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  1. These short songs are still sung but don’t get joined in by the masses the longer songs give people more time to join in. In all honestly who really cares we created a good atmosphere so what does it matter?
  2. I just don’t understand why we have these people representing the club and asking the former players questions when they don’t have a clue about our history or football in general. Why don’t we have a fan as an announcer, why don’t we have a real fan representing us on social media? We have many fans who create great content that’s city related and the club decide to do their own stuff. I personally feel that the connection between the club and fans has never been so far apart.
  3. Was embarrassing, just like a lot of things city do. So disrespectful from the club to get something like this so wrong when it could have been so great.
  4. Bit of a stupid question but have you logged into your Bristol sport account? If you aren’t logged in you can’t click on the section.
  5. Looks like I’m waiting until March 16th to move then .
  6. What about people who have already renewed like myself? There wasn’t an option to move when I first went on.
  7. Exactly I renewed mine at 10 as their wasn’t any option for me to move the seat
  8. Great news I’ve renewed mine for just two random seats, hopefully I can change it at a later date then
  9. I thought it was just renew it today then move your seat on the 16th/18th of March?
  10. Then just let them know how it works I’m pretty sure you can’t get potd in those sections anyway?
  11. Get a designated seat for next season but still stand where you want in the section I think everyone is going to follow this philosophy .
  12. Really hope this doesn’t effect being able to stand where you want in the section, nothing more annoying than being in someone’s ‘seat’ because it says on their season ticket .
  13. Bloody hell who designed this, the club don’t ever seem to get things like this right !
  14. The club are so out of touch with the fans it’s a joke, instead of supporting the current podcasts they make their own one with someone only 13 year old girls have heard of and someone who knows nothing about football !
  15. Still no sign of him a bit windy though
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