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  1. I haven’t seen anything mentioned about this instruction not to test for 90 days in any rules (including travel), but T & T were very keen to get this message over.
  2. Pass reappears once you complete the isolation 10:days. Don’t know if this has changed with omicron.
  3. Interesting that he spoke about players having different learning styles and mentioned visual learners, which anyone with teaching experience will be familiar with. He also made the observation that too much information can be detrimental, something that has been a concern in the past.
  4. Just go through the renewal process and you get to a bit where you can chose to pay by card rather than PayPal.
  5. Watching QPR v Forest tonight makes me think that they are unlikely to be able to do a late change of kit unless they go with no poppies on the front.
  6. I understand your point here - I did wonder about it but then again the green is their third strip, how many times have they worn it before Saturday to have experienced problems? Maybe if they had had to work harder during the match it might have caused issues.
  7. I'm not colour blind but at one point yesterday looking from the SS I lost one of their players on the far touch line due to the green against the grass and the people in the Dolman. I commented at the time that this shade of green against the grass could also be difficult for players.
  8. Bear in mind that City have installed rails with the current seating rather than rail seating. The standing space in each row is less in this instance and if I understand correctly may not be compliant with the proposed regs for the current number of standing fans. To expand the standing area they may need to replace the current seats with rail seats to keep the same capacity. Also is there going to be a requirement that away fans must also have the option of rail seating if they are provided for home fans?
  9. Was Moore stuck, out of position, on the left again or did Kalas play there?
  10. Not received our Midas pass yet. Plan to take the confirmation email. They usually check the name off on their list for the first games anyway. Last year’s pass will have no relevance to this year’s entitlement.
  11. Midas for us - received the email today.
  12. Posting to see what badges I get. edit - collaborator badge (for 10 posts). I’ve done a few more than that.
  13. Click on the spot to the left of the topic name. Then it goes to first unread
  14. Didn’t he also turn down a move (to Liverpool?) when he was in the academy so that he could stay with his siblings?
  15. Just playing the videos from the week.
  16. If they had been shown the door with Holden there would have been confidentiality clauses and these details would not have got out with such authority.
  17. Was there a suggestion that there was only one position, that both were approached about. Then when they both said yes, the club could not go back on the offer and both were employed?
  18. Got picture on Facebook player but no sound - ideas???
  19. Froze during after match round up. Refreshing did not work this time, it wanted us to login! But already had been logged in. Gave up on it. Hope it’s sorted for next match.
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