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  1. Agreed. Slightly concerning though that we haven’t played anyone in the top 8 yet.
  2. Agree with you 100% that people who think we should be consistently beating the teams you mention are away with the fairies. However, the bit I’m struggling with is how flat and lacking in energy/tempo we were last night, particularly in the first half. Surely we should be able to match these teams for work rate and will to win? Cuz I didn’t see that last night, and that concerns me.
  3. Exactly. And by popular demand we should replace with Paul cook or Chris Hughton
  4. They were more physical AND showed more energy I thought. Not good being second best on both those fronts.
  5. Luton looked more up for it than we did. That’s still tough to swallow.
  6. Chris Hughton will be available again soon, maybe we should go for him
  7. Very happy to be watching some more of that!
  8. This is lush. We’ve got our b0llox back!
  9. Some of our players actually made tackles today if that helps
  10. The 2021/22 season starts in 6th August I think, which means we have much less than 4 months to get sorted?!
  11. Even worse when you consider we had all 3 on loan before we decided to purchase!
  12. You mean division 5 in gas speak
  13. Imagine a world where more people support their local team. We'd surely be one of the biggest beneficiary's of that.
  14. Our decision making is poor. Very often there is a simple option available and we either delay or choose a different/wrong option.
  15. How much sand did pat murphy have in his knickers that day
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