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  1. Yes he could but NP could try not to be rude. In my job If I spoke to people who weren’t good at theirs in the way he does, I’d be sacked. Being a football manager isn’t an excuse.
  2. NP is just rude. GM can ask as many stupid questions as he likes but when it boils down to it he’s just trying to do his job.
  3. You probably realise I meant Lee Carsley, not cardkey !
  4. Was linked to U21s but Lee Carsley’s got that gig I thought?
  5. Come on then, how many mentions so far has JP shoehorned in?!
  6. Go on do one off to the non football thread, where i don’t have to read this! Was an incredible knock mind.
  7. Oh I agree the fireworks don’t make much difference to the players, but it’s still tinpot.
  8. Tinpot. Don’t care if Italians would do it in Rome - it’s like a child saying ‘he started it’! See also booing of national anthems.
  9. Entirely appropriate when it came to Trump! On every level!
  10. Come on somebody, got to be a joke about sleeping on the job last season? Ah, there it is!
  11. Well, although there are plenty of examples of self interest on all sides some are less interested in themselves than others, IMO.
  12. Suggest you’d need a change in government for that.
  13. Just re-read what he says and it just comes across as ‘my way or the highway’, but not that anybody has chosen the highway or is even considering it.
  14. Absolutely - my comment was a play on words: ‘Mes que un club’. The ‘look at us aren’t we great and not the same as every other team’ rubbish that Barcelona spout just gets on my goat.
  15. More than a club…….can afford to pay!
  16. Good to see Atkinson as 5, not 77 or whatever. Implies a good strong no nonsense central defender. Or it could mean the square root of jack ****!
  17. Yes probably a bit OTT. What I should’ve said is there were second best once De Bruyne came on!
  18. I think it’s an understandable (sub)conscious reaction to Eikkson. The second game (second half) tells you more about the Dane’s realistic prospects IMO when they were completely outplayed by Belgium. Then again, 92 and all that…
  19. Completely agree although it was a Nations League semi final (to be a pedant), but that makes at least 3 semi finals in a row if we winSaturday.
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