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  1. Watched the first angle and thought he’s lost it and it’s a red. Then watched the last angle when you can see the Swansea guy toe it away and I genuinely think he wasn’t aiming to kick him directly. Possibly follow through and boot him as a result but not directly. so in short red card or nothing, not the yellow card fudge.
  2. I had to look it up - where the old Walls factory near Walls roundabout but on t’other side of the road. Not technically Longlevens to my mind, but there you go.
  3. Was going to make a similar point re attendances, and add that they’ve already gone down in the last 2 games. That said, clearly still mitigating COVID factors.
  4. Oh I agree it cost us. Looked to me (without the benefit of a replay) that he was trying to let it run out to waste time, but got caught.
  5. Agree re Bentley but without him we’d have lost by half time. Point was the least Luton deserved.
  6. Gutted, was hoping the web game would be the true El Glosico. Not Cheltenham v FGR but Longlevens vGloucester City!
  7. Someone in another thread selling an upper tier ticket, if u can get sell the lower tier one ?
  8. Spot on; the odd interesting article but a lot of dirge. I won’t be going full whack when my£1 deal ends. Shame as I really liked Daniel Taylor when he wrote for the Guardian.
  9. Anyone else really pleased when they took him off on Saturday? I was delighted.
  10. Massengo was terrific on the ball and full of energy but there was more than 1 occasion when they broke on the left and Vyner was on his Tod. May be a touch harsh give the energy expends but just an observation. If indeed he was playing right mid, mind.
  11. Ta but I was only adding to the fish puns!
  12. Hope we made a few squid in loan fees?
  13. As an aside are the Beeb still choosing a game each round to show online? If so must be a chance this is the one?
  14. Used to boot a ball around there as a kid, now the tale will be that I’ve played at a famous FA cup ground! Edit - no I didn’t - it’s in Barnwood! Thought the rugby and football clubs played at Longford Lane
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