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  1. I am not disputing that, it was more the fact that I believe (and judging by some responses I am in a minority ) if given a chance earlier, rather than bringing in others over and above him, it could have transpired we had gem instead of buying other teams gems who have not been tested at this level. The contract signing may then have been a moot point. Anyway good luck to him
  2. For me he looked head and shoulders above Atkinson in terms of actual defending and defensive positioning. I am not entirely sure wd have done the right thing here, I think we paid a load for Atkinson when we had potentially a better player already at the club. Atkinson for me is full of howlers and turns like a oil tanker. If I were starting one of the 2 it would be cundy from what I have seen. That said Atkinson is young and has scope to improve. I feel it could be the case of the one that got away. Anyway, good luck to him wherever he ends up, our defensive improvement certainly coincided with Cundy appearing in the team.
  3. yep one out of contract looking for a club, one under contract who has time to sort out a club while still getting paid. the difference is the situation rather then mentalities I wouldn't try to work out their mentalities, is Wilson Married with Kids? I don't know, I know Palmer is with another on the way so I would expect he is doing what his right for his family. If Wilson has family I expect getting on a plane and signing on with a substantial pay rise before you stop getting paid by you previous club is quite an incentive.
  4. That was my thought as well, if you watch the video, one shot with Antoine Semenyo that's exactly how it looks. I don't like it personally, I don't hate it, if I was in the habit of buying tops purely for collection purposes I would buy it. If it was for wearing probably not. I am way past buy kits to wear, sporting wear on a fat man isn't a good look
  5. I hear they apologised for that.. when did people start apologising for stating facts?
  6. I think we can all see the keeper knows it's the correct decision, she goes mental at her team mate not the ref
  7. :laugh: that's like going on holiday and complaining about tourists everywhere. Why complain about others doing what you are doing and how it ruins the atmosphere, its people like you that are propagating the lack of atmosphere. It's football tourist that price out the locals and diminishes once great local support. Sorry this isn't meant as a dig at you as you are only reporting back your experience, but can't you see the irony in what you are saying?
  8. Ruud Gullit. Personally I believe to be the best all-round footballer ever. Centre Back, Right back, Left Back, Sweeper, Defensive Midfield, Attacking Midfield, Central Midfield, Winger, Striker, he could play all of these positions at the top level of the game. If there has ever been a better all-round footballer, and in turn best footballer ever I am yet to see it. Granted there were better players in each of these positions, but as a all-round footballer, I think the term banded about now is GOAT
  9. true, but its clear what he or she was referring to, the typo
  10. take a look at the typo he/she is responding to... Then it makes sense
  11. Aye, but SA roughly 24% of their population are living with HIV according to reports, and we know how much that lowers the immune system even with medication, so its swings and roundabouts really.
  12. Taking merc and red bull out of the equation, what were the knockon effects to those drivers in position 6 7 8 9 and 10? Or don't they count, is it just about Lewis and Max In my mind the rules have not been followed and that decision should be reversed. If they wanted racing give Lewis and Max 1 lap both on softs and slug it out and don't interfere with the rest of the drivers.
  13. TRL


    Sorry for the typo with the email, yep really good email, I like the fact its all encrypted, it's my go to email system for all important correspondence, so much better than the usual mail client suspect, glad it's of use to you.
  14. TRL


    It won't harm setting up another account to fire emails across to. Likewise outlook may be setup to download your emails to your device anyway, so you may have a local copy. Take a look at your outlook account settings, make a note of the pop3 and imap settings. As long as you are taking your computer with you it really shouldn't matter, so all of the above is just run of the mill stuff you should be checking and noting down. Photon email might be a good bet, very secure compared to others on the market, probably a good one to move to anyway.
  15. TRL


    Ah yes they will, if they have anyone available in the area, you could wait months. I would suggest not going near them with a barge pole from personal experience. I can't complain a about the install, I would massively complain about reliability, customer service and after sales service of Saniflo Woeful, left with out a working toilet for 4 months, and if you get someone to look at it who is not saniflo trained the warranty is invalidated.. you may as well invalidate it and get it looked at rather than wait for Saniflo. Shocking company imo.
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