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  1. Yes I completely agree, he has to go. But like you say, the point I was trying to make was about the timing of sales, not the inevitability that we will need to sell at some stage, and if LJ does go (it's a big IF) will whoever comes in have to face the same issues and have any say over this? I'm not disputing that LJ has done poorly with what he's got and doesn't seem to know his best team/formation and how to get players playing to their ability, but that's been discussed to death and I wanted to make the point that the club has to answer for some of this season's issues too.
  2. completely understand that!
  3. Why grow up? I'm just trying to make a point about my opinions of our season! Doesn't mean I need to grow up if you don't agree!
  4. Something I'm getting more and more annoyed and concerned by, is the club's ability to sell our best players at the worst times, without properly replacing them! I'm in the camp where I believe Johnson has taken the club as far as he can, but it cannot be ignored that the sale of Webster (very close to the season starting), and in particular (timing-wise) Brownhill, has had major effects on our season. Brownhill was sold at a time when our only other options were Smith (just returning from 2 long-term injuries), Nagy (hadn't properly recovered from being injured earlier in the season) and
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