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  1. It's the right decision. I wonder if the timing is such that they have someone lined up. If not, why not wait until the end of the season. Promotion is blown now anyway.
  2. I saw Alan Curbishley in Clifton this morning......
  3. Bit like O'dire he bottled every challenge on Saturday and provided absolutely nothing
  4. It's not the loss it's the many in which we lose and the lack of formation, structure desire.... that's what LJ is paid to produce.
  5. How about mattresses? Fun and practical
  6. Don't see it as a problem area to work around. We have players that can fill the gap quite effectively.
  7. Maybe so. It's interesting to see how players develop. With so many variables to consider; health, mental state, coaching etc. The fans will never really know what causes players to dip in and out of form/favour.
  8. It's definitely done something. He's much more committed and competitive than before. To be honest I was starting to think it was time to ship him out. I'm glad we didn't.
  9. Is it good management to send him out on loan (to a potential promotion pushing rival) in the hope it motivates him? Or do Derby have really good coaching staff which has improved his game? Or both? Many on here question whether or not the coaching staff at AG are up to the task of improving players.
  10. Ha. I'd hardly say that Barnsley were 'smashed'
  11. If you want an otib t-shirt it could be done.
  12. Was chatting to someone at the weekend that seemed to think that due to the number of appearances Williams has automatically triggered a 12 month extension in his contract. Anyone know if there's any truth in this. I'd certainly be happy if it was.
  13. You failed to use "siege mentality"
  14. Too poor a performance to often for my liking. I'll see your Cardiff performance and raise you WBA.
  15. Hopefully O'dower's role will be to help collect the kit after the game.
  16. From what I've seen he's currently in better form than Nagy
  17. fishy


    Only we're not ravaged by injuries are we? Agree with the rest of your post though
  18. Cheap (and I use the word quite incorrectly) seats are £49.50 excluding booking fee. https://www.seetickets.com/event/the-killers/ashton-gate/1462413
  19. £71 quid including booking fee for the cheapest tickets. Afraid it's just priced me out!
  20. Neneh Cherry? I've absolutely no evidence for this, but she did hang with the wild bunch. So maybe.
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