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  1. Dead right, their man making the long cross field pass was not closed down and Sykes (as he did all game) offering no defensive cover at all. He is NOT a RWB.
  2. Mixed... 1st half terrible play by Naismith to gift them a goal after 4 mins, then some good play equaliser and we looked the better side for rest of 1st half. Martin should have scored for 2-1 after lovely play by Scott. 2nd half started well went 2-1 up then left ourselves totally exposed with Vyner left 1-on-1 and their Everton loanee getting the better of him. After they went 2-2, they totally outplayed us up to scoring their 3rd, when they then sat back somewhat. Martin missed a sitter to make it 3-3. Williams was not quite on the pace all game, although can't fault his effort. Sykes was poor at RWB, offered no defensive cover at all and did little going forward either. Chance to out some things right against Coventry in the cup, hope Conway, or Wells, starts ahead of Martin and Kane Wilson starts ahead of Sykes.
  3. Wells on for DaSilva! Hopeless choice really should have been Martin off.
  4. Bugger, well they have played us off the park since it went 2-2
  5. Sykes off good, his has offered little defensive cover playing RWB, Kane Wilson on.
  6. FFS we are giving the ball away all over the pitch, great save Bentley so nearly 2-3.
  7. Martin, just about, bundles it in 2-1! Great play from Andi.
  8. HT 1-1. We have looked much the better side, but they carry a threat with pace up front. Williams has looked a little 'off the pace' and would like to see Sykes offer himself more on the right side. Hopefully see Conway on not far into 2nd half.
  9. Williams needs to be careful another foul, and he doesn't quite seem up to the pace of the game so far.
  10. powder puff shot from Martin cleared off the line, any pace on that at all and it was 2-1
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