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  1. I’ve got no problem playing out from the back, I just wish we’d do it with a bit more tempo and purpose. We’ve looked good this season when we’ve got it forward quicker and played in opposition half.
  2. Two of his saves today were absolute worldies. His athleticism and reflexes are top drawer. Only 27 so not in his prime years for a keeper. If he improves his consistency, he is going to be hard to keep hold of for sure.
  3. Bakinson has been outstanding so far. Very impressive
  4. WesM

    Emiliano Sala

    It also means that they were both unconscious long before they crashed? A small crumb of comfort for their families in what is a terrible tragedy.
  5. Stefan Payne has done the gas fans here!
  6. I genuinely think that not many people noticed them, or Dean Smith and Brian McDermott. Smith did raise a smile when the “you’re just a shit Aston Villa chant” went up.
  7. If anyone wants to post this on the Rovers forum to wind up our friends from across the river, please feel free!
  8. Marcus Stewart, Deadly Darrell and Darren Way in front of the Heineken tonight, Just out of shot was Dean Smith and Brian McDermott
  9. I almost feel sorry for him. Even the reddest of reds has to admit he did a good job in getting them back up from the National League to where they are now. He’s clearly not had much support from the frauds that are the board there. He could and should of left a few summers ago when his stock was high, he stayed loyal and its now damaged him professionally.
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