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  1. 1 minute ago, Major Isewater said:

    I am a bit disappointed to see that we play both Sunderland and Wigan in our early opening fixtures. Whilst they are teams from the division below they often make up for their deficiencies with extra motivation and energy.Also they are used to winning.

    I much prefer to play them after six to eight weeks when they run out of steam and the bubble has burst.

    So we will need to be on our game from the off to avoid dropped points. I don’t agree with Bristol Live that it is an easy start.


    I don’t think there’s any supposedly ‘easy’ fixtures in the Championship next season. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, phantom said:

    Twenty years on from the famous goal for Jimmy Glass, there is a 30 minute special on Sky 

    The main reason for the watch, a certain Nigel Pearson was manager of Carlisle at the time. 

    Some interesting interviews and footage worth having a look at 



    Wasn’t this in 1999?

    Its frightening how quickly time flies.

  3. 14 hours ago, Wanderingred said:

    That hasn’t aged well to be fair!

    Over a long enough period of time few things do.

    Im glad that most are seeing the fun in a little bit of banter and not frothing at the mouth and threatening all sorts of nonsense towards the perpetrator like Gasheads were doing when that Yeovil fan did it.

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  4. 2 hours ago, hantsred said:

    Could be aimed at the City women's team/supporters as they play in the same league as Lewes😉

    That’s possible.

    Google says we’ve beaten the 5-0 and 3-0 in recent years.

    Have the women’s team been relegated again? 

    1 hour ago, Kodjias Wrist said:

    Be a bit daft if it was from a gashead though wouldn't it?

    If you’ve been mocked and laughed at on Sky by Yeovil fans then it’s probably going to scar you for a long time...

    Let’s be honest, the Gas don’t come up with many original ideas themselves 🤣




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  5. 42 minutes ago, Bar BS3 said:


    If they couldn't convict him, when found standing over another person who's on the floor bleeding, because nobody actually saw him do it - I don't think a retracted statement from his drunk Mrs is going to hold up. 

    Ultimately either he kicked his wife in the head or she made it all up.

    If he’s the aggressor there’s no knowing what damage he may do to her in the future and if she’s a liar then what stories will she make up next time they have a massive argument?

    What a state.

    He’ll be found not guilty, Gasheads will rejoice, such a grubby affair.

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  6. On 15/06/2022 at 22:37, Bar BS3 said:

    22 years..! Wow! 

    You'd basically have to be 30+ years of age to even recall it..! 

    MIND THE GAP, indeed..! 


    It really is a shocking stat when you think about it.

    At least Port Vale can say that Stoke were in the Prem for about a decade. Look at the teams that have been above us since the last time the Gas were….Yeovil, Torquay, Rochdale, Fleetwood, Scunthorpe, Crawley, Stevenage to name just a few. The Gas have no excuses for this whatsoever. 

    Sneer at us for spending millions and getting supposedly nowhere yet they still haven’t been anywhere near us for the last 22 ******* years 🤣

    They should be ashamed of themselves. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, NcnsBcfc said:

    But there seemed to be no planning on what to do when/if they got promoted. It was just "Don't worry, we'll sort something out".

    ….that doesn’t sound like Rovers 🤣

    They should get the text in bold translated into Latin and stitched onto the back of their stupid looking shirts….could be like a club motto if they ever decide to replace the existing one ‘Quid agis civitatem score

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  8. 9 minutes ago, xmarktx said:

    Feel let down by the club again with the kids gk kit only coming in longsleaves again

    I had this problem a couple of years back, my son loved the goalkeeper shirt from 2019/20 but wanted it in short sleeves. In the end I had to buy the youth shirt and get the sleeves adjusted in a shop in Westbury. Cost me an extra tenner though, I don’t know why they only do youth goalie shirts in long sleeves? 

  9. 2 minutes ago, chinapig said:

    When the Gas open their impressive new stadium (in August I believe) I wonder how long it will be before they get all nostalgic for the good old days of tents?😉

    Looking at most of their fans they’re already very nostalgic for the 70s judging by their clothes, hairstyles and attitude towards ethnic minorities.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Jim Davey said:

    Think that was the same day Rovers secured their league status away at wycombe.

    Fun fact, there were as many City fans in the EastEnd for its final game as there were Gasheads in the whole of Eastville for the last game at that shithole.

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  11. 10 hours ago, WolfOfWestStreet said:

    Fair enough. Facebook is lying to me 🤣

    If it came up as a ‘memory’ it just means you posted it on this day 8 years ago. I don’t remember any events after the end of the season that allowed fans back in to the stand BUT I could be wrong. I thought work started quite soon after the final game....could be that they started tearing it down on the 2nd June? 

