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  1. Last Ashes in Oz only Jimmy came close to matching the Aussie bowlers. The rest were all awful
  2. Broad still has a lot to prove for me outside of England. Both amazing in England, but abroad, only Jimmy has really done well.
  3. The robin looks good alone, however the prices really do kick home the fact that we are customers, there to be fleeced.
  4. By far the greatest human to play the game. Would be the best ever if not for the inhuman Messi.
  5. "Right you two, give yourselves five overs to get yourselves back in after tea, then it's T20 batting." Hope this is Roots talk
  6. Great bowling by WI again in session 1. 330 would be a good score now
  7. WI on top. Buttler needs a top innings for us to do well. However I think the WI have bowled very well.
  8. I don't attend matches anymore since he whacked up prices for disabled fans and re-branded Bristol Rugby ala Vincent Tan.
  9. Everyone lucky enough to still have a job paying their taxes to help the country get through this... ...meanwhile on Guernsey "Lay people off"
  10. Attempted to justify the decision, but he did so in a cold and callous manner. He clearly sees fans as pound coins and not fans. A trait he shares with Mr Lansdown
  11. Anyone who witnessed him at the supporters meeting after they raised disabled and kids ST prices a few years ago will know what a slimeball he is. He is a major reason why I cannot bring myself to attend anymore. Mr Corporate. Not for me
  12. Cheap tickets, passionate fans, community spirit, not fleecing children and disabled people, no narcissistic owners...don't think we're like any German club
  13. Came to the same conclusion after they put prices for children and disabled fans up a few years ago. The more people who see that Bristol Sport and Steve care not about fans, history or identity, but instead about results, both on the pitch and in the bank. Sad state our club is in when fans can't bring themselves to attend despite the club finishing higher every season since 13/14 and looking like finishing higher again.
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