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  1. I think they massively underestimated the fans in this country, let's remember most players are fans as well before they play, I think they assumed there would be a split in the fans, they will have always expected some backlash but I think they assumed that they would only come from the hardcore support, and it would be at worst a 50/50 split and the armchair fans would love the idea. Then it became apparent that this was not the case and the vast majority of fans not only disliked the idea they were massively opposed to it, to the point where it transcended every club, we're it not for Covid you would have had Man U and Liverpool fans marching together, Man U and Leeds fans, arsenal and spurs fans united against this they can't stand against that even before you add in almost every fan of every football club in the country. Add the players, pundits and Govt to this mix and they were in a massive hole that they had dug for themselves. They failed to understand that the proper fans of even the bug teams put immense value on the pyramid and the structure as a whole. Back when I used to go away a lot you would cross paths with fans of the big teams going away and unlike some of the armchair fans who would belittle fans of the smaller clubs the "proper" fans understand that the clubs are different and their players are better but the fans are no different, just because they had Aguero the man City fans know that it felt no different to them when Aguero scored against QPR than it did to Carlisle fans when Glass scored too keep them in the league.
  2. Was always likely to be Chelsea and or Man City to go first as they didn't really want in in the first place, I think if PSG, Bayern and Dortmund had said yes then it would be different, but you cant have any kind of "super league" without at worst 2 of those 3.
  3. World series of what? Are they going to have Norway turn up with Haaland against 5 German players? Banger of a game that will be. They will have their 15/20 clubs and that's it, they just gonna have a random "world Series" with the same clubs that are in the super league? Realistically the best they could manage would be some shitty Europe vs South America all star game, and **** me that would be shitter than Soccer aid. Let them go, protect the remaining clubs from having their stadiums sold from under them, realistically thats the only risk to a clubs existence, if SL chipped off now and we went "bust" as long as Bristol City FC retained the use and ownership by law of AG and it could not be sold we would be able to re form and run as a sustainable club that only pays wages that a consistent 10/15 k crowd would support and football goes on without the big 6. Would it be as "good" of course it would, yes playing Man U and City was great, but would I swap any of that for the pure pandemonium When Roberts scored against Hartlepool to take us to the league 1 playoff final, would I bollocks.
  4. I don't see how you can be against the superleague and then advocate doing exactly the same to Scottish Football by pulling out Celtic and Rangers, that's my issue with the idea of having the old firm in the league.
  5. Pretty certain Palace, Wolves, Villa and Leicester fans would be pretty excited. Pretty certain I'd enjoy it, just the same as I enjoy the climax of the conference season, the EFL playoffs, as would many many football fans. Football has been broken for too long and something seismic was needed to try and fix it, as long as there is support to stop owners selling everything off and running away leaving clubs to go bust then football can goo on and thrive for the people that are actually fans.
  6. Only for a short period, the Premier league in its current guise is the reason for this financial turmoil, its the reason we are paying players 30 thousand a week plus to be shite. The Premier league have to expel them, otherwise it makes a mockery of the league, what in the name of God is the point of watching a league where nothing matters? Who cares who wins it as they don't get anything, who cares if Man U reserves finish 15th as they still qualify for the biggest competition. Yes the Premier league was created out of greed, but at least it is still based somewhat on merit. The only thing that needs to be done is that the Government pass something to declare "all" football clubs to be community assets and that their grounds cannot be sold off other than for the purpose or relocation to another ground with the same restrictions. Protect the clubs from the immediate fall out, and then let them **** off. If owners want to walk away then so be it, and as long as you can support your ground maintenance with gate receipts then you are good, and no clubs need die.
  7. Exactly, this cannot be one of those things where the big clubs threaten something and then it all quietly goes away, they should be immediately suspended from the PL, FA cup and EFL cup, should they sack off this league they may be reinstated, but with heavy sanctions, and should they not they should have every honour and title stripped from them and be kicked out of English football never to be allowed to return.
  8. Agreed, football has needed a reset for some time, and this may prove to be the catalyst, will it hurt clubs, absolutely but after the initial turmoil wages would drop massively and the leagues would begin to stabalise, would we have the money we have now, no as we would have to cut our cloth accordingly, but would I still be there, abso ******* loutley. I am genuinely very interested to see Klopps presses tomorrow after this, as I cant imagine him not speaking out.
  9. Agree its just meaningless platitudes, he may as well just have just walked in and said "we go again" and then left. Johnson chatted a lot of bollocks but at least he tried in his way to tactically dissect the performances, box entries etc etc. I have never once heard anything other than variations of work hard. I can imagine his team talks are just do what you are doing but do it better, no direction just be a bit better.
  10. Agree completely, however I think they have massively overestimated the impact of covid at this level, the prem hasn't stopped spending money, and most teams in this league who spend money have either been in the prem recently or are the market for their assets meaning that they could still bring in big money. We have moved backwards and have an expensively assembled but crucially not particularly valuable squad, we could see a small profit on Bentley, and JD, but that's about it. We are letting a striker who cost us 5 Mill who would cost considerably more than that to replace walk for nothing. We have another 5 million pound striker playing like a pub team player who has little resale value even if he does rediscover some form. The only good thing Ashton ever did was getting in players for a decent price and then selling them on for a great price, that's not the case now, and I see a squad that reminds me very much of what we saw before we last began our decline from this league, the difference is the man responsible seems untouchable.
  11. So if you're off work and someone you work with ***** up, you will immediately stop doing anything outside of work to reflect on something that was precisely nothing to do with you?
  12. So a player cannot say anything after a loss that they were in no way involved in? A player also cannot use their platform and profile to promote a local Bristol business in times where they probably need it because we lost? If Adelakun had posted the story saying look at me I've had my 100k plus worth of cars detailed ps **** you City fans, buzzing that we lost 6-0 I would agree but the man had his car cleaned for ***** sake, there is plenty to be angry about at the moment, a man having his car cleaned is not that.
  13. A meaningless snipe is to start a thread about Adelakun presumably giving a mate who one assume details cars some exposure on his platform. If you get bothered by that then **** me you need to grow up. Have just looked and the guy is a mobile detailer in the Bristol area, so Adelakun is just giving a local business some exposure, should he have told him to **** off and that he wouldnt promote is business as we lost? You'll be really upset to know he also had his range rover detailed by this bloke as well, I say we immediately release Adelakun and immediately ensure that the seven31glow mobile detailing business is run out of Bristol for having the bare faced gall to do their job well it would seem.
  14. Agreed, for me there have been too many examples of the club trying to screw the fans, most they have eventually u-turned and if I'm honest I thought disabled prices was on of the things that they had done that on, the fact that I appear to have got this wrong makes it even worse, i find myself finding it harder than ever to care about City, haven't paid the tenner for a game for a while now, didn't bother for the Brentford game when I could have watched it on Sky. I genuinely enjoyed watching the Daytona 24 last weekend more than I have enjoyed watching City for a long time.
  15. Agree but for me you can shoehorn far more players into the lwb role than you can the left back role, so for me the shorter we got on left backs the more easy the switch to 3 at the back should have been, which is why I cannot fathom why we have not gone back to it, its not a formation I particularly like but if its Holden preferred system then why aren't we playing it?
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