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  1. Out of curiosity. Do you agree with parachute payments?
  2. They really have. I was explaining them to some American friends who were absolutely shocked at the concept. Their response was that surely the other clubs should be able to match those amounts if the owners wished to do so and then FFP came up :laugh:. It really is an unfair situation
  3. I totally agree. Feel sorry for the lad TBH. Mitrovic is clearly a cut above
  4. He won't be in the Championship next season. With or without his Fulham teammates
  5. Thanks for posting. My internet went out just before the goal
  6. I'm proud to say I got to play on the Bierkeller stage legitimately for a couple of gigs back in the late 80's. Wild times indeed. None crazier than when the Macc Lads were in town!
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