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  1. I rarely say anything complimentary about their fans however the majority (on social media at least) seem appalled by that statement. So credit where it’s due. The club however are clearly intent on supporting him no matter what so it’s going to be interesting to see what spin they come out with in their next statement. Probably some kind of “treat em mean keep em keen” approach. They'd have been better off just keeping their mouths shut rather than make themselves look utterly stupid... Remember ladies, if some thug kicks you in the head it’s a ‘victimless crime’
  2. It hasn’t worked. Yes, there will always be a few like the plank from Twitter who are satisfied with that but it’s gone down like a sack of lead shit on Gaschat and considering how blinkered most of them are, that’s really saying something.
  3. It looks like they’re twisting legal terminology to try and make it seem less serious. Do they think their own supporters are THAT dumb? They’ve somehow managed to make an already difficult and embarrassing situation even worse.
  4. I might be missing something here, but didn’t he just get them relegated? Someone might want to inform this genius.
  5. Yet the Cretins on Slagchat and some of our own belters wonder why this incredibly lengthy thread exists. Ladies and Gentlemen....Bristol Rovers Football Club in a nutshell. Absolute clowns.
  6. The day I feel sorry for Derby County is the day I want one of my kids to shoot me in the back of the head.
  7. Ahh, so in reality they’re selling a two up two down terrace house in Kirkby for £85,000... Gotcha.
  8. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said: ”there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s wen that SHITHEAD Landsdowne sed dat no 1 wud ever talk abowt Da gas agen n look he was RONG HAha loool”
  9. Some more cracking free publicity https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-bristol-rovers-winger-jailed-5700190.amp
  10. Just about to post this. Shocking incident. Obviously his wife is now trying to protect him but given she called the Police in the first place it’s hardly surprising that this has fortunately got to the point where he has to answer for this. Disgusting thing to do irrespective of who he is or who he works for. Some Gasheads have already suggested that this has just been made up by the Police to ‘get’ Barton, as if they sit there all day trying to plot some tinpot football clubs manager...
  11. Typical Saghead mentality. ”Haha LaNDSowNe wUz rONg haha evryone iz talKing abOuwt da GASSS get in thEre u bloooz”
  12. He’s not a stain on Bristol. He’s not Bristolian and I don’t see why our City or our club should be tarnished because Bristol Rovers and their fans are terrible judges of character.
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