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  1. I whole heartedly agree!
  2. Just goes to show what can be achieved with the right people in place. 5yrs....can we dream?
  3. A ploy by Big Nige to find out what's really going on inside people's minds. Loose lips tell many truths. A few drinks make people drop their guard. It's going to be an interesting few months. Netflix/Amazon prime have missed a trick not getting their cameras in there. This would make great T.V for any football fan
  4. Lets see if Barry Bannan can deliver the goods
  5. Get in me babbers....take a bow son
  6. Lovely football. What we can one day aspire to deliver ourselves
  7. Mornin'all. Made it for 2nd half. Sounds like we held our own in the 1st? COYR
  8. Looking like a 20th place finish for us this season. How far we have fallen
  9. TBH I think that NP has been given a three year contract purely based on potential for the future and not for the present. If you were given an opportunity to start a championship club from scratch from the top all the was down could you come up with a better candidate than NP? This is an extremely unique situation for any club.
  10. We'll do well to hold onto HNM this summer. Class player that actually gives a flying f@#k
  11. It's a very sad state of affairs that this season, our best moments have been the demise of other clubs we aren't even playing against, like the blue few and Derby
  12. I hope that we see and hear a furious Nigel Pearson after this shambles
  13. Wtf is going on. Please let this season end
  14. Boom get in me babbers.......TC
  15. Get in me babbers! Fantastic signing, now let him get on with the job in hand. All those players that don't give a flying fig about the badge can take a long walk off a short pier and allow the hungry passionate players to show "our Nige" what they're made of. COYR!
  16. Bloody good footballer Korey IMO. We miss him badly
  17. One things for sure, they matter to NP
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