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  1. I won’t give myself a heart attack with anger at Callum, like several appear to. He’ll get a decent move. Right decision for us and him.
  2. They’ll be dancing on the streets of Bristol tonight
  3. I hope Edwards and Watford fail. Interested to see who FGR go for. They spoke before about a left-field appointment..they might need to play it safer on this occasion though.
  4. My comment didn’t say “no listeners”. If numbers are increasing then good luck to you. I’ve given it a try. It’s still just ill informed personal opinions between 3 blokes in a pub though. Nothing more.
  5. As a memento, programmes were great. I found them to be filled with adverts and photos of a game from a week before though. Not value for money. I do miss knowing who is playing for the opposition though.
  6. Interested to know how many listeners you get. I imagine it’s decreasing
  7. The absolute joy they have of reaching a league we can’t bear to be in is lovely. They were a second division team 30 years ago.
  8. I bet the drive down to Wembley was fun
  9. Ticket scammers, Santa’s Grotto, UWE Freshers Fair, anti Her Game Too stickers, Prowed to be a Gashead
  10. Just remember it’s League Two. For some of their fans this is as good as it’s been.
  11. I didn’t want Man City to win
  12. Because I don’t want Liverpool to win
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