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  1. Agreed. Looked quality. I thought we played well today. Unlucky to lose. A bit open at times, but I’d rather us play open at home and create 5 good chances. They just got lucky with the bounce of the ball. No reason for me to reach for the antidepressants
  2. Have we had a fitter player than Bobby Reid in his last year with us? Maybe Marvin Elliott.
  3. Hey KITR. Not having a go as regularly read and appreciate your comments and insights, which are invariably high standard. I also think Lansdown has made many mistakes. But I'd love your thoughts on what alternative (and improved) ownership might be? I personally really appreciate Lansdown, not because he is above much deserved criticism, but because in my view he is far better than the alternatives.
  4. Genuine question - do you think there is a better alternative?
  5. Fully agree that the club's status reflects the owner. Being owned by the richest local lad who loves our football club, has invested massively into our infrastructure and is trying to develop us into a Premiership ready team in a sustainable way, is far more appealing to me than the alternative. In fact, what is the alternative? US / Middle East / Far East money coming in from folks whose agendas and objectives are likely to be far more divergent from the average fan than Steve Lansdown. Is Lansdown perfect? No. Is he massively undervalued by the fanbase? Most certainly. I'm a massive optimist but whenever Steve moves on I'd put my money on the club going backwards instead of forwards in whatever new hands the club finds itself in.
  6. I'd personally like to see Derby go down as think they deserve it as much as Wednesday do. I won't lose any sleep either way. From a purely administrative perspective the EFL are a joke. You know the potential outcomes and the timing of this decision. They surely must already have a perspective on whether they think a points deduction is warranted, and if so whether it should be applied to this season. To say they'll get to a decision as quickly as possible in a non specified time period smacks of either incompetence or backroom dealings. Delaying the decision isn't fair on the clubs involved, including Derby.
  7. In my time supporting City it's hard to think of many quality right backs. Carey in his younger days and Bradley Orr are about all that come to mind. Talking of which so many leaders in that 07/08 team...
  8. Had a mate of mine at uni who'd played for Darlington in League Two and England Schoolboys at centre half. In his spare time through uni he played semi pro up front or on the wing just for a laugh, being paid 150 quid a week to do so!
  9. Maybe we could meet at the Mem to protest in support of United fans... best kept away from Ashton Gate
  10. Dunc


    On today’s showing I’m more concerned about Max being able to dominate his 6 yard box first. For what it’s worth I like Max. He has similar qualities to Bentley, just less good. Really surprised at how many of our fans are looking for us to downgrade quality for a few quid. The main rationale I can see for us to cash in on Bentley is he’s suited to a possession based team that wants to play on the front foot. It’s a legitimate view that his skills won’t be best utilized during a rebuild with backs against the wall, but then I’d rather rebuild with a top end keeper with excellent distribution if we have aspirations of hanging onto the ball.
  11. Dunc


    Without the points Bentley won us, particularly first half of the season, we could very well be heading to league one. Much like Tom Heaton, underrated and undervalued by City fans
  12. I really don’t understand people wanting to cash in on Bentley. Quality keeper that’s one of the few in this squad I want to see in a City shirt again. Will be very difficult to replace at anything like the same quality.
  13. Agreed re Walsh, and your post above that we should move on from Baker. Not sure I agree on Kalas being as good on the left. He's never going to be a top distributing defender either side, but prefer him on the right personally.
  14. Would love Chris Powell. A good mate is a Charlton fan and rates him highly. Likely he'll be out of Spurs in a few weeks when they appoint a new Manager.
  15. Got to say I thought Carra and Nev were both excellent on MNF. Yes they acknowledged they've made very good money from football. But they're one club men who seem to have a genuine and massive affinity for the areas they grew up and their clubs. Rich through football maybe. But I wouldn't tar them with the same brush as the franchise billionaires.
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