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  1. Anybody else sometimes wonder if it would have been better if they’d just b******** off to the Super League and not come back? Greed, greed, greed.
  2. Encouraging that there’s only been 1 ‘who cares’ type post so far. I was at St James Park Exeter when Justin Fashanu played for Torquay just after coming out. Not sure I’ve heard worse abuse aimed at an individual. I’m much more optimistic that Jake will get a better reception.
  3. Lovely, no franchise in the Championship next season. I’ll let it go in another 50 years
  4. Hendrie’s complete lack of research is very poor.
  5. Anybody see the article the other day about WSL matches only having 1 ball available during the match? So occasionally you get huge delays at times getting the ball back from the stands. Bizarre.
  6. Tbf Grealish almost scored twice in a minute which kills the game, and any manager would’ve ‘shored it up’ with a 2 goal lead and not long left. agree not sure how they list it mind, and Casemiro’s non bookings?!!!
  7. Nail on the head. It’s easy to mock and quite possibly hides other’s guilt at not doing enough.
  8. This is quite old news Mr P - it’s from May 2021! That said looking at the news section on the site Gigg Lane has now been ‘tidied up’ sufficiently to hold a Bury women’s game recently - the first game there since 2019. Speaking to my brother in law recently (Bury fan who was one of those helping getting Gigg back into shape) there is still some disagreements between Those owning the stadium and AFC Bury ( basically to do with staying with the original club rather than forming a new one). That said my BIL thinks, as I do, that inevitably the 2 will come together at Gigg Lane eventually. This gives a good summary https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/mar/30/so-proud-bury-afcs-promotion-marks-first-big-step-on-a-different-path
  9. You’re stretching out the joke here
  10. Phoning the club now…..
  11. !! 3rd worst defence. Although only 2 conceded in the last 4…..
  12. Further update, apparently Joe thought it was really funny (though there are rules against child violence). In fact Chris Martin described himself as having cheese string hamstrings!
  13. Was a little unsure about Klose until today but not anymore. Certainly worth another year. However still a little unconvinced about Cundy - is he a bit one paced?
  14. And he’s a mid fielder not a striker
  15. I’m quoting him here; ‘it was the best day of my life’!* *5-0 may have helped…
  16. Update, he’s walking out with Joe So we may be down to ten before kick off after JW is sent off…..
  17. He just very graciously laughed!
  18. My lad is one of the mascots today and has just been to meet the players. He asked Joe Williams if he had elastic bands for hamstrings, then said it was me that told him to say it! Thank God I wasn’t actually there. He’s so out of the will…… if you read this Joe, so sorry!
  19. You were watching the one show?!
  20. So we’re quite big, not massive? As ever there’s a range of factors in place here. ‘Traditional’ size of fanbase, success in recent times, how well the season has gone and (particularly to my mind) geography. The latter 2 factors are the main reasons we are where we are, especially given our away form since early on has been mediocre.
  21. Can we line up each under performing player as this poster appears to have a magic form inducing keyboard
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