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  1. More realistic than the scores given last week though.
  2. 2-0 down now, and we look very poor. Charlton attacker just laid a sly boot into Fran Bentley. Probably the type of player Steve Morison is after.
  3. Was it Cardiff or Swansea back in the 80s I think where they were trying to tear down the gate/fences at the front of the away end to get to the Dolman, where the police commander came on the PA at the end of the game and said 'you are a disgrace to your city'.
  4. £10M for the left, £10M for the right. You can have both for £35M.
  5. Come on, he's under contract until 31/7/2022. He can't be released unless he's asked for a contract cancellation, which seems unlikely given that he only on trial at Derry. If Derry want him then the city contract might be cancelled early by mutual consent, or he might be loaned til the end of his city contract if his city wages are higher than the derry offer.
  6. We were the last Championship game featured on Quest and the just showed the goals. Pretty useless, but I did get confirmation that Max probably (maybe) should have done better for their second. Oh, and they appear to be almost exactly the same as the sky highlights.
  7. It's his website. You can see it's linked from his officical twitter account https://twitter.com/stockogk1313/ MDB13 Properties Ltd is genuine and he is the sole director and he also owns MDB13 HOLDINGS COMPANY LTD. The pfa community champion award is genuine. The website needs updating as Wycombe are not currently a championship side. May as well wait until the end of the season before updating this, just in case. If you look at the team behind the website https://1440.co.uk/about you'll take about 10 seconds to realise this is their branding style and that David Stockdale is "A Serious Man". Right, s'pose I'll get back to the Watford game ...
  8. Is there a vegetarian option and do you get a pint thrown in? Chips, a spicy veggieburger and a pint. And three hours of @Robbored moaning
  9. Antoine's confidence is sky high, so 100% this is going to happen. Hopefully Atkinson is recalled and we have enough aerial presence to restrict Cardiff's chances. Certainly looking forward to see how this goes, provided we win of course
  10. Lazy phrasing on my part. I was thinking of up to 250K, which obviously isn't nominal. Roughly a year's salary (?), so not really much of a consideration if you can afford to offer a 3 or 3+1 deal. Plus he should have some resell value.
  11. I don't want anyone having a fit of he plays well for Ipswich and blaming NP for letting him go out on loan. Surely, having burnt his bridges here, it's a case of whatever it takes to get that move made permanent? I'm sure any fee would be pretty nominal, although knowing Ashton, he'll probably try to knock it up to a few million.
  12. This happended before I'd attended my first game. But it started my Bristol City scrapbook. I'm sure I remember making the 'glue' out of flour and water.
  13. In EFL team of the week. Well donme Antoine. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/semenyo-named-in-team-of-the-week/
  14. In which case I've got no sympathy whatsoever. Suck it up JP.
  15. But if you can get to the game, please do. This is the one we need to turn up for.
  16. Never struck me as the most switched on player we've had so I suspect he relied on the BS his agent gave him when pursuading him to sign the Swansea contract. Then he's heard of what the already contracted Swansea players are on, put two and two together, ignored the last two years, and decided he's been hard done by. Jamie, if you're on £250 pw then yes you're being hard done by. (Blame yourself and your agent.) If you're on £2,500+ pw then no, you aren't being hard done by. I susperct you're more likely on the latter. Come live in the real world, or phone COD for validation.
  17. Reporter is as fictitious as the scores he's given!
  18. Doesn't live in the real world does he. Probably worth 60% of a Andi Weinman at most, maybe 80% of as Jamie Patterson. So £7K maybe (and I think I'm being generous). Be interesting to see what the market thinks he's worth. He'll be in for a shock.
  19. Problem is when you take the bright prospects away and lower our potential, you just erode season ticket renewal further. Lop another 1,000 off if those two go ...
  20. Knowing us we'll be trying to nail ourselves in with them.
  21. Wayne Rooney's Everton. Absolutely no ring to it. They'll need to add a word to their name to make it flow properly.
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