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  1. “Yeah, disappointing, we’re baach in front of our fans today who have come out in numbers...” Literally the first line he comes out with in his post match interview.
  2. The song Ironic is ironic because it’s called Ironic but the situations described are not ironic. I think.
  3. Must be a mistake. Im sorry, but this is obviously incorrect. They keep talking about their ‘huge’ fanbase?
  4. Really concerned they’re going to sack Mick and shoot up the table like Forest have.
  5. There’s no ‘bike ride’ going on in Bristol today, no music event with teenage girls in Eastville Park, it’s not snowing, there’s no Champions League on the TV, the Zoo is shut, DFS haven’t got sale on... Sell out guaranteed.
  6. Let’s give them a chance. They are huge and probably take more away on a Tuesday night than most other L2 sides spread over the WHOLE season....we know this to be true because they told us. It’s what they do... They’re on a bit of form so they can’t use that excuse, Im predicting a sell out today. Newport’s Cup Final so a big day for them.
  7. I was assuming we could just get someone with a trumpet to finish it off. Oh Alex, Alex, Alex Scott Oh Alex Scott, you’re in Guernsey no moooore. Running around with the team on your back like a train in the night, yeah, like a train in the night.. *TRUMPET*
  8. Oh Alex Scott (Oh Alex Scott), running round the pitch. Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wiiiiiind? I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences, polish your boots every single day....and take you to the club dentiiiist. There we go, job done. Cant wait to hear it.
  9. I think this level of arrogant delusion deserves to be repeated just in case anyone missed it the first time. Cretins.
  10. You’d think that our generosity in dishing out points to all of our guests would work in our favour.
  11. In fairness the Memorial Stadium has a long history, just not for football. Plenty of pubs around both grounds and a train station within walking distance of both. Obviously, unlike the Gas, we don’t pipe crowd noise through the PA and that may have tricked them if they did pay a visit.
  12. Yet, strangely, I only usually seem to read complimentary things about Ashton Gate from away fans. Meanwhile other fans seem to routinely take the piss out of the Mem on social media after visiting? I can’t really take this list too seriously.
  13. Indeed, although I don’t give up hope completely. Graham Poll wrote in a National newspaper after that Hartlepool match that Ashton Gate was the loudest stadium he’d ever officiated in...and he’d reffed a Champions League semi final at Juventus not long before. I’ve often thought of that at times when the atmosphere has been particularly dire. Shows what a bit of excitement on the pitch can do. I really worry if this winless run at home continues.
  14. Agree. In fairness you would expect 2500 away fans to make more noise than the home fans at most games. Many times when we’ve had 2500+ at away matches I’ve read comments about us making more noise than the home fans (even when we’ve had less than that). Atmosphere is dire at times at AG though.
  15. Instead of saying “shit”, why don’t you say “nothing special” or “pretty average”? I think most of us would agree with that. Chanting away “we’re shit, we’re ******* shit, our fans suck, we wouldn’t do this, we wouldn’t do that...” like some demented, 15 year old troll on Facebook doesn’t do you any favours in my opinion.
  16. About 400/500 more than theirs on average if you look at the actual figures each season. Considering our away support is apparently shit beyond belief and theirs is ‘amazing’ you’d think it would be the other way around?
  17. That is a great point. We had a very ‘embarrassing’ 2500 fans at that match. Dear oh dear, what are we like eh? Tut.
  18. Ive got to say that football fans arguing about whether their away support is ******* shit, shit or just nothing special is a very Bristol City thing to do. You reds!
  19. It’s not funny, you’re literally describing the support of 75% of clubs outside the Premier League. Are you new to football?
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