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  1. Just loved how Brentford have played this season, would love to see them get promoted and next season playing in a new stadium. Would be quite fitting.
  2. The FA Cup final was the biggest day in the football calendar. I remember my first final back in 1970, Chelsea v Leeds. A fantastic couple of games. On the day itself the BBC and ITV would start their broadcasts from 9am ish. It was a day for all the family. Now, it’s all changed. Kick off dictated by TV. I have lost interest in the whole event.
  3. 100% agree. What's it been now, 4 weeks since Johnson was sacked. The season starts in roughly 6 weeks, and we do not have manager/coach in place. This what really frustrates me about this club, nothing is ever easy.
  4. This is one team (Stoke) I may have a sneaky bet on for a top 6 finish next season.
  5. I'm in agreement 2015. Love to see Watford relegated after what they done. I also dislike Villa, but if it had to be the choice of two, Watford deserve to go down.
  6. Why is the account that racially abused Fam still active. It’s been reported and Twitter have done nothing. So much wrong with Twitter.
  7. Fantastic centre half. An absolute colossus of a player. RIP Jack.
  8. That maybe the case, but can he speak Brizzle?
  9. Time to go and get the Tinman in for the remaining games.
  10. I am in the same boat of being bored. For me it has been 45 years being a supporter, but over the past couple of seasons the drivel Johnson has served up has been awful, and unfortunately it’s going to continue if he remains.
  11. I think you’re right Rob, Lansdown will stick with him. Why, I don’t know. This season should be a playoff place as a minimum anything less for me is going to be a poor season. We do need a change and I do hope a club comes in for Johnson.
  12. No more chances for me. The board has given him plenty of money to spend. I look at the current squad, and on paper it looks strong, but LJ cannot get get it right on the pitch. He mentions they all do well in training, but it’s not happening when it matters.
  13. I agree, we are a lot further forward. However, I think we will go no further with LJ at the helm. We are at the business end of the season and only one won of the last seven. If we are to proceed any further a change of Head Coach is needed. We have the players, but need the leadership.
  14. It is, and the newer tv’s have internet access.
  15. In my opinion, the likelihood of getting a refund is remote.
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