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  1. I only watched first half (as much as I could take), like you say dreadful performance.
  2. HT, City been truly dreadful, feel sorry for Harrison up front on her own with no support just chasing aimless punts. Charlton look nothing special, but at least look organised and can string a few passes together.
  3. 0-1 Terrible defending in the build up by our no.44, been an accident waiting to happen. Great strike by Charlton girl though.
  4. Game bereft of any quality so far, 0-0 with no serious attempt on either goal after 20 mins
  5. Today's opponents suited him today. Put in some good defensive work from set plays as well as two quality finishes. Still think we look much more fluid without him in the side, but NP got it right starting him today.
  6. Semenyo's screws wide after being set-up by good Pring break
  7. Some nice passing football for a change and great finish by Martin
  8. Dreadful performance so far, not helped by the enforced subs. Semenyo and Weimann hardly in the game.
  9. His pass was behind Martin and then JD shot was pathetic leaning back.
  10. Poor start to 2nd half with Cardiff winning all the loose balls again.
  11. Semenyo so frustrating at times, had the chance to cross, but decides to try and cut back and ends up a GK.
  12. we have not got a hold on the game at all, sloppy passing not helping
  13. Agree. Can't imagine Flint was looking forward to facing Semenyo's pace and Weimann's movement. I would think he is relishing going up against Martin. Bad call from NP for me.
  14. Please on Vyner, terribly disappointed in Martin starting, really hoped we had seen him rightly consigned to the subs bench for good. So much for the fluid forward play we have enjoyed recently, with old slow coach back in.
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