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  1. Spud55

    Sky sports

    Yea just done mine on the train to work, really easy.
  2. Fair enough, personally for me Baker is good enough for me to overlook that, but I can't disagree with you too much to be fair.
  3. What facts have I ignored? I pointed out he'd played less than 45 minutes 12 times and come of at half time a number of times, you have then countered pointing out that this is actually less, at 8 times before half time. So I'm not sure what your point is, and I have never said he doesn't have injury problems. Just the way some people are going on its as if he goes off every other game.
  4. I have never claimed he does not have injury problems, as I have said numerous times in all of my posts, but I guess that's gone over your head somehow. What numerous facts and figures have I ignored? The ones I have pointed out where he has gone off before half time 11 times since he's been here? And as Phantom said something like 8 times at half time although we cannot be certain that all of them are injury related. As I have acknowledged he has gone off more than any other player, I just don't think that this necessarily meant he has mental issues, he could just know his own body and not be prepared to play through injury. I know its seen as a good thing generally to play through injury, but when you actually think about it it's really not, would we be in a better place if Kalas had missed 11 games instead of 9 when he was previously injured and come back fit rather than coming back carrying an injury and then relapsing and missing double the amount of games he may have done otherwise? Would we be better off if Nagy didn't play when not fit and just had his ankle op and came back the player he left or the shadow of the player he looks now? I am merely posing the point that maybe having a player who does go of "injured" more than others but is almost always then fit for the next game is not as deserving of the stick that Baker gets, if it isn't psychological it certainly makes Baker an oddity within sport as most sportsmen will often to their own detriment continue to compete through pain and make their injury worse. Just because someone offered him Psychological help at Villa, as I have no reason to doubt Robbored or the genuine nature of his source, does not mean that his problems are not physical, Villa might have got it wrong, hence the refusal. But none of us know that, as none of us know Nathan Baker, so i take issue with the ascertations that it must be psychological when there are perfectly reasonable physical explanations. The only thing that I have disagreed with in this thread is JonDolman asserting that Benkovic looks to be an upgrade currently on Baker which I do not agree with.
  5. Agree, Vyner played well at this level with Rotherham. I would be happy with us starting next season with Kalas, Baker, Moore and Vyner as our centre backs, I would add 1 if we are going to play 3 at the back.
  6. Or that he simply comes off when he feels something before it goes, rather than just blindly carrying on. Look at most of the old football players who would play through anything just having a cortizone injection and now can barely walk as their knees are ****** beyond repair. Maybe Baker isn't willing to do that? How many games did Kalas miss because he played before he was ready? He's missed 11 games since his first injury this season (which saw him miss 9 games) both times because he played while still injured and not ready to play, how much better off could we be if he didn't play when not fit? Whereas Baker has come off in the first half twice this season. But has been back for the next game. Which one would you rather?
  7. And how many games since then has Baker played and come off in the first half or even at half time in the league? It's once and that was on Saturday, so not sure what point you are trying to make? as I said I counted 12 times in the league that Baker played less than 45 minutes, and I now know for certain that one of them was Barnsley away when he actually came on with half and hour to go, so that's down to 11 and I can probably reduce that further if I could be arsed to go through every game he played less than 45 minutes. The half time subs are difficult as unless you actually remember an injury taking him off it is entirely possible that we have had to change system at half time, as that is hardly something we have not had to do numerous times over the past few years. So as I said I'm sure a few of them are injuries but some will not be as well. All I am saying is that people are making it out as if the man never completes 90 minutes, and that is clearly bollocks, does he go off more than most? Of course, but it's not as bad as people are making out. The loss of 1 sub really isn't the end of the world, as let's face it unless we are getting dicked Johnson makes a couple of subs between 63 and 80 minutes and then the pointless give Semenyo 30 seconds sub on 91+ minutes, so he's hardly having all his tactical options ripped away from him by Baker going off once in 6 months is he?
  8. I never said it wasn't a long standing issue, just because it is does not mean it has to be psycological. It could all relate to his long standing back issues, as that can translate into continual injury problems. Lee Matthews was one of the most naturally gifted strikers I have ever seen at AG bar probably Tammy, but he had a long standing back issue that plagued his entire career meaning he was never far away from his next injury lay off, and they usually lasted weeks or months, if Baker has a similar issue with his back then rather than be out for weeks or months at a time it could be that he decides to come off when he feels something is about to go rather than waiting until it does. The way people act its as if the man goes off every game, when it is although more often than we would like it's really not that bad.
