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  1. and should have taken it, for all his running most of the time there is no end product.
  2. Martin would not be able to out pace the donkeys!
  3. In fairness, WBA have looked a little vulnerable on the rare occasions we have played it on the floor and Wells showed again that give him chances and he will score. Trouble is our tactic seems to be to lump it in the air to Martin, whose hardly won a header.
  4. Lets just hope next match Pearson can stop playing Martin & Weimann, Wells at least looks the part - nice finish from the offside chance. Martin I think has won one ball in 45 mins, and he followed that with a weak pass which was cut out. Weimann, predictably, been mainly anonymous.
  5. Another terrible pass, this time from Dasilva which then leads to him being booked for a pull back.
  6. or a short one, 'cos if they go 3 up I'm turning off!
  7. Simpson coming on, presumably tactical switch with Tanner going off.
  8. Poor back pass from Tanner but Hugill misses another chance
  9. Now Martin wins the ball, but pass towards Wells is too weak.
  10. Ball won by Weimann, but poor pass gives Massengo no chance they break and hit the post
  11. Sadly the way it's going it won't be long coming...
  12. Should have been 2 for WBA, again so easy to carve us open
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