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  1. I don't know if my sleep cycle is ready for the hammering it's about to get
  2. Well a few things. Firstly, the BBC, like any broadcaster, will promote it's own programming, and as they hold the domestic rights to the Euros next year, it's in their interests. I presume the WC qualification matches for Scotland and Wales will be on Sky? Apologies if I'm wrong. Secondly, we are hosting the Euros next year, and the BBC, as a national broadcaster should be helping to promote it, and show off female footballers as role models to encourage more girls to take up the sport. Thirdly, the last time the lionesses played in a major tournament, that game had a domestic audience 2 million more than the combined populations of Scotland and Wales. No one is forcing you to watch womens football, and indeed 99% of football coverage in the UK, be it on TV, radio or other media, is the men's game. You have plenty of options. I'm looking forward to it, and have tickets for some matches. Sure it's different, and I can understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly not in any way over represented.
  3. Forgive me, but what women's draw are you referring to?
  4. I've got one episode left. It's good, although the slavery to NFL comparison I thought was wrong, although I can see the point he was trying to make. Still blows my mind that you can have tens of sexual assault accusations thrown your way, and teams are still willing to trade for you. Kneel during the anthem and you're out the game. That is racist.
  5. Banksy painting a wall for Walken to paint over it is the most banksy thing
  6. I'm enjoying it, but it can't quite make its mind up whether it's a comedy or drama. It struggles to balance the two. Still well worth a watch
  7. We've finally shifted obj. Hard to predict his destination. Can't see the giants taking him back.
  8. I always trivialised colour blindness as someone not afflicted, until I listened to the price of football podcast a month or two ago that was dedicated to it. I'm a pretty hard lined traditionalist when it come to sport. For example, I've watched hundreds of Bristol Rugby matches, but never once been to the Bristol Bears, which I see as franchise nonsense that has no place in British sport. However, I pretty much instantly was on board with us wearing the best colour we can, home and away to aid those with red-green (the most common kind) colour blindness, through a combination of patterns and colour choices. If that means we don't wear red at home, so be it. I'd rather the club was inclusive than traditional.
  9. Browns looked poor again. The secondary was very weak, and seemed toothless without Chubb. I backed them to finish behind the Ravens, but look far worse than the Bengals and Steelers too on recent form.
  10. Good film Wet villan Wish I'd rematch spectre before I went
  11. 66 yards? Hold my beer Also how good is Herbert, and how crap was the bears O line.
  12. Once I started sampling club football overseas, which coincided with the EE being demolished, I realised quite how passionless English football fans generally are, and I lost my love for it. One of the biggest reasons for this I feel is a lack of affinity with clubs. Too much money involved.
  13. So it's game week. Predictions in? Division Winners: Packers, Ravens, Football Team, Bills, Buccs, Titans, 49ers, Chiefs Conference Winners: 49ers, Bills SB Winners: Bills
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