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  1. If any police are watching/reading; West Street is now part of Southville and we'd like the road closed to play quidditch and hone our juggling skills. Thanks in advance.
  2. Agreed. i would much rather play one of the ‘parachute’ teams first game. better to play them before they get into their stride.
  3. is it just me or do we only ever look good when jack grealish is playing?
  4. Can’t help but think that poster who slapped £500 on us getting relegated next season went a tad early. We shall see.
  5. if you knew that about craig johnston without looking it up on wikipedia, fair play to you
  6. played for ireland though didn’t he?
  7. think it was called the rumbelows back then
  8. scousers aren’t english though apparently
  9. Personally, i’m very tempted to stick a few quid on them ‘doing a barnsley’ next season.
  10. Not used a loan player all season?
  11. Rugby on tonight so shop will be open now if you can get down there.
  12. I think you're spot on - except Nige will leave by mutual agreement with partial pay-off IMO.
  13. steve lansdown appears to like going round in circles, so i would assume that a comeback for lee johnson cannot be completely ruled out either
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