  9. I only count 12 times where Bakes has played less than 45 minutes, (in the league) and I believe that 1 of them is a red, he's gone off at half time a fair chunk, and I'm sure probably a couple of them are due to injury but we all know how often Johnson has to rip up his system at half time as its all wrong so I would hazard a large chunk are "tactical" (for clarity I ignored the 2 games in a row where he played a total of 3 minutes, as I can only assume that they were late subs on) I've said it before and before we decide he has mental issues are we sure he as a player does not just understand his body and is unwilling to play through and potentially make it worse? Let's face it if Man U, finish 6th and England are crap at the Euros how happy will everyone be that Rashford played through an injury and ****** himself? Most players will pick up a minor injury and then push though usually ending up with a worse injury as a result, are we sure that Baker just isn't willing to do that as he's had plenty of injuries in the past? Does he come of more than most, yep. Even with that in mind he should still be one of the first names on the team sheet as the man is a bloody good centre back and will put his head in where none of our other defenders will.
  10. The Huddersfield game where despite mistakes Baker was still better than Benkovic? Won more in the air, more tackles, Only way Benkovic outperformed Baker is in pass completion. Until we can defend I couldn't give a monkies about ball playing centre backs. You can't just cherry pick and decide Benkovic is an upgrade because he's done some things you like while ignoring that since he's been here he has overall not been better than Baker, who is by most accounts one of the better performing Centre Backs in the league. Does this mean that Benkovic is bad and might prove to be an upgrade on Baker? Of course not, we have not seen enough yet and there have been some good points but they have not even come close to outweighing the bad points so far. And if he does turn out to be an upgrade on Baker then that means he's an upgrade on Kalas, Williams and Moore as well as Bakes has been the best of all of them, only Williams can compare favourably on performances potentially. So Robson Kanu is very good at this level but you will happily bin off a striker who has outperformed him in every single way in Fam?
  11. You thought he looked class when Jutekivic eased him aside like a 12 year old when he cost us a goal against Brum? You thought he looked class against a bang average Hal Robson-Kanu who made him look like a league 1 centre back? Benkovic has only ever looked class for Celtic and that's in a league with all the quality of of league 1 maybe. The reason he was on the bench yesterday is because he's been crap, hardly the sign of a class player. Baker has played more minutes this season than all of our other defenders bar Williams, and all but 4/5 of our players, makes the idea that he is injury prone look rather weak doesn't it?
  12. Hang on, you prefer Benkovic who has had to be dropped as after 1 decent game against Derby has been complete shit until yesterday when he was alright against an out of sorts Mitrovic, over a defender who as our results and performances show we are far better with him in the side? **** ball playing centre half's we need 4 defenders that can actually bloody defend (as we currently have Baker and Pirera, and that's it.) Kalas has looked like a massive 8 million pound mistake, (hopefully he will get back to his best but he has been nowhere near all season) There are only 7/8 teams worse than us at the back and Baker along with Bentley are the only 2 that can come out of the season so far in any sort of credit.
  13. It's been an OK half, we haven't really created anything still, and Reid should have scored 2. Fulham much more composed in possession, playing quick passes and getting more joy down the middle that I would like considering we have largely conceded the wide areas. Think Pedro has done well, COD has been OK, Pato has been fairly poor imo. Personally I would have Pato off for Elliasson, and push COD wide left of a 3 with Wiemann in behind Wells.
  14. To be fair we're it not for the thread on here I'm not sure I'd remember Tony Rouguer, was watching the Hartlepool highlights the other day and have no recollection of him in that game.
  15. In a conversation about creativity goals do not really come into it, so i discounted goals, and considering Pato is a number 10 I would be miffed if he hadn't scored more goals than an out and out winger. But even if we bring goals into the equation, our most creative player is *checks notes* Niclas Eliasson. This is not to say he's the best thing since sliced bread as he does have areas to improve, however bar WBA I have not to my knowledge this season seen a game where he was flat out bad, I've seen games where he has not had a great impact, because he's been double or triple teamed, and because of the abjest lack of attacking intent through other channels he stays double and triple teamed for 90 minutes, as we don't have a coach with the nouse to see that and then instruct the other players to attack the space created then I'm not sure that is justification to say the Nic is the one who is anonymous.
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