  12. 1 hour ago, WolfOfWestStreet said:

    Eight years ago today i took this photo In the East End. Don't remember the game but it means a lot to me. Lots of faces here. I miss it a lot. COYR


    Last game in the Eastend against Crewe (0-0), but it wasn’t 8 years ago today mate. 
    This was one week before the end of the season which finished on May 3rd.


  13. On 29/05/2022 at 15:27, Rich said:

    Given Luton and also QPR both had an unfair advantage by allowing a plastic pitch, which most probably assisted them in being more successful than they would otherwise have been, during the 70's and 80's, their most recent successful period, since which time they've spent in the 3rd 4th and 5th tiers of English football. 

    Of the 4 clubs who had plastic pitches I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 3 of them had a degree of success whilst using artificial turf. QPR and Oldham were both promoted to the top flight and Luton reached 2 League Cup finals whilst maintaining their place in the old 1st Division.

    I never saw a game live at a ground with one of those pitches but I remember watching Midweek Sports Special as a child and seeing the ball bounce around everyone’s heads whenever they showed highlights from a game at Boundary Park 🤣

    There was a plastic pitch at South Street that was open for anyone to use, first time I played on it I went in for a sliding tackle on one of my mates...I didn’t make that mistake again. 🔥

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  14. 4 hours ago, TheReds said:

    A superb comment on that story:

    Looking at average away attendances last season compared with home gate averages, I think it would be reasonable to make a comparison with Bradford City i.e. if we had the capacity then our crowd would I'm sure been 15,000 + same as theirs. So, yes I'm looking forward to the coming season but I'm also going to bang on and on about the NEED for a new stadium


    Why would their attendances be 15,000+ if they had the capacity? They couldn't even fill their 9000 maximum until the last couple of games..... Agree they need a new stadium due to theirs falling apart, but it isn't because they need it for capacity.

    So, what exactly has prevented them from filling the Mem every home game this season?

    They’re so full of shit that it defies belief.


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  15. 8 minutes ago, In the Net said:

    I was just pointing out that everybody is quick to assume that they know everything about a situation, when they weren't there.  With regards to her lifestyle being at risk, I doubt that, I think JB has been shrewd with the money he's earned, and a good lawyer would probably get her 60%.  They've been together for a long time, and I would imagine that it might well be a tempestuous relationship at times, especially with alcohol in the mix.  I guess she does what she thinks is best for herself and the family.

    Appreciate what you’re saying but I was only stating what is out in the Public Domain.

    When i said ‘lifestyle’ I was more referring to their whole family life as opposed to wealth...just couldn’t think how to word it.



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  16. 56 minutes ago, In the Net said:

    My ex sister-in-law (who liked the odd glass of wine) hit herself in the face twice, and then phone the police to say that her teenage son had attacked her. The lad had apparently annoyed her about something, so that was her "revenge".  I've also worked with a female who sometimes exchanged blows with her partner - she was quite open about it.  On occassion she would be upstairs on her mobile, phoning the police, and he would be doing the same thing downstairs, both reporting each other for violence - they did get eventually get a stern talking to from the police.  She sometimes came to work with bruises, and if she'd chosen to tell us that they were inflicted by her partner, (and omit her part in the altercation), of course we would have believed her without question. 

    The old saying "nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors" exists for a reason.

    You’ve got to admit, with his past it would have to be one hell of an argument for her to make something like that up knowing the possibility that his career, freedom and her whole lifestyle would be at risk. In fact, if I was Joey Barton and my missus, pissed or not, fabricated an assault which subsequently put me through a Court appearance and the nationwide negative press that comes with it, she wouldn’t be my missus for very long.

    There is another old saying that may be relevant in this case… ‘the truth comes out when your drunk’.


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  17. 1 hour ago, In the Net said:

    My understanding is that the Court case is next month.   I am guessing that the CP have irefutable evidence to have brought this to court, and I'll be expecting the justice system to act accordingly. 


    It’s not going to be irrefutable and nor does it have to be to go to Court.

    What we do know however is that Mrs Barton phoned the Police to report that she had been violently assaulted by her husband who just happens to be a man with history of violence.

    When they arrived they found that she had injuries consistent with her report and was recorded by the Police on body worn video repeating that her husband had forced her to the ground by her throat during a heated argument and kicked her in the head.

    Unfortunately he’ll likely be found not guilty as his wife has now changed her story.

    But then maybe he’s been innocent all along? Maybe Mrs Barton accidentally slipped and inflicted shocking injuries on herself just like that Barnsley manager apparently did? Poor misunderstood Joey, all these people trying to bring him down including his own wife, I dunno...

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