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  1. Appreciate what you’re saying but I was only stating what is out in the Public Domain. When i said ‘lifestyle’ I was more referring to their whole family life as opposed to wealth...just couldn’t think how to word it.
  2. You’ve got to admit, with his past it would have to be one hell of an argument for her to make something like that up knowing the possibility that his career, freedom and her whole lifestyle would be at risk. In fact, if I was Joey Barton and my missus, pissed or not, fabricated an assault which subsequently put me through a Court appearance and the nationwide negative press that comes with it, she wouldn’t be my missus for very long. There is another old saying that may be relevant in this case… ‘the truth comes out when your drunk’.
  3. It’s not going to be irrefutable and nor does it have to be to go to Court. What we do know however is that Mrs Barton phoned the Police to report that she had been violently assaulted by her husband who just happens to be a man with history of violence. When they arrived they found that she had injuries consistent with her report and was recorded by the Police on body worn video repeating that her husband had forced her to the ground by her throat during a heated argument and kicked her in the head. Unfortunately he’ll likely be found not guilty as his wife has now changed her story. But then maybe he’s been innocent all along? Maybe Mrs Barton accidentally slipped and inflicted shocking injuries on herself just like that Barnsley manager apparently did? Poor misunderstood Joey, all these people trying to bring him down including his own wife, I dunno...
  4. In fairness to you had the game gone ahead when it should’ve instead of being postponed at the last minute then McInnes would’ve been in charge.
  5. That was during a 1-0 win away to Peterborough and our season disintegrated soon after. Edit: right game wrong scoreline.
  6. That doesn’t mean it’s incorrect as they’ve probably got it from somewhere else anyway, there’s all sorts of Twitter pages that figure these things out.
  7. I do not remember Wigan as a non league side. How very dare you. Gas on the other hand....
  8. The people who criticise his ambition probably don’t understand the financial constraints we have and the need to comply with FFP or whatever it’s called now? Saying that I find most criticism is aimed at the way the club has been run in the last few years and some of the people brought in to do that. Looking at our financial situation those are valid criticisms. Im very cautious not to predict a year of struggle for Rovers next season as others have done. There are some massive clubs in L1 with many honours and years of top flight football between them but the top 3 this season were Wigan, Rotherham and MK Dons with Wycombe and Plymouth not too far behind.
  9. Yet another season where your average away attendance is lower than ours despite your fellow Gasheads desperate attempts to tell everyone how ‘embarrassing’ and ‘shocking’ our away support is... We didn’t win away for 6 months as well, which one of us has just had a promotion season?? Not having a go at you, I know you’re reasonable. The others though should keep their mouths shut.
  10. That was a different occasion. When you were relegated from the League, Rovers complained to the FA about an issue with a player Wycombe had signed (don’t remember the full details however iirc the deal hadn’t even happened that season?). This was particularly shit from Higgs and co as Wycombe were in the financial bog at the time. Most Rovers fans (online at least) were suitably embarrassed by this desperate clutching of straws and I think the FA just laughed at them anyway. Yes. Better answer….although in reality an ‘established Premier League team’ is not going to be a million miles away from the Europa League so not really much different from what Johnson said. Either way I’ll never knock any ambition from anyone at the club. If Rovers had a similar outlook from day one then you may not have let people like Harry Dolman and Steve Lansdown slip through your fingers and the Bristol football landscape could be very different today.
  11. If your boss is a very ambitious billionaire who hopes to see some sort of return on his sizeable investment, then the answer to the question that LJ was asked is not going to be “ahh 5 years? I dunno, top half Championship maybe...” Unless you fancy being replaced sooner rather than later. Whilst I understand that the answer was a bit “Premiership in foive yers ere we cum..” you can at least understand him for coming out with it. The City managers job comes with a high degree of pressure. Wolves proved its possible if you can sort your recruitment out. Gasheads will continue to use it as a stick to beat City with as if the owner and manager having ambition is something to be ashamed of for some reason? I have no idea what Clarke’s answer was to the same question? Same. There was a list of names on here earlier that could’ve been the All Blacks World Cup Squad for all I know?
  12. Someone else already has that. I wish he hadn’t. ******* hell it makes me cringe hard.
  13. Considering the season we’ve had and the fact that there may not be be much difference next year 12k at this stage is very good. But then unlike certain other local clubs we always put our money where our mouth is....not just when things are going well.
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