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  1. Messi to Newells Old Boys I reckon. They are his team. Too late in his career for it to be tarnished by not dong the business in a top European league
  2. Unfortunately Gregor is a shit interviewer when it comes to building a rapport. He gets the Billy basics wrong and always has done, which is really really disappointing since he is no longer a newbie. When I say basics I mean at the very least listen to the answer to the question you asked rather than just saying yeah yeah yeah. How many times has Gregor asked a question, ignored or failed to listen to the answer, then ask a question that has just been answered in his previous question. He is like a particularly crap call centre operative that flounders when off script. Sorry He should stick to writing stories because as a interviewer he is utter garbage and seems to be going backwards.
  3. I'd go with the training ground, after all terry was advocating money spent on this all those years ago, it would be a fitting tribute
  4. It's about time this club had something named after him. A bit late already I would say, they should have honoured him when he was alive.. A proper legend of this club unlike some that are held up as legends. Thanks for the memories Terry, you pulled this cub up kicking and screaming from its lowest point, you will always be the manager I respected the most of any Bristol city Manager
  5. TRL

    Celtic Out!

    What a shame nevermind. Let's see if Rangers bugger off next to another Scandinavian team.
  6. Aye looks like it judging by the time penalty and ex drivers commentary. Didn't really matter though did it. He finished first.
  7. Karma is a bitch, how many accidents has verstappen caused inthe past because of his aggressive unpredictable driving. He has improved it has to be said but what goes around comes around. Glad he is okay, it would have been better watching a full race, but judging how Hamilton's car reacted to turbulent air I'm not sure he would have taken him.
  8. So matter of fact, just like various members of my family when saying they had cancer. A message really hiding the turmoil he will be going through. Wishing him the best, hope the testicle removal nails it it and all the cancer cells are encapsulated within said testicle. Good luck Mike
  9. Ain't that the truth. I think he may bring us stability, but I am not sure he is our long term manager. I will be happy to be proven wrong and hope he is a success. His brutal honesty seems to be hitting the right chord with many at the moment. As long as we improve it's okay, if we don't that brutal honesty will be seen as bullshit and the fans will turn quickly. I've seen it all before.
  10. Yep I seen you have gone off the boil. You tend to get a load of great players come in at the same time, I just don't see that at the moment with Romania, I guess your time will come again.there was time I could reel off 6 or 7 Romanian footballers that were top quality. I'd be hard pressed to name 2 now unfortunately! Personally I like Soutgate's approach, he appears to have tactics and plans for various eventualities, of course he is only as good as his last match. But I like him as a person, and he seems to know how to galvanise a squad. Re Pearson, I can't help but think we are going to be bored to death while he is in charge, he is very pragmatic and we will be hard to beat. But I like to be entertained,as many other City fans do. He may be being treated like a messiah now, but fans won't put up wit dogged performances for long if we are languishing.i have been a City fan long enough now to know what our fan base are like. He will get backed from the rafters for 6 months before the crowd will turn if the football is crap and the position in the table is not great.
  11. Oh I didn't think.you were being rude. And I like to see other people's opinions especially when they are more neutral than I am. I just think if people think we are shit and play bad football now, they really haven't been watching us for the past 40 years. That said you will be judging england against other European sides and Romanian sides, where certainly for years the skills and technique of your countrymen were far higher than English. I think we have caught up after years in that respect. Where we fall down for the neutral is attacking flair. Don't get me wrong, I think we have it when we want to use it, we just don't use it enough, and from a neutral perspective it doesn't make for great watching. Personally for my club side I'd prefer attacking style over results if I had to choose as I want to be entertained, but at international level I want results. So I am currently happy with 50% percent of my supporting options :laugh:
  12. I think the problem is we have rose tinted specs. For me England have generally only ever played well In the plucky losing games at big tournaments, and we live off that game. Biggest example italia 90. Now it was a great tournament in terms of being there, but lest be honest we were shite, and then.played well against Germany and lost. That is England in tournaments for me. Rose tinted spectacles say we were great, reality tells us otherwise. Likewise 96, we live off the Netherlands game, but the other games were tight against with average quality football For me this tournament we have played well without being spectacular, but certainly consistently better than any other tournament in my lifetime
  13. I can see that. There were at least 5 players there who could have got it.
  14. Can't agree, first time I can remember in my 47 years where we look like we can play football rather than just hoof and run merchants of the past. I agree it probably was not great watching for the neutral, but for a England team to be able to pass and trap a ball is something of a bonus,add to that not leaking goals and creating I'd say we look good, but not great. I so wonder how you think our teams of the last 20 to 30 years look better. In my mind they have looked poor for years. But good to hear a neutals view so keep posting. For once we look like a European team I.e. can pass, can control and can go down and I've for decent game management
  15. I thought Phillips followed by sterling. Yorkshire pirlo had a cracking game
  16. Interesting, you like at the defence you think bang average, you see the attack you think cracking yet its our defence which has given us the platform to get here. Golden generation maybe, first time I have seen a England team where the whole team can control a football and do the basics correctly most definitely
  17. Dear God no. More yankeeisms in our game I can do without. Drink up thee cider all day long, along with some moaning and groaning about how shite we've been No sweet Caroline and soccer ball from me.
  18. Correct Turner 2 Gavin 1 (a few mins after Chelsea made it 2-1 Taylor missed a sitter
  19. TRL

    Euro 2021/21

    It was okay. And it was excellent compared to the shite we have put up with for the last few years wstching city
  20. TRL

    Euro 2021/21

    270 mins with a a defence being the weak component, defence rotated in every game. Never really looked in trouble in any game. I think people complain too much.
  21. No it was g + t (x2) unless I am going completely senile
  22. This is true haha. I would doubt anyone can reading his history, fair play to anyone who did remember him. Bloody trialist
  23. Looks like a fat afroed Dominic Purcell
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