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  1. I haven’t received my codes, can anyone advise where I get them? I’ve emailed supporters services but no response!
  2. I’m glad Janneh, Bell and Britton were able to Test Tickle
  3. I like him, he seems an old fashioned striker and a bit of a nasty piece of work on the pitch. Off the pitch though, seems a good guy who was happy to spare a couple of hours to pose for pictures and present trophies at the Mangotsfield tournament a few weeks ago! Very blessed to have Britton, Janneh, Conway and Bell all coming through but going to be tough keeping them all happy!
  4. Best 5-0 against Notts County or Sheff United 2-1 Worst got to be Millwall 0-3 or for some strange reason Tinmans first game - the 1-1 draw against Torquay - probably because we had a midfield featuring Bradley Orr and Clayton Fortune.
  5. Yes as long as one of Cook, Hughton, Holden, Gerrard, Neil, Robins or Cowley get appointed I make a profit. Welcome to Bristol Ryan Lowe.
  6. moving away from the obvious basso and marv, fontaine?
  7. as would i with butler no.5 on the back
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