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  1. less effective since being on the yellow. reasonable decision in ther circumstances.
  2. -1 options as the ref was blocking him off. He should have just run into him and we'd have had the drop ball advantage. Oh well.
  3. Stating tickets sold is an EFL edict - basically the clubs agree that quoting this figure (and ignoring the actual attendance) is in their best interests. It's hard to disagree with this (think marketing, profile), but its just another (maybe minor) way in which the game is being taken away from the fans. When I was a kid I loved seeing what size crowd I was in (little did I realise that the attendences were probably being understated, in part due to gatemen on the take). I think clubs should be required to state the true attendance figure alongside tickets sold. A quick win for the fan-led review (is that actually happening?), and something it would be hard for the clubs to argue successfully against.,
  4. He's not going to sign a new contract though. It could influence the amount of compo we get (based on appearances and possibly any revised contract offer we make). If his form attracts EPL clubs and he stays here then the compo will be much higher than if he returns to France/the EU. As long as he's here playing well, that will have to do. At least he's not doing a FD, claiming he'll be signing a new contract ...
  5. For the record, I would never pay £40 POTD prices, But it's not like it's £40 with no other option though is it? You're just picking on higher priced tickets when there is a reasonable spread of other options available.
  6. Sorry @Silvio Dante I think some of us got too distracted by the 2 v 1 fight going down to take any notice of this.
  7. Isn't it refreshing to be looking forward to the season optimistically.
  8. Assuming their manager actually wants Bakinson, I'd imagine they have financial constraints that mean they can't take the option up. I'm hoping that they come back to renegotiate with us, 'cus let's face it his career is shot here, and we'll be doing ourselves a huge favor to get rid of in any financially prudent way we can.
  9. Wasn't he straight down the pub celebrating with family/fans after they first won the Prem? Probably one of the few oppositon managers I'd happily clap.
  10. The Glaziers have been stripping the profit from the club for years - the article states that £1.2 billion has been paid out in dividends & debt payments over their tenure. It's a case of them running MU for their own benefit and a shameful position for them to put the club in (MU should be rich beyond belief) - job for Quantama in the next 10-15 years ...
  11. My pick of the England players*. (*I may be biased.)
  12. Thank f for that. Scott's played another loose ball, taking his pass completion rate down to about 90% . I can see this one ending in a draw as we can't get the decisive second,
  13. I don't think that would be relevant in Bakes case. Any footballer that joined the PFA pension before 6 April 2006 has a protected retirement age of 35. That means they can essentially draw a pension/taken a pension commencement lump sum from that date if they want or need to. If a footballer joined the pension scheme after that date (e.g. NB) then the pension age is 55. Any additional private arrangements are likely to be similar to this. In NB's case I'm speculating (as I think others have above) that his condition might not clearly meet the terms necessary for an insurance payout. What City look to have done is to protect NB from any uncertainty and commit to paying his contract out. This might well be the correct legal position to take (I don't know), but I am sure there are other clubs that would take the opportunity to try to wiggle out of making payments in similar circumstances. Thanks for everything Bakes; live long and prosper. Edit: Sorry at @DavefevsI'm probably just duplicating what you said/posted earlier.
  14. As long as it doesn't affect out promotion push
  15. That was going through my head as well. Not beyond belief. Some people will go nuts on here if that was found to be correct. Like sh*ttin' the bed, best to forget this ever happened.
  16. Worth the signing just for the comedy gold og at home v Watford.
  17. The driver gets free entry into games as long as he's willing to play in goal.
  18. I particularly liked "someone will definitely be taking another few inches in the box tonight." I can only imagine our own @Rudolf Hucker is somehow involved this.
  19. I think they've used the correct terminology for a good few years now, so this is a bit unfair I suppose the more games they have to cover simultaneously the more chance they'll have of reaching the RobinsTV gold standard of commentating competence.
  20. It's bloody ridiculous is what it is It's not even officially Summer until next week. I've already moved the start of my daily walk from 9am to 7am and I wore a hat today. I'm still holding off on the suntan lotion because I'm British.
  21. I watch this once or twice a year, just to keep it real . Early days of dial up internet, it was audio clips of Denis Leary routines I was downloading. "Coffee flavored coffee?" anyone.
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