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  1. Probably being too deep or stating the obvious here but my view is that broadly speaking football is a reflection of society in general at that time. What do I mean by that? Here’s just an example : If (like me) you grew up with football in the 70s or 80s, you may have a nostalgic view that “the game was better then”. There was reduced choice in all elements of life then too (no shops open on Sundays, only 3 or 4 TV channels etc). Coverage of football on TV was scarce so I guess it feels like you appreciated it more both live & on TV Later generations only know more choice (lots of TV channels, 24/7 shopping, Internet - generally an ‘always on’ society) and football today reflects that to a certain extent because business people recognise an opportunity when they see it. I feel that’s why generally speaking ‘older’ generations struggle to square the big business vs love of the game circle because it’s such a contrast for them. ‘Younger’ generations don’t currently have such a contrast (although things like VAR might be starting to change that )
  2. Hi All - I’m a long time reader of the forum but never posted so this great thread seemed the best place to start. March 1975 aged 6 for me at home vs Millwall, won 2-1 - think Keith Fear scored both but might have been just the one. Went with my Dad who I badgered to take me after he came back from the previous home game against Oldham and I found the programme in his pocket Can still remember the feeling when I saw the pitch for the first time and don’t know about you guys but I still get that feeling now when entering the grounds - never goes away. Anyway, glad I’ve made my first post - might not wait so long to make my next one COYR
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