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  1. Sadly I think Mark Ashton and Co will be the only ones doing the penetrating.
  2. Chemical Ali. I hear Mark Ashton has a photo of him hanging up in his lounge.
  3. Agreed. Ipswich were 'established' in the Championship not so long ago...
  4. I think it can be argued that we have gone round in circles as far as 'on the pitch' is concerned. We have been a mid-table championship team under Lansdown's ownership before (under Gary Johnson etc). Happy if you don't agree with me though
  5. Mind you the rugby team look like they might be starting to go places...
  6. You're probably be right, but I think there will still be sections of the fan base who shrug their shoulders and say - OK let's wait and see how this (DH) pans out. Not sure there'll be many of those left next time....
  7. OK I'll put it another way, if DH is appointed and it doesn't work out then the current management strategy/structure/philosophy will have appeared to have hit a glass ceiling....
  8. If DH gets the job and it doesn't work, then Lansdown has just taken us round in circles for the last 20 years. Something will have to give surely.
  9. Anyone think the board might consider appointing Holden as 'interim' manager? Or does that create more problems than it solves?
  10. In which case should the club communicate that to us if/when DH is unveiled?
  11. To be fair though, if we've interviewed half a dozen or so external candidates and they're all deemed to be making unreasonable demands and/or not meeting the job spec, that is quite worrying. Is the job spec so specific, that only coaches with very limited experience and/or limited scope of finding coaching employment elsewhere, fit the description? If so that aint great surely?
  12. Is a very good point. The club appear to have painted themselves into a corner. DH can name his price. He wouldn't be the cheap option then!!
  13. I've got no hair so might look odd
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