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  1. Thought Andy King would be someone to come off the bench for last 20 mins if we need to see a game out, not a starter. Surely HNM, or Nagy would be better starting options? Disappointing to hear Martin looked so slow, sounds like Wells or Bell down the centre would be better bet. Great to hear all the positives for Alex Scott.
  2. I got the additional email re monthly subscriptions too, even though not used monthly since season before last!
  3. Had email from Robins TV today; offering to renew my annual pass at £140 saying the EFL were putting up new annual subscriptions to £170, but the club had agreed the fee of £140 for existing annual subscribers. Note, email also says membership for 2021-22 season will run from 1st June to 31st May 2022, although my account online says it will automatically renew at fee of £140 on Sept 17th. I guess this make sense and £140 for all games not covered by TV is a good deal...
  4. James (nailed on starter) - Williams or Nagy Massengo - Palmer - Semenyo (if fit) or Weimann Wells Alex Scott on the bench with Andy King & COD. We certainly have an overload of options for midfield.
  5. After 55 years of hurt could today be the day? I just think it might be, England 2 v 1 Italy En-Ger-Lund, En-Ger-Lund, En-Ger-Lund
  6. Should be on if you paid for a 1 year subscription.
  7. Some of us used that option anyway as miles cheaper then £10pm. Mine is set to renew in Sept at £140.00 for the year.
  8. If you still want someone let me know and I'll PM you, I used a recommendation from here and he has just done my refurb, excellent job and at a reasonable price.
  9. Well for start his shooting from more than 18 yards out is woeful, nearly always leans back and skies it over the bar, add to that when asked to play wide he keeps drifting inside giving no cover to his full-back. Other than that pretty good but not the the star that lots are making him out to be. Hopefully he has had to take a severe pay-cut from his rumoured £20k pw to get that 3 year deal.
  10. Mike Bassett | RTG Sunderland Message Boards (readytogo.net)
  11. A few choice comments from Sunderland Forum re: LJ...
  12. Lincoln just have not turned up, turning it off, painful watch.
  13. Lincoln looked shellshocked, it's like men against boys so far... wouldn't bet against Sunderland being 3 up by HT
  14. Come on you IMPs ... will enjoy the Sunderland forum after if they get beat, LJ is already nearly as disliked as he was here - mind you that would all change if Sunderland got promoted I guess...
  15. He ain't worth £20k p.w, so happy we have not signed up to paying him that. Yes he runs himself into the ground and shows good movement, but the end product is often not there, very few assists and not enough goals for the positions he gets in. Great at clever headers, but his shooting from more than 18 yards is woeful. Offers little help to his full back when played wide, because he naturally drifts in field anyway. That said can see him being a useful squad member, so no issue with him accepting a big pay cut and staying. I'm also very doubtful any other top half championship side will want him.
  16. Be surprised if Coventry don't take him back, poor decision to release him for me.
  17. Fully agree with you, if he gets fit again he had all the attributes to be a top championship plater. I have horrible feeling he will go to Ipswich, star for them and they will sell for £5m plus.
  18. You are not wrong. What I don't understand, it would have taken such modest investment (compared to the money spent on the mens) to have kept them in the top division. A half-decent CM and CB would probably have been enough. Now their few good players will leave and it won't be easy getting back with only 1 team promoted each season.
  19. Perhaps with Weds going down, we can finally sign Bannan!
  20. Blinking Marlon Pack scores for Baadiff.
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