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  1. Be interesting to see how KP gets on. Fully motivated, on his day a matchwinner. We didn't get to see his best that often for whatever reason, but wish him well.
  2. Spot on. COD has been here 6 years making 140 league appearances and scoring just 7 goals Far worse his assists are equally poor. Those stats suggest he is simply not good enough for the Championship. If Pearson really wants to keep him, then I really worry about his judgement.
  3. Hi Mr P, With Leeds looking quite possible relegation candidates, I thought I'd read somewhere that Leeds would have breached FFP if they didn't get promoted, but that would have gone away when they did. If they do come down, could the EFL be after them?
  4. Hopefully LJ will indeed get the Hibs job, makes it less likely that SL thinks about bringing him back here in any capacity!
  5. James misses a great chance for a consolation goal, skying over the bar
  6. bit harsh, James constantly slowing play down has not helped today.
  7. Martin over the bar with shot from just outside the box
  8. got to be a record number of backward passes from us today, totally uninspiring.
  9. Tanner, at least, has acquitted himself well since coming on.
  10. King on for Klose, presumably to allow a switch to 4-3-3
  11. Martin gives the ball away again, been pants today.
  12. going out with a whimper, lots of possession but no urgency
  13. Awful shot from Scott, well wide from a good position
  14. Almost 3, Bents saves with his legs. We are looking ragged, don't understand NPs reluctance to use subs.
  15. Tanner on for HNM, presume Scott will love into midfield
  16. Sod it, chance of a break but Martin delays his pass too long and Semenyo strays offside. Lets see Conway for Martin.
  17. Shows the gap we have to close, when we are losing 2 down to an Huddersfield side that rested 6 players. May as well at least give Conway a run out for the whole of the 2nd half, Idehan for Dasilva is another swap.
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