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  1. I stand by my words, no matter how much stick I’ve taken. My view are that domestic abuse is unforgivable, particularly for people in the public eye. Simpson is welcome to a second chance in a non public eye, role. But as a role model for children and others, he shouldn’t be in the privileged position of being paid to play a game for a living. We could have backed that up by refusing to sign him. We didn’t. The scenarios are different but comparable. Both clubs had the chance to take a stand, on an issue they’ve supposedly supported before. We didn’t even make a comment for several weeks. Obviously, if it had happened whilst DS was employed with us, he’d likely be sacked. But, no doubt, many would be on here wanting to give him a second/third chance. Barton should be sacked and Simpson should be earning his money elsewhere. Not a lot could convince me otherwise, unless DS wants to demonstrate he’s really changed by doing som educational or charity work about his experiences and why DV is wrong. No, didn’t think so.
  2. I suspect that, if he’s found guilty, their club will probably do the right thing and get rid. Sadly, I can’t say the same about our club after their support of Simpson.
  3. Not a great kit, but I will give them credit for a great launch. Inclusive, representative of all elements of the community. It’s not often that I’ll say well done to them, but on this occasion they deserve it.
  4. Best wishes to Paul and his family. Hopefully he’ll be back on the sidelines soon.
  5. Has he even had a mention in commentary yet?
  6. So that pretty much backs up what I said. 38 players available, they’re all going to get a call up sooner or later if they’re playing regularly in the top 2 English leagues. To play professionally in the top 2 leagues is a hell of an achievement, no belittling at all. If they get there, a country like Wales will always take a look. Once Joe’s got in the squad, he’s obviously shown something to keep other players out, so good luck to him. But let’s not pretend that the next Welsh City youngster who breaks through won’t get called up as well. I mean, they have a guy who’s played less than 200 mins for Cardiff in their Euro’s squad.
  7. Given the pool of players available, most Welsh players in the top 2 divisions get caps. Of course, making it to that level is a great achievement for a player. But once you’ve reached that level, if you’re Welsh, you’ll be selected. I struggle to think of many Welsh Championship players who haven’t been picked. I may be wrong and there’s dozens of uncapped Welshman in the championship...
  8. There’s clearly a lot of emotion over Morrell, because he’s a local lad and many posters know him or his family. Truth is, a mix of all the views expressed so far is probably right. If he was good enough and fit enough, he’d have played for us or Luton. He’s made an unwise career choice, in that he’d have likely got more game time here. Obviously that was unforeseeable. There’s a huge difference between L1 and Championship. Being selected by Wales isn’t a huge achievement for a player in the top 2/3 divisions in this country.
  9. It probably was that game then. I’d have been 6. Definitely remember being on the pitch at the end.
  10. What game was this? I think it may have been my first ever game as a real nipper. Memory fades, as it’s going back around 30 years and I was only 5/6. I remember my first game as ending in a pitch invasion to celebrate promotion. In my head, it was either v Walsall or Oldham and I think it may have been a 2-2 draw. Anyway, memories hazy of that era! Remember being lifted over the barriers for free by a friendly steward
  11. Nice place to “retire” to, though. Especially after a few years in Croydon.
  12. Rumours that he’ll leave Palace at the end of the season. Any chance he’d fancy a DoF role at a club he knows?
  13. Looks like part of the story is a re-hash from when MA left. So probably one journo to write the original and one to update with the new details. Looks like part of the story is a re-hash from when MA left. So probably one journo to write the original and one to update with the new details. Looks like part of the story is a re-hash from when MA left. So probably one journo to write the original and one to update with the new details.
  14. Strange how things work out. He turned us down a few weeks before we eventually signed him as he wanted more money. Look on here at that time and he was being called all sorts. Just goes to show how effort and hard work earns you the respect of the fans. Happy retirement Steady.
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