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  1. Based on talking with him in the pre season Florida training camp, he was enjoying his time with us. Think he was very surprised at the transfer. We did get a decent fee for him so I can see why we did it.
  2. That puts Cardiff one place from the relegation zone
  3. All over the internet? Not sure that many non City fans are reading this forum ! Do I want the club punished? Hell no! I want the idiots who are misrepresenting the City fanbase punished. Not going down this rabbit hole any further today. Going to focus on a great win and the positives from the game. COYR!
  4. The club then. It's embarrassing behavior. I'm all for passion but never want to revert back to how things were in the 80's.
  5. The club/Nige need to come out and make a statement about this and state that it won't be tolerated. We can't afford the fines and certainly not any possible point deductions. Must be possible to identify the culprits and ban them from the ground.
  6. Effin embarrassing IMO. No place for that in the game. Ban those caught for life and set an example. Could turn out very costly for us if they stop fines and deduct points. Moronic behavior
  7. City_USA


    A player worth building a team around. Need to hold on to him for as long as possible IMO. If we can't, it's imperative that we get top $
  8. He'll be having nightmares about that :laugh:. Happy that he won't be going against him again this season. Nice to do the double over them for sure. Worth the 5am wakeup call
  9. I really do believe we are starting to see what Nige brings to the table. Assure safety this season, regroup this summer and enjoy the ride..... always believe!
  10. Good management from Nige. Perfect game for Chris Martin
  11. HNM has certainly redeemed himself after gifting them their goal. Good sign
  12. Feel we need to keep pressing for a third to put this to bed
  13. Need to find a way to get Semenyo involved more 2nd half
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