cost another lump (yes I know SL has loads 🙄) on top of the money they had to pay to LJ. 

    All this happened in the middle of a very uncertain pandemic and meltdown of financial markets and SL being the astute money man he is just didn’t see the point of simply throwing away more money at this point in time.

    Had LJ departed in normal times I feel the board really would have rolled the dice for Houghton and gone all out for promotion. 

    By appointing Holden - (for all his good points detailed on other posts), on a short contract it’s bought them time to see how the finance side of things settle down (they still haven’t yet). 
    If Holden does achieve a top 6 place then they’ll continue with him for another season, if not it’ll be time to pick a cheap but experienced candidate off the manager merry go round of who’s available at that time. 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Snufflelufagus said:

    I think the lansdown dream is to bring loads of academy players through. That is why Holden got the job as he said he'd give them a chance. You only have to look at Tinnion on tweeter to see that. Every loan player or academy player that plays he is Biggin them up.

    Look at Tinnion bigging them up?

    isn’t that his job - to bring the youngsters on and give them confidence or would you rather he just destroyed all their dreams and why they played for the club since 9 year olds?

    This is the real World, not FIFA2020 or some other internet game, it’s tough and it’s real - something most of today’s kids need to realise pretty quick or they’re going have a reality check when they get into the real world and they can’t just press ‘play again’. 

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  5. 38 minutes ago, swanker said:

    Been out and about working in Hanham-St George today and It seems to be doing  the rounds big time according to people I’ve spoken with. 

    As someone who lives in that area I don’t know of anyone who has tested positive during this entire episode, not that I get out much at the moment  

    I take all the precautions advised and will continue to do so to help myself and others. 

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  6. 41 minutes ago, phantom said:

    The above offer is the 'headline' offer for Sky monthly when searched but I don't want to commit to 3 months without knowing how much we will be on after this existing batch of games.

    The offer below, at £26.03 for only a month, looks more of the package I'm looking to go for:-



    Anyone any experience of using that option? 

  7. Moore wasn’t even aware the ball was coming until it was too late!

    Their attacker was watching Bentley who should never have put Moore under that pressure on the edge of the box. 

    Once Moore had the ball he should have cleared it anywhere he could but was probably so full of surprise and thinking ‘why has Bents passed it to me with an opponent on my shoulder’, as he was processing those thoughts the striker robbed him - game over. 

    Bentley 75% to blame for doing something he could see was going to cause a problem. 

    learn and move on. 

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  8. For all the big pay packets and odd glory days footballers get its easily forgotten how much sacrifice has to be made in the very early years until getting to a reasonable standard - if you get there at all. 

    I used to work with someone who’s lad played in the City under 9’s the amount of travelling and cost he had to provide to support his lad’s potential (with less time for other siblings) was unbelievable so fair play to the lucky ones who do make it eventually. 

    Even if it is well paid, it’s a short career with the constant threat of injury which could force you into an ‘ordinary’ job at any time. 

    Best of luck to you Joe, enjoy it whilst you can. 

  9. It would be funny to thrash them but you know what a bunch of cloggers they are, we can’t afford to lose players early on.

    It’ll also be difficult to get them out of our stadium once they realise what they’re missing 😁

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  10. I don’t think it was outright lies, as discussed on many other threads the aspiration of the board was to appoint a big name to take us forward but sometime during the process a reality check kicked in (hence today’s request by JL to not request refunds) and the budgets the club was able to offer the candidates was nowhere near what they would all have normally expected and be given. 

    At the end of the process they had no one willing to take the club ‘forward’ with the new post COVID budget except for Dean who obviously jumped at the chance. 

    I suspect many other clubs are also going through the same reality check?

    Best of luck to Dean and then team, I’ll be there as much as I can to support the club. 

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  11. Bizarre.

    I know time goes by quickly these days but have I missed Xmas and it’s April Fools Day already? 

    A meal up in the executive boxes might be an experience for people who never get to go to that area, but a picnic table on a football pitch is not one I’ll be booking on Valentines Day. 

  12. 24 minutes ago, steviestevieneville said:

    I’ve answered this on another thread and there was no need to start this one imo as we’re already discussing it. 
    don’t think you get the point of why most people are against the board. It’s the lies and bullshit baffles brains mentality . Some fans were unhappy with the board during LJ’s tenure , the contempt  they’ve treated us “customers” lately Has just topped it off 

    I don’t think it was lies or contempt, it was about the original aspirations of the board, the timing of the appointment and the ever dire financial constraints the World finds itself in post COVID  

    Unless you already have a replacement ready to go (i.e. without waiting to see who else might be available / interested) you have to go through a thorough process to get the best person for the job, as follows:-


    Wk 1 - sack current coach, advertise in appropriate places, wait for applications to flood in from across the World. Tell the fans we have amazing applicants to take us to the next level.

    Wk 2 - start discarding the time wasters and chancers BUT also wait until the end of the season to see if any new applicants suddenly become available (Howe etc.).

    Wk 3 - interviews for top 10 serious candidates over phone etc as and when people are available due to play offs or holidays. No new to leak to fans.

    Wk 4 - short list drawn up. Second and more thorough interviews take place with some candidates taking a reality check on budgets and income streams for the coming season. The board discusses their preferences from candidates coming out of the final interviews - more time taken due to availability of everyone to attend or Skype in. No news for fans as it can only be detrimental to the process and a breach of confidence for those who have been interviewed.

    Wk 5 - Decision made!

    Selected candidate (on holiday?) offered job with terms and conditions and agrees subject to getting right assistants on board. Very hasty phone calls made, terms and conditions etc discussed before acceptance and agreement from all parties.

    Announcement made of the Boards choice.


    Fans reluctantly accept the new coach, move on, get right behind the team and are over the moon when we get promotion in May 2021 😁.



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