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  1. Can you ask them if we can have it for Ashton Gate?
  2. Played Wigan in 16/17 as well. Bradford in 13/14 Sunderland will make it 5 times in 9 years. 2 wins, 2 draws from the other fixtures.
  3. I don’t think there’s any supposedly ‘easy’ fixtures in the Championship next season.
  4. Wasn’t this in 1999? Its frightening how quickly time flies.
  5. Over a long enough period of time few things do. Im glad that most are seeing the fun in a little bit of banter and not frothing at the mouth and threatening all sorts of nonsense towards the perpetrator like Gasheads were doing when that Yeovil fan did it.
  6. That’s possible. Google says we’ve beaten the 5-0 and 3-0 in recent years. Have the women’s team been relegated again? If you’ve been mocked and laughed at on Sky by Yeovil fans then it’s probably going to scar you for a long time... Let’s be honest, the Gas don’t come up with many original ideas themselves
  7. Thought that was the coach who left the Gas shortly afterwards or am I getting my Barton dust ups confused?
  8. Ultimately either he kicked his wife in the head or she made it all up. If he’s the aggressor there’s no knowing what damage he may do to her in the future and if she’s a liar then what stories will she make up next time they have a massive argument? What a state. He’ll be found not guilty, Gasheads will rejoice, such a grubby affair.
  9. It really is a shocking stat when you think about it. At least Port Vale can say that Stoke were in the Prem for about a decade. Look at the teams that have been above us since the last time the Gas were….Yeovil, Torquay, Rochdale, Fleetwood, Scunthorpe, Crawley, Stevenage to name just a few. The Gas have no excuses for this whatsoever. Sneer at us for spending millions and getting supposedly nowhere yet they still haven’t been anywhere near us for the last 22 ******* years They should be ashamed of themselves.
  10. ….that doesn’t sound like Rovers They should get the text in bold translated into Latin and stitched onto the back of their stupid looking shirts….could be like a club motto if they ever decide to replace the existing one ‘Quid agis civitatem score’
  11. ....until they start talking about their own clubs
  12. I had this problem a couple of years back, my son loved the goalkeeper shirt from 2019/20 but wanted it in short sleeves. In the end I had to buy the youth shirt and get the sleeves adjusted in a shop in Westbury. Cost me an extra tenner though, I don’t know why they only do youth goalie shirts in long sleeves?
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