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  1. IMO, stick him up front for the 2nd half of the season and use any money available to strengthen things at the back and add some creativity to get the ball into the box. More affordable than a striker
  2. HNM involved in the build up to that goal again. Good sub from big Nige
  3. Get in me babbers..... another brace for AW, cracking assist from Han
  4. Nice attempt from HNM . Will we ever get to see him score I wonder?
  5. It's certainly a very tough time to be a City fan. I for one am finding it very hard to get much enjoyment out of watching us. Very frustrating. Mrs City_USA keeps asking why I put myself through it week in and week out. I'm starting to wonder myself. Really hope we can get some fresh faces in this window to give us some optimism, but fully understand if we're unable to do so. Can only think that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Will I keep watching? Of course I will. It's the hope that kills you right? COYR!
  6. Just thinking the same. Does Nige pull him at half time for the mistakes which could dent his confidence or does he pull him to save him from a 2nd yellow which is quite possible? Who'd be a manager eh?
  7. Begs the question of whether a striker is the main priority this window or do we need to strengthen the defense
  8. Nice pass for Semenyo to run onto there. Good chance
  9. It sure was. Hopefully Nige takes one for the team and call out the ref for his shambolic performance
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