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  1. New Balti King, via Just Eat. I've had their lamb tikka balti probably far more times than is strictly healthy, but it makes me happy.
  2. Pyro and smoke bombs are neither legal nor considered acceptable at concerts any more than than they are at football, except by the selfish few, of course. Liam Gallagher, after this horrific incident at one of his shows: "it’s not cool people need to chill the **** out with the flares" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50490458
  3. There are signs outside a school near us which read, "Show you care, park elsewhere". Which is all very worthy. I've so far resisted the temptation to scrawl underneath, "You're out of luck, I don't give a fu k".
  4. I would have to disagree. It's a perfectly adequate red and white kit as they are every season, and the team will look fine in it.
  5. Same as that but a bit later, in 1976 my mate's dad started taking us to Ashton Gate and Eastville on consecutive weeks. He was one of those blokes who just likes to watch a live game regardless of who is playing, which is fair enough I suppose. But hold up, I'm 10, I'm not having any of that grown up, even-handed impartiality. Rovers were shit, their ground was a ramshackle shithole, the football was awful, their crowds were tiny and there was more atmosphere on the fricking moon. Meanwhile City were playing top flight football against the finest teams in the land, in front of big crowds, with the East End making a deafening racket every week. And then they signed Norman Hunter. Well, let's just say after the first couple of weeks I started to become busy or otherwise unable to attend on the 'Eastville' weekends.
  6. Well he was in a tracksuit so I'm guessing he was heading over to the Downs for a cheeky kickabout with his mates.
  7. Well LJ's not in Edinburgh today for an interview, as I've just seen him out walking in Clifton, having a lengthy phone conversation. Probably with Dale Vince I should think
  8. Pretty sure Cotts would be the first to tell us if he had an issue with anyone, including the Lansdowns. Yet he specifically offers up in this interview that he has a good relationship with them. So, nothing to see here, disappointing though that may be for some.
  9. I too saw them in 1980 at the Locarno (it didn't become the Studio until 1983, and no, I didn't have to google that!), having been to see The Jam on the same stage a few days earlier. What an amazing time to be fifteen. Living Through Another Cuba was always a favourite of mine, thanks to its great bassline and desperate mania about the impending nuclear war. "If we get through this lot alright they're due for a replay in 1998..." I vaguely recall there was a City fan on one of the forums years ago with the user name Colin Moulding. Would that have been you, @AppyDAZE?
  10. Good venue the Trinity. I think I first went there to see New Order in March 1981, one of their earliest gigs, less than a year after Ian Curtis' death.
  11. I see what you did there! [*tries to come up with an Oxo-based pun]
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