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  1. Think he's saying that you'd expect a striker to hit more, not that i agree (but would be nice)
  2. If nothing else it gives Fam some competition, may improve him over the season
  3. VERY happy with that!! quite prolific at wolves, the pacey poacher we've been looking for?
  4. Your sister is your mother...
  5. V frustrating but they've clearly been trying hard all summer.. can't blame them if the players want to go to other clubs
  6. Sorry, too busy hammering F5 on OTIB and twitter
  7. Supposedly he's on 70k/week at Southampton.. can't see us getting near that, whereas WBA might be able to
  8. Reid - Prime Austin was a better player, but getting older, not convinced he would be interested in being here, and Reid would settle in much quicker
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