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  1. I’ve seen England play in Doha in November, back in 2009 (friendly v Brazil). The heat wasn’t as bad at that time of year as some are making out. It was quite a bit hotter in Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara in the World Cup three years ago, and we didn’t do too badly there.
  2. The security was absolutely shocking tonight and I think Wembley are lucky there wasn’t a much more serious incident. We ended up getting shoehorned through the main entrance on Olympic Way without anyone asking to see our Covid vaccination status or negative test, and without a ticket check or e-ticket validation. Luckily I remembered that we needed to get our e-tickets activated by a steward before we got to the turnstiles. Plenty got turned away from the turnstiles as their tickets hadn’t been activated.
  3. It’s six group winners and four games in the quarter finals, not eight games. Therefore if all six group winners won their last 16 games, it’s inevitable that there would be at least one quarter final match between group winners.
  4. I think you'll be fine. The bigger issue could be actually getting onto the portal, especially if UEFA release any more for general sale at the same time as the ESC ticket windows open. I'm not sure how many people need to be trying to get in before it starts timing people out, but it happened the other day when some extra tickets went on sale for last night's game. I got booted out just after 1pm today when trying to use my access code for Sunday, but thankfully all went through OK on the second attempt. For anyone in any of the priority windows, it's worth logging onto the portal before the window opens (just so you can get onto it) and then just hitting refresh every couple of minutes.
  5. The goal should have been disallowed though, as Denmark had players within a yard of the England wall when the ball was struck, which is an infringement. Haven't seen much mention of that today.
  6. 8,670 tickets for the England Supporters Club, with the first tranche going on sale at 1pm.
  7. Also, Denmark’s goal should apparently have been disallowed as their players were too close to the England wall, but it wasn’t spotted by the referee or VAR: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/denmark-goal-england-laws-game-20997128
  8. Here’s the view from just after the final whistle. Amazing atmosphere again at Wembley tonight, and Sunday is going to be even bigger. Seeing England in a final will be terra incognita for most.
  9. Is that 15.00 UK time or 15.00 Central European time? The notice from the FA earlier (posted upthread) suggested tickets would go on sale around 14.00 UK time, i.e. 15.00 CET.
  10. Anyone can. But you'll need to set up an account on the UEFA portal before it will let you search for tickets, and I think you'll need your passport number in order to do so, as I think it's a mandatory field. I'd suggest anyone trying to get a ticket today should set up an account now, and to log on to the UEFA portal around 13.45 and then just keep hitting F5 / refresh. If you go on too close to 14.00 it might not let you on at all.
  11. 2pm today for anyone still searching for tickets for tomorrow night.
  12. In which case, I stand corrected!
  13. When the FA sent out ticket details for Wednesday's game, they said they've been given a deadline of 7pm today to sell tickets. I would imagine the Danish FA were given a similar allocation to sell to Danish expats (the English FA got 8,477) and are working to a similar UEFA deadline, and that any unsold tickets will go back on the portal shortly thereafter, or tomorrow morning. So it's definitely worth continuing to check the UEFA portal.
  14. BBC also showing the England game on Wednesday: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/guide/bbcone/20210707
  15. I was in the Blue Check bar before the Germany game as one of my friends had booked a table there. For the three group games, we were slightly hamstrung by not having made any advance bookings, so it ended up being a couple of cans from one of the nearby supermarkets. Most places are asking for a deposit or booking fee, and are getting booked up well in advance. For future reference, the best pub in Wembley (in my view at least!) is the White Horse, which opened last summer. It's a new Fuller's pub right next to Wembley arena, opposite Brent civic centre.
  16. Yes, credit where it is due, ie to the FA and UEFA; I haven’t said that too many times over the years. Getting the €85 fans first ticket at 1pm was really quick, and thankfully the access codes worked this time, unlike for the first hour of sales for the Germany game. Really looking forward to Wednesday. If the atmosphere is half as good as it was for the Germany game it will be something special.
  17. I didn’t, but plenty did. Just saw this picture of the celebrations after the second goal. I’m just out of shot. Easily the best atmosphere at Wembley since the rebuild.
  18. Enjoyed that. Both goals at the end I was in.
  19. Wouldn’t England go through in second place in that scenario, finishing ahead of Croatia by virtue of their head to head record (which, as far as I can see from UEFA’s guidance, is the first determinant to separate two teams who finish level on points)? I think England can only finish third if Scotland and the Czechs win, and there’s a big enough swing in goal difference. Even then, they might still get through as one of the four best third place teams. Not impossible by any means that England will go out, but probably unlikely.
  20. Yes, you can get food and beers (but only expensive cans of Heineken) from the concourse, and on Sunday the stewards were pretty relaxed about people staying in the concourses for a beer or two.
  21. I was at the game on Sunday. The stewards weren't bothered whether people turned up during their allocated times (just make sure you've got proof of a recent negative lateral flow test, or proof of full vaccination 14 days or more before the game). One of my friends was given 11.30-12.00 as their entry time, but didn't turn up until about 13.30, and got in without any issues.
  22. It didn't happen at England v Austria in Middlesbrough. It didn't happen at England v Romania in Middlesbrough. Yesterday was my 184th England match. I reckon the number of times it has happened in those games is probably around 10-15. 10-15 times too many, for sure, but certainly not 'every match',
  23. Was at the game today and whilst the booing for the knee-taking was clearly audible, I genuinely didn’t hear any significant booing of the Croatian anthem. But having read from other sources that it happened, I can only conclude it was a few idiots whose booing was picked up by the microphones. No excuses for them. As for booing ‘every anthem’, respectfully I’d have to disagree with that. Perhaps in the past, but it’s much less common nowadays (and didn’t happen for either of the two games in Middlesbrough, for example). Although I suspect it’ll happen again on Friday.
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