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  1. But that doesn’t fall in line with what Steve said after LJ was sacked. That’s the issue
  2. He said he’d be wearing a red tie to help me spot him, so...Oh for fu...
  3. Surprised they’re not asking £10 for a live stream
  4. He’s going to be 1st choice, once we get rid of Jay
  5. I see the club are trying to maintain the myth that there is a ‘pathway’. Our record in playing youth is amongst the worst in the division, if not the football league. Have all the youth coaches you want but let’s not forget we are a championship club with aspirations for Premier League (the club have said so), we could probably do with a manager too
  6. Without him, someone else is fed information and passes it on to us
  7. I don’t get the idea of bringing in someone experienced as DoF. Surely just make them the Head Coach, with Dean Holden helping them out
  8. Says more about the people posting these type of comments on a post about Jay Dasilva than it does about the club imo Because they got the date wrong? Seems a bit harsh
  9. Don’t get why people are willing to accept Holden as the cheap option. If we want a cheap appointment, we can still do much better than him.
  10. Needs to take a break, and a long look in the mirror, after spending £19M on Solanke
  11. El vino did flow Cheers, Basso
  12. If there’s a choice between Tesco Value and Tesco Finest then I don’t think Steve Lansdown has to worry. It’s about the right person for the job.
  13. They’re all gambles though, even Hughton
  14. That’s a better collar than Everton have on their Hummel shirt
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