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    I thought they were a load of trainspotters
  2. Almost as frightening as Gary Johnson’s office
  3. Defended Martin all season, I can see what he brings to the team, but that was one of his worst games this season. Looked very different when Williams went off. Think we need a bit more in midfield than Bakinson/James. Disappointed but no point sulking about it.
  4. Apparently he still needs to prove himself against the likes of Burnley and Crystal Palace though
  5. He can’t even pop over to France and watch on Robins TV so let’s hope he does have it
  6. Not surprised that a Bristolian supports Liverpool but I find it to hard to believe that he has no love for City. Good reception for both I reckon. Before the game starts.
  7. Do stewards check tickets in there? I suspect people without tickets for that area are trying to get in. Makes sense that it must be 1 space per person which is easier to control if everyone is in their allocated seat.
  8. I once watched Steve Coppell’s Atletico de Kolkata draw 0-0 with FC Goa in the IPL. Andre Bikey was playing for them.
  9. Too many Northerners for me. I enjoyed the Mark Crossley one
  10. People will argue he doesn’t get goals or assists. The stats don’t give him credit for the first goal vs QPR
  11. Nothing like a last minute equaliser to separate the wheat from the chaff
  12. People still counting last season then. I’ve seen 3 home games and I thought we played ok in all of them, losing once. The win will come
  13. I already feel like there is not enough football played with stoppages, time wasting etc..They seem to take forever
  14. Not really. People reacted to what they saw at the time.
  15. I was Pack’s biggest fan and I wouldn’t swap him
  16. I like to think he was waiting for Andi in order to shake his hand
  17. 4th biggest team in Bristol…after us, Liverpool and Man Utd
  18. Very good. Helps playing alongside a quality midfielder in James
  19. Unfortunate for him that he didn’t have Weimann to play alongside him much last season
  20. Great win. Happy to see that we can mix our game a bit. Was worried about this one.
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