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  1. Great report as always. I think the phrase “getting out of jail” certainly applied yesterday. Great result, and a huge credit to our away support who were superb.
  2. Perfectly put TTT. This season is a rebuild following on from the last two disastrous seasons. Lying in 12th at present is more than I expected. You can see Pearson is slowly turning it around, remember Rome was not built in a day. The plan for me is build and come next season I’m sure we’ll be in a position to start challenging for a top 6.
  3. Absolutely, what a player he was. RIP Gerd.
  4. 100% agree in that we have to give Pearson as much time as possible. The club has been on a downward trend for quite sometime, and it’s now going to take a mammoth effort to rebuild. This season is all about survival and rebuilding. Having Pearson here in my opinion is the right person to do this. I just wish everyone gets behind and support Pearson and his staff and I’m sure the good days will return.
  5. I received my email today and was surprised with the cost. I think I paid £180 in 19/20, that increased by £10 I think from the season before. I take my 85 year old Father in law, have no choice to pay for parking or he would not be able to attend.
  6. Decent and Swindon do not go together.
  7. I started going in 76, and was going on and off up to 1980 when I joined the RAF. After 22 years service my wife bought me a season ticket at the end of 2002 and I have had a season ticket since.
  8. Was that a Baz Savage moment?
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed that game. Brentford are a good side and I hope they get promoted.
  10. Could be looking for a new job next season.
  11. Was going to today, but found out Beer Hawk have Philips Draft Machines back in stock, so Season ticket will have to wait until next week
  12. Absolutely agree, the club is a shambles and tonight’s performance just showed how poor we are, that was a bunch of players who could not give 2 shits. If Diedhou is leaving why play him, get him out of the squad. For the last 3 games get some of the youngsters in, I bet they will show some passion
  13. Possible, Barney is type 2 from what I remember and myself being type 1, he could have had a hypo, which hits me every now and then out of the blue, which can lead to passing out.
  14. Personally those out of contract in the Summer, should not play if they won’t sign a new contract. We’re deep in the shit and heading only way at the moment, so why not start introducing the likes of Bell and Pearson as Subs, they can’t do any worse.
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