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  1. Aye, but SA roughly 24% of their population are living with HIV according to reports, and we know how much that lowers the immune system even with medication, so its swings and roundabouts really.
  2. Taking merc and red bull out of the equation, what were the knockon effects to those drivers in position 6 7 8 9 and 10? Or don't they count, is it just about Lewis and Max In my mind the rules have not been followed and that decision should be reversed. If they wanted racing give Lewis and Max 1 lap both on softs and slug it out and don't interfere with the rest of the drivers.
  3. TRL


    Sorry for the typo with the email, yep really good email, I like the fact its all encrypted, it's my go to email system for all important correspondence, so much better than the usual mail client suspect, glad it's of use to you.
  4. TRL


    It won't harm setting up another account to fire emails across to. Likewise outlook may be setup to download your emails to your device anyway, so you may have a local copy. Take a look at your outlook account settings, make a note of the pop3 and imap settings. As long as you are taking your computer with you it really shouldn't matter, so all of the above is just run of the mill stuff you should be checking and noting down. Photon email might be a good bet, very secure compared to others on the market, probably a good one to move to anyway.
  5. TRL


    Ah yes they will, if they have anyone available in the area, you could wait months. I would suggest not going near them with a barge pole from personal experience. I can't complain a about the install, I would massively complain about reliability, customer service and after sales service of Saniflo Woeful, left with out a working toilet for 4 months, and if you get someone to look at it who is not saniflo trained the warranty is invalidated.. you may as well invalidate it and get it looked at rather than wait for Saniflo. Shocking company imo.
  6. could be worse, you could have a soft top and some forest fan has nicked it.
  7. TRL


    I am guessing of your Mrs as you haven't bought the bog yet! NorthSomersetRed, you are a dirty bugger!
  8. he at least we are gonna get a great name like Arsenal did, the Unwinables... oh wait a minute
  9. TRL


    Never fitted one but my parents had one a friend had one and they are more trouble then they are worth and will end up costing you a load when they break down, and of course they can only be looked at by trained professionals accredited by the company that makes them, and those are few and far between, so when t goes tits up you could be waiting weeks. And of course if you don't use the specific solution, then your warranty is void as well, which adds to the reassuring expensive bog. If you do not absolutely need one, then steer well clear.
  10. To be honest, a very very slow count, I think it was 15 seconds may well have saved him on the 2nd knockdown I expect Wilder is a tad pissed off (deserved or not). I would like to know if Fury was making the most of the count, or if he was in fact saved by it. Only he will know.
  11. Anecdote, I remember jacki out on the wing, I can't remember who the opponent was but I clearly remember him saying "you might as we give me the ball now, you're shit" and then taking the piss out of the the player waltzing around him time and time again until the player was subbed.
  12. I haven’t read the book, but Cole hates Sheringham for blanking him when coming on as a sub for England, I'm not sure if I have ever heard any praise from Cole about him other than he was a talented player.
  13. I remember him bagging a hattrick against us playing for Millwall. Good player. I think Collymore for forest might have been better imo. He tore us a new one!
  14. Yep, I think so. These guys were good, Jacki for me was far more aware of things going around him and had that natural first touch you can't teach. He was also quite slow and not exactly athletic, but his ability to get away from an appointment through pure skill was something to behold. And you have to remember he was playing at a time when a two footed challenge from behind was quite acceptable, where as the others you mention didn't have to worry about that so much. As a flair player up until about 95, you had to have something about you that many today don't have (not their fault, it's a different era) that said strikers and flair players of bygone era had it tougher, but I wasn't around to witness that!
  15. He was a Maverick very lazy, not a team player. But skill wise he was head and shoulders over any player we have has since. We have had plenty of players that get stuck in for the team, unfortunately I rarely mention any of them and some I have completely forgotten. But a pisshead lazy slacker still lives with me. why? Outrageous skill, its what I paid to go and watch, not many players I can say that about, even if it was only momentary flashes of brilliance. I am fully aware of all his limits, but that is not why I loved the bloke, it was the fleeting pure genius bit of play that are etched in my memory. Maverick Genius, hence we are still talking about him now, good or bad.
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