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  1. Stepped away to make a cuppa and boom, missed Andi's 21 st
  2. City_USA


    Mornin'all COYR
  3. Just came on for me in CO. Hopefully it'll work for you soon
  4. Same here in USA. Bloody frustrating
  5. Needs to be given a run out IMO he's been banging them in for the under 23's by all account
  6. And will continue to do so for the rest of the game. What can we do to mitigate that?
  7. Cracking win against an in form side. Thanks for starting the weekend in style. COYR
  8. About 20yrs ago the stadium in Denver Colorado, where the Denver Broncos play was known as Mile High Stadium. There was initially uproar when the naming rights were changed to "Invesco field". A compromise was made in naming it "Invesco field at Mile High". It has since been changed a few times, always with "at Mile High" in the title. Should we go for "Thatchers Stadium at Ashton Gate" or something similar and it helps with FFP then I'm all for it. As others have already said, to us it will always be going down "The Gate"
  9. It's been so long since we've had a pen, I've no idea who would take one should we ever be awarded. AW ?
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