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  1. So we're that bad at scoring, we can't even score an own goal? Ouch.
  2. Even with NP, I think we will be fighting relegation next year. Despite reports of "financial flexibility" next year, I think most of our dealings will be in the free market and a few small transfer fees. After that, you face the issue of getting ~10 new faces gelling as quick as possible. Settling in is done best when established processes are already in place. We don't (and will not) have any of that. We will have potentially made significant changes at all levels within the club so I imagine it will be a bit of a shit show all around for a little while. Combine all that with the the fact that we as a club do not do anything quickly, I think we're in trouble. We are so ponderous and still somehow end up making the wrong decision. With that in mind, I am sorry to say but I think we will be relegated next year.
  3. Because the table is effectively split into two sub-sections: everything but the last row is pre-covid and the last row is post/during covid. I agree the formatting looks weird but it makes sense at least
  4. Literally nothing. Our defining characteristic is that we run around a lot but I'm not sure that can be considered a strength.
  5. Maybe I don't have a footballing brain or our plan is so 4D Chess-esque that I'm not seeing it. Neither are the players!
  6. Can you shed some light on this? I have not seen any plan for quite some time now. We pass it wide, then back, then wide, then back, get bored and try a cross field pass to the opposite wing or ping it towards Diedhou and lose the ball.
  7. Major, at no point in the past 3 years have we played anything that can be described as exciting or attractive football. The vast majority of our wins have been dirty, niggly, "pragmatic" wins that perhaps contradicted the general flow of the game. There is a reason we have developed a reputation for "shithousing" our way to victory. I'm not sure what you're asking for here.
  8. You've got some funny looking testicles, friend.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you. I very much implied that in my post. Just said that using Kane and Aguero to articulate your point probably wasn't the best choice.
  10. We've finally found our identity. We're form cleansers for the opposition.
  11. Don't worry, we have a target of 90 goals for the season. We'll just play catch up and score 5 goals per game for the last 10 games of the season but still finish outside the playoffs.
  12. I get what you're saying but that's a pretty poor example. The best of the best strikers can create and convert their own chances. Mid-table Championship strikers don't have that luxury sadly...
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