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  1. At least you’ll have a chance of watching England bat - I’ll be there tomorrow!!
  2. David Squires - brilliant as ever. Love the bit about the IRA song and the war.
  3. Christ on a bike, 3 weeks or so from the end of the season......roll on August.....
  4. Lauren Bacall and Gerry Gow in the same article. Priceless!
  5. People are just scared of your mates Silvio
  6. Love Neymar’s missed pen in thePSG game - keeper stands two thirds across the goal line to say to Neymar, go on, I know where you’ll put it. And arrogant git that he is, instead of firing it into the massive gap he tries to roll it in to take the mickey back, and misses! Can you imagine Messi or Ronaldo being that stoopid?!
  7. Lille 1-0 up at the mo which would give them the title over every neutrals’ favourite PSG.....Jonathan Pierce commentating and already mentioned a night out with George Best that started on a Tuesday and ended on Thursday (though he didn’t say which one). And a certain Diony in the Angers team.
  8. Why has he signed it ‘Nicky’?
  9. Not much to see on Google Earth sadly
  10. Long Ashton, you say?
  11. Well somebody is being economical with the truth?
  12. His main problem and his eventual sacking was because he chopped and changed almost every match - we had zero continuity defensively. That said with the defenders he had and bought in it was no surprise he couldn’t find the right combination
  13. See also Akinbiyi, Anderson and Thorpe (yet no decent central defender).
  14. Aaron played quite a few games and was a regular towards the end of our Championship relegation season in 99. That said he ended up at Swindle so I take your point!
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