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  1. Nothing like a last minute equaliser to separate the wheat from the chaff
  2. People still counting last season then. I’ve seen 3 home games and I thought we played ok in all of them, losing once. The win will come
  3. I already feel like there is not enough football played with stoppages, time wasting etc..They seem to take forever
  4. Not really. People reacted to what they saw at the time.
  5. I was Pack’s biggest fan and I wouldn’t swap him
  6. I like to think he was waiting for Andi in order to shake his hand
  7. 4th biggest team in Bristol…after us, Liverpool and Man Utd
  8. Very good. Helps playing alongside a quality midfielder in James
  9. Unfortunate for him that he didn’t have Weimann to play alongside him much last season
  10. Great win. Happy to see that we can mix our game a bit. Was worried about this one.
  11. Why is it always that pass in between our RB and CB?
  12. I assume the comment was made with respect to number of goals scored rather than ability. Flint scored more than Taylor.
  13. I had it too. Made by Admiral but more a training / leisure shirt.